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51. The age period of preoperational development according to jean piaget is

a) 0-2 years

b) 2-7 years

c) 7-11 years

d) Above 11 years


52. A reflex in a neonate in which forefingers take C- shape is

a) Tonic neck reflex

b) Moro reflex

c) Startle reflex

d) Babinski reflex


53. The first tooth that appears in a child is

a) Lower incisor

b) Upper incisor

c) Upper canine

d) Lower canine


54. The sensori-motor stage of jean piaget theory is up to

a) 2 years

b) 15 years

c) 40 years

d) 65 years


55. The eyes of a baby should be cleanest from

a) Outer canthus to inner canthus

b) Inner canthus to outer canthus

c) Middle to inner

d) Middle to outer


56. A baby is called as post term when it is delivered after

a) 37 week

b) 38 week

c) 40 week

d) 42 week


57. The height of a baby at birth is

a) 30 cm

b) 45 cm

c) 60 cm

d) 75 cm


58. The perfect diet of a 4 month old child is

a) Mother's milk only

b) Mother's milk complementary feed

c) Iron fortified formula diet

d) Supplementary feed


(59) The dental formula for temporary teeth is

a) 2123

b) 2021

c) 2012

d) 2102


60. The best technique to feed a toddler is

a) Bottle feed

b) Sit upon dining table

c) Allow finger foods

d) All of above


61. The last stage of psychosocial development theory is

a) Identity v/s role diffusion

b) Intimacy v/s isolation

c) Generativity v/s stagnation

d) Integrity v/s despair


62. A baby is diagnosed as respiratory distress syndrome & need ABG analysis, the best site to withdrawal sample is

a) Radial artery

b) Femoral artery

c) Umbilical vein

d) Umbilical artery


63. A premature baby was admitted in nursery & getting oxygen through hood, at the time of discharge which sense organ must be examined carefully

a) Skin

b) Ear

c) Eye

d) Nose


64. A child responds to' bye-bye' when he/she is

a) 6 month old

b) 10 month old

c) 1 year old

d) 2 year old


65. Sudden infant death syndrome is most commonly associated with

a) Supine position

b) Prone position

c) Lateral position

d) Sitting position


66. A baby born at 30 week gestation, needed surfactant therapy what would be the route of therapy

a) Intravenous

b) Intramuscular

c) Intratracheal

d) Intraosseus


67. A premature baby Is on oxygenation for one month what problem she may have

a) Atelectasis

b) Retro lental RLF

c) Dryness of oral cavity

d) Pneumonia


68. The statement not true about the pattern of growth & development is

a) Its cephalocaudal

b) Its unique in each individual

c) Its distal to proximal

d) Its proximal to distal


69. During infancy a child plays

a) Solitary play

b) Parallel play

c) Competitive play

d) None of above


70. The correct sequence cognitive development theory

a) Sensori-motor, formal operational, concrete operational, preoperational b) Formal operational, preoperational, concrete operational, sensorimotor c) Formal operational, concrete operational, preoperational , formal operational

d) Sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational,

formal operational


71. A baby passes social smiles towards mother at the of

a) One month

b) Three month

c) Five month

d) Seven month


72. According to erikson an adolescent have

a) Initiative v/s guilt

b) Industry v/s inferiority

c) Identity v/s role diffusion

d) Intimacy v/s isolation


73.Kerricterus is a complication of

a) Necrotizing enterocolitis

b) Intraventricular hemorrhage

c) Jaundice

d) Hypothermia


74. A baby should be monitored for bronze baby syndrome when he is on

a) Immunotherapy

b) Phototherapy

c) Chemotherapy

d) Radiation therapy


75. The blood culture from a newborn of HIV positive mother is recommended at

a) Birth

b) 1 month & 4 month of age

c) 1 week & 4 week of age

d) 1 months & 2 month of age


76. A newborn of diabetic mother may have

a) Hyperglycemia

b) Hypoglycemia

c) Hypercalcemia

d) Less size & weight


77. A child born at 44 week of gestation, what would be the problem that child may have

a) Respiratory distress syndrome

b) Meconium aspiration syndrome

c) Macrocephaly

d) Hydrocephalus


78. Parents report to the nurse that their infant tastes salty

when kissed what would be the possible reason of that

a) Hypernatremia

b) Diaphoresis

c) Cystic fibrosis

d) None of these


79. The moral development theory was given by

a) S. freud

b) E. Erikson

c) Jean piaget

d) L. Kohlberg

Answer- D

80. Which deciduous tooth is absent in children

a) Incisor

b) Canine

c) Premolar

d) Molar

Answer- C

81. The theory of development given by S. freud is

a) Psychosocial development theory

b) Psychosexual theory

c) Moral development theory

d) Cognitive development theory


82. Maximum growth and development stage is

a) Infancy

b) Toddler

c) Preschooler

d) Puberty


83. An IQ is a ratio of

a) Chronological & mental age

b) Mental & chronological age

c) Present & past age

d) Self & parent's age


84. The age at which a child starts to creep & crawls is

a) 3 month

b) 6 month

c) 9 month

d) 12 month be


85. The parallel play is characteristic in the age group

a) 1 year

b) 1-3 year

c) 3-5 year

d) 6-12 year


86. At the 2 year of age a child's vocabulary is about

a) 150 words

b) 350 words

c) 900 words

d) 2000 words


87. The age at which permanent tooth begins to erupt is

a) 3 years

b) 6 years

c) 9 years

d) 12 years


88. The most appropriate time to impart sex education is

a) Preschool age

b) School age

c) Adolescent age

d) Adult age


89. The Trust v/s Mistrust phase of Erikson is present in the age of

a) 1 year

b) 3 year

c) 5 year

d). 7 year


90. Who is at more risk for shaken baby syndrome

a) Infant

b) Toddler

c) Preschooler

d) School going child


91. Second maximum growth and development stage is

a) preschooler

b) infancy

c) puberty

d) toddler

Answer- C

92. If drooling present at birth indicates
  1. TEF
  2. GERD
  3. ASD
  4. VSD

93. Which Ig does not develop passive immunity in newborn

a) Ig G

b) Ig D

c) Ig A

d) Ig M


94. The priority action taken by a nurse to prevent hypothermia in lbw baby

a) Radiant warmer

b) phototherapy

c) KMC

d) hot application


95. A child is admitted in nursery more than 3 days and infected with pneumonia which infection may be present in child

a) opportunistic infection


c) Concurrent infection

d) terminal infection

Answer- B

96. What is priority care of a nurse while caring a LBW baby

a) Hypothermia

b) respiratory

c) nutrition

d) infection

Answer -B

97 which is the general characteristics of font Fontanelle

a) Flat

b) Depressed

c) buldge

d) None

Answer- A

98. The difference of head circumference and chest circumference is 4.9cm the possible diagnose may be
  1. Hydrocephalus
  2. Microcephaly
  3. Microcephaly
  4. none
Answer- 3

99. Dose of Vitamin A for an infant at 9 months of age?

  1. 2 lakh IU
  2. 1 lakh IU
  3. 4 lakh IU
  4. 3 lakh IU
Correct Answer- 2

100. The Adolescent people are in which age group According WHO

  1. 9‐18 years
  2. 12‐18 years
  3. 10 ‐19 years
  4. More than 19 years
Correct Answer-3


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