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1. In adult during ear irrigation to straighten the ear canal hold the pinna

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 a. Upward 

b. Downward and backward 

c. Straight backward 

d. Upward and backward 

Answer- D

2.The following is an iron chelating agent 

a. Chlorpheniramine 

b. Deferoxamine 

c. Sulfonamide 

d. EDTA 

Answer- B

3. Electrolyte imbalance potentiate digitalis toxicity 

a. Hyperkalemia 

b. Hyponatremia 

c. Hypokalemia 

d. Hypernatremia 

Answer- A

4. Psychosexual disorder in which sexual behavior is directed to animals

 a. Fetishism

 b . Bestiality 

c. Frotteurism 

d. Transvestism

Answer- B

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 5. Hormone that helps to confirm pregnancy 

a. Human chorionic gonadotropin

b. Human placental lactogen 

c. Estriol 

d. Progesterone 

Answer- A

6. Which of the following is a mydriatic? 

a. Atropine 

b. Adrenaline 

c. Novocaine 

d. Silver nitrate 

Answer- A

7. Blood clots floating in the circulating blood

 a. Emboli 

b. Thrombus 

c. Plaque 

d. Aneurysm 

Answer- A

8. Baby doubles birth weight by 

a. 3 months 

b. 6 months 

c. 12 months 

d. 18 months 

Answer- B

9. The drug used for aversion therapy in alcoholics. 

a. Dantrolene

b. Benztropine 

c. Bromocriptine 

d. Disulfiram 

Answer- D

10. Drug of choice for diabetes insipidus 

a. Oxytocin 

b. Vasopressin 

c. Lasix 

d. Calcium gluconate 

Answer- B

11. Couvelaire uterus occurs in 

a. Placenta previa 

b. Placental abruption

c. DIC 

d. Hydatidiform mole 

Answer- B

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12. Pernicious anemia is due to deficiency of 

a. Vitamin B 

b. Intrinsic factor

 c. Gastrin 

d. Pancreatic enzyme 

Answer- B

13. Cholecystectomy is a

 a. Restorative surgery

 b. Corrective surgery 

c. Curative surgery 

d. Palliative surgery 

Answer- C

14. Best and cheapest investment in the health of children 

a. Nutrition 

b. Immunization 

c. Breastfeeding 

d. Growth cards 

Answer- C

15. Sudden voluntary repetitive meaningless movement of voluntary muscles

 a. Chorea 

b. Tetany

 c. Tremor 

d. Tic 

Answer- A

16. ... is an obstetric emergency

 a. Cord presentation

 b. Involution of uterus

 c. Occipitoposterior position 

d. Inversion of uterus 

Answer- D

17.The apical pulse is located at ..... ...........in the midclavicular line

a. 2nd intercostal space 

b. 3rd intercostal space 

c. 5th intercostal space 

d. 7th intercostal space 

Answer- C

18. The condition in which the patient is conscious but is non-responsive to the environment 

a. Delirium 

b. Stupor

 c. Coma 

d. Confusion 

Answer- B

19. Regional enteritis is also called 

a. Ulcerative colitis 

b. Conn's disease 

c. Irritable bowel syndrome 

d. Crohn's disease 

Answer- D

20. Among eligible couple the age of woman 

a. 18-45 years 

b. 15-44 years 

c. 15-50 years 

d. 18-50 years 

Answer- B

21. The congenital deformity in which foot is dorsiflexed and the toes are higher than heel 

a. Talipes calcaneus 

b. Talipes equinus 

c. Talipes valgus

 d. Talipes varus 

Answer- A

22. The best time to collect sputum specimen 

a. Before brushing teeth in the morning

 b. After an antiseptic mouthwash 

c. After nebulization 

d. After steam inhalation 

Answer- A

23. Test used to check the patency of ureter 

a. Barlow test 

b. Plethysmography 

c. Buret test 

d. Sulkowitch test 

Answer- B

24. The Employees State Insurance Act was in 

a. 1975 

b. 1976 

c. 1948 

d. 1952 

Answer- A

25. The term schizophrenia was coined by 

a. Bleuler 

b. Pinel 

C. Emil Kraeplin 

d. Philippe Pinel 

Answer- C

26. Spalding sign in X-ray indicates

 a. IUGR 

b. Preterm pregnancy

c. Intrauterine death 

d. Post-term pregnancy 

Answer- C

27. Causative agent of diphtheria 

a. Corynebacterium 

b. Bordetella

c. Klebs-Loeffler bacillus 

d. Salmonella 

Answer- A

28. Unintentional filling of gaps of memory with untrue of fanciful ideas 

a. Confabulation

 b. Paramnesias 

c. Dejavu 

d. Hypermnesia 

Answer- A

29. Which is a didactic method of health teaching? 

a. Symposium 

b. Workshop 

c. Group discussion

d. Lecture 

Answer- D

30. Dilation of spermatic vein 

a. Hydrocele 

b. Varicocele 

c. Spermatocele 

d . Torsion of testicle 

Answer- B

31. Terminology used to refer to normal eye 

a. Emmetropia 

b. Ametropia 

c. Hyperopia 

d. Metropia 


32. ICN code of ethics for nurses was adopted in 

a. 1948 

b. 1973

c. 1978 

d. 1958 


33. Osteochondral beading is seen in deficiency of 

a. Vitamin A 

b. Vitamin B,

 c. Vitamin C 

d. Vitamin D

Answer- D

34.  Proponent of germ theory of disease 

a. Louis Pasteur 

b. Robert Hook 

c. Charles Darwin 

d. Robert Brown 


35. Inability of the eyes to move together in coordinated manner 

a. Diplopia 

b. Stye 

c. Nystagmus 

d. Strabismus 


36. The chemical agent used for testing albumin in urine 

a. Iodine 

b . Sulphur powder 

c. Sodium nitroprusside 

d. Acetic acid 


37.Anterior fontanelle is also called 

a. Bregma 

b. Lambda

 c. Vertex 

d. Glabella 


38. An ototoxic drug 

a. Aspirin 

b. Digoxin 

c. Chlorpromazine 

d. Dapson 


39. Frequent cyanotic spells occurs in 

a. VSD 

b. Coarctation of aorta 

c. PDA 

d. Tetralogy of Fallot 


40. The temperature of water for tepid sponge 

a. 650–85°F 

b. 850-100°F 

c. 100°-105°F 

d. 1050-110°F 


41. Surgical Management of Chronic sinusitis 

a. Caldwell luc operation

 b. Shirodkar operation 

c. Mc Donald operation 

d. Hypophysectomy 


42. During labor the station of fetal head is assessed in relation to 

a. Ischial spine 

b. Ischial tuberosity 

c. Sacral promontory 

d. Pelvic brim 



43. Drugs that inhibit the cough reflex 

a. Antihistamines
b. Antiasthmatics 

c. Antitussives 

d. Expectorants 

Answer- C

44. Macewen's sign in a manifestation of 

a. Hydrocephalus

 b. Meningomyelocele 

c. Cerebral palsy

 d. Meningitis 

Answer- A

45. How much of a 15% solution is required to give 100 mg of the drug?

 a. 0.5 mL 

b. 0.7 mL 

c. 0.1 mL 

d. 1.5 mL 

Answer- B

46. Water seal drainage is not indicated in 

a. Thoracotomy 

b. Lobectomy 

c. Pneumonectomy 

d. Wedge resection 

Answer- C

47. The relationship of different parts of the fetus to one another 

a. Lie 

b. Presentation 

c. Attitude 

d. Denominator 

Answer- C

48. Urethral meatus is on the penile dorsal surface in 

a. Paraphimosis

 b. Epispadias 

c. Phimosis  

d. Hypospadias 

Answer- B

49. Huge tumor like overgrowth of scar tissues 

a. Chancroid 

b. Cellulitis 

c. Eczema 

d. Keloids  

Answer- D

50. Pus in the pleural cavity 

a. Pleural effusion

 b. Empyema 

c. Emphysema 

d . Pyorrhea 

Answer- B

51. For administering 3000 mL of fluid for 24 hours, the flow rate is 

a. 31 drops/min 

b. 15 drops/min  

c. 45 drops/min 

d . 52 drops/min 

Answer- A

52. Birth injury due to damage of sternocleidomastoid Muscle

 a. Chignon 

b. Facial palsy 

c. Torticollis 

d. Klumpkee's palsy 

Answer- C

53. Which of the following is a complication of blood transfusion? 

a. Citrate toxicity

 b. Calcium overload 

c. Magnesium toxicity 

d. Hypotension 

Answer- D

54. Dose of vitamin A in vitamin A prophylaxis programme 

a. 1,00,000 IU 

b. 1,50,000 IU 

c. 2,00,000 IU 

d. 2,50,000 IU 

Answer- C

55. Central separation of placenta 

a. Controlled cord traction

 b. Schulze method 

c. Mathews Duncan method 

d. Expectant management 

Answer- B

56. Preinduction assessment score 

a. Bishop's score

 b. Apgar score 

c. Latch score 

d. Ones 

Answer- A


57. The risk of vasa previa is more in 

a. Bipartite placenta 

b. Battledore placenta 

c. Circumvallate placenta 

d. Velamentous insertion of cord 

Answer- D

58. Panchayat Raj Institution at block level 

a. Grama Sabha 

b.Grama Panchayat 

c. Panchayat Samiti 

d . Zilla Parishad 

Answer- C

59. Which of the following is a complication of hyperemesis gravidarum? 

a. Eclampsia 

b. Miscarriage 

c. Wernick's encephalopathy 

d. Vesicular mole 

Answer- C

60. The second heart sound is due to closure of 

a. Aortic valve 

b. Mitral valve 

c. Tricuspid valve 

d. Foramen ovale 

Answer- A

61. Endometrium of pregnant uterus 

a. Trophoblast 

b. Blastocyst 

c. Decidua 

d. Mesoderm 

Answer- C

62. Most sensitive index of the health and level of living of people 

a. Crude death rate 

b. Birth rate 

c. Infant mortality rate 

d. Maternal mortality rate 

Answer- C

63. Hormone having anti-inflammatory effect 

a. Estrogen 

b. Progesterone 

c. Corticosteroids 

d. Gonadotropins 

Answer- C

64. A patient who is fond of his daughter finds the nurse of the same age and 

height as his daughter. This is 

a. Identification

 b. Projection 

c. Transference 

d . Reaction formation 

Answer- A

65. Destruction of all the pathogenic organisms is called 

a. Sterilization 

b. Disinfection 

c. Disinfestation 

d. Cleaning 

Answer- B

66. The hormone that help in milk ejection reflex 

a. Prolactin 

b. Oxytocin 

c. Estrogen 

d. Progesterone 

Answer- A

67. Umbilical cord contains 

a. 2 artery and 1 vein 

b. 2 vein and 1 artery 

c. 1 artery and 1 vein 

d. 2 arteries and 2 vein 

Answer- A

68. Proponent of theory of learning by conditioning 

a. Sigmund Freud 

b. Pavlov 

c. Pinel 

d. Kraepelin  

Answer- B


69. Characteristic smile in tetanus patients 

a. Opisthotonus 

b. Ataxia 

c. Akinesia 

d. Risus sardonicus 

Answer- D

70. Cause of temporary hardness of water 

a. Carbonates 

b. Sulphates 

c. Chlorides 

d. Calcium 

Answer- A

71. 104°F is..... ... °C 

a. 40 

b. 45 

c. 50 

d. 70 

Answer- A

72. The liver enzyme that helps in bilirubin metabolism 

a. Urobilinogen 

b. Pancreatic lipase 

c. Glucuronyl transferase 

d. Trypsin 

Answer- C

73. The fetal blood flow through placenta 

a. 200 400 mL/mt 

B. 400–500 mL/mt 

c. 500-600 mL/mt 

d. 600–800 mL/mt 

Answer- B

74. Full volume but rapidly collapsing pulse 

a. Bounding pulse 

b. Bigeminal pulse 

c. Water hammer pulse 

d. Dicrotic pulse 

Answer- C

75. Sign of hypocalcemia 

a. Cullen's sign 

b . Homan's sign

c. Goodell’s sign 

d. Trousseau's sign 

Answer- D

76. The recommended level of free residual chlorine in drinking water 

a. 25 mg/ L 

b . 0.5 mg/L 

c. 0.1 mg/L 

d. 1.5 mg/ L 

Answer- B

77. Respiration is controlled by 

a. Cerebrum 

b. Cerebellum 

c. Medulla oblongata 

d. Hypothalamus 

Answer- C

78. Presence of alpha fetoprotein in amniotic fluid indicates 

a. Hydrocephalus

 b. Tetralogy of Fallot 

c. Tracheoesophageal fistula 

d. Spina bifida 

Answer- D

79. Reflex elicited by stroking the sole of the foot with a sharp instrument 

a. Patellar reflex 

b. Achilles reflex 

c. Triceps reflex 

d. Plantar reflex 

Answer- D

80. Benign tumor of outer layers of skin 

a. Squamous cell carcinoma 

b. Papilloma 

c. Melanoma 

d. Lipoma 

Answer- C

81. Poor man's meat 

a. Milk 

b. Cereals

c. Fish

d. Pulses 

Answer- D

82. Cracking or ulceration of lips and angles of mouth 

 a. Halitosis 

b. Glossitis

c. Stomatitis 

d. Cheilosis 

Answer- D

83. Inflection of soft tissues around and under the nail 

a. Felon 

b. Carbuncle 

c. Cellulitis

d. Paronychia 

Answer- D

84. The creamy substance that cover the umbilical cord 

a. Vernix caseosa 

b. Wharton's jelly 

c. Smegma 

d. Milia 

Answer- B

85. Misperception of external stimuli 

a. Hallucination 

b. Depersonalization 

c. Delusion 

d. Illusion 

Answer- D

86. Projectile vomiting is seen in 

a. Intussusception 

b. Duodenal atresia 

c. Pyloric stenosis 

d. Megacolon 

Answer- C

87. The formula of calculating EDC at 

a. Haase's rule

 b . Young's rule 

c. Clark's rule

 d . Naegele's rule 

Answer- D

88. Antibiotic used as chemotherapeutic agent 

a. Augmentin 

b. Vincristine 

c. Actinomycin 

d. Streptomycin  

Answer- C

89. A killed vaccine 

a. BCG 

b. Measles 

c. Typhoid 

d. Yellow fever 

Answer- C

90. Pregnancy mask 

a. Linea nigra 

b. Butterfly rashes 

c. Chloasma 

d. Erythema 

Answer- C

91. The position used to treat shock and decreased blood pressure 

a. Lithotomy position 

b. Genupectoral position 

C. Dorsal recumbent position 

d. Trendelenberg position 

Answer- D

92. Human chorionic gonadotropin is produced by 

a. Cytotrophoblast

 b. Decidua 

c. Mesoderm 

d. Syncytiotrophoblast 

Answer- A

93. Ribbon like stool is seen in 

a. Intussusception 

b. Hirshsprung's disease 

c. Ulcerative colitis 

d. Diverticulitis 

Answer- B

94. Therapeutic serum level of lithium 

a. 4 mEq/L- 6 mEq/L 

b. 0.6 mEq/L- 8 mEq/L 

c. 0.8 mEq/L- 2 mEq/L 

d. 1.2 mEq/L- 4 mEq/L 

Answer- C

95.The amount of potassium chloride in oral rehydration mixture 

a. 3.5 g 

b. 2.5 g 

c. 0.5 g 

d. 1.5 g 

Answer- D

96. Increased pulsation of lateral vaginal fornices during pregnancy 

a. Jacqumere's sign 

b. Chadwick's sign 

c. Goodell’s sign 

d. Osiander's sign

Answer- D

 97. Which of the following is a fundamental symptom of Schizophrenia?

 a. Ambivalence 

b. Delusion 

C. Hallucination 

d. Mannerism 

Answer- A

98. Absence of recognizable "QRS' complex in ECG indicate 

a. Atrial fibrillation 

b. Ventricular fibrillation 

c. Sinus arrhythmias 

d. Paroxysmal ventricular 

Answer- B

 99. The drug of choice for eclampsia 

a. Magnesium sulfate 

b. Calcium gluconate 

c. Adrenergic blockers 

d. Diazepam 

Answer- A

100. Puerperium is the period 

a. 6 weeks after delivery

 b. 28 days after delivery 

c. 6 months after delivery 

d. 28 weeks after delivery

Answer- A 


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