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gastrointestinal system mcq-
Q.1.Identify the image shown below ?

  1. slit lamp examination
  2. wood lamp examination
  3. Ceiling Mounted OT Lamp
  4. Vein viewer


Q.5.Identify the image shown below ?

reynolds disease feet

Burn injury

peripheral vascular disease feet



Q.6. largest sensory organ of human body is

a) Brain

b) Skin

c) Heart

d) Lung

Correct answer - B

Q.7. The total surface area of skin is

a) 15-20 sq ft

b) 10-15 sq ft

c) 5-10 sqft T.

d) 1-5 sq ft

Correct answer - A

Q.8. Total weight of a healthy skin is

a) 1 kg

b) 2 kg

c) 3 kg

d) 4 kg

Correct answer - D

Q 9. sensory organ skin is not a function

a) Synthesis of vit-D

b) Maintaining electrolytes balance

c) Maintaining body temperature

d) Transporting micro-organism in body organs

Correct answer - D

Q.10.To identify superficial Infection of skin, which examination can be done

a) Diascopy

b) Biopsy

c) Skin culture

d) Woods light

Correct answer - D

Q.11. The yeast infection of skin is because of

a) Herpes-zoster

b) St. aureus


d) Candida albicans

Correct answer - D

Q.12. Shingles is a infection of skin, also known as

a) Herpes -zoster

b) Thrush

c) Erysipelas

d) Furuncles

Correct answer - A

Q.13. Which is a complication of Herpes Zoster

a) Erb palsy

b) Neurogenic bladder

c) Bell's palsy

d) Skin deformity

Correct answer - C

Q. 14. The choice of drug in the treatment of shingles is

a) Antibacterial

b) Antifungal

c) Antiviral

d) Antibiotics

Correct answer - C

Q.15. At home a spider bites a baby, what would be the priority action

a) Application of an ice-pack

b) Apply constricting band proximal to the bite

c) Run towards emergency services

d) Heat application at bite arca

Correct answer -A

Q.16. Frostbite is a damage to tissues & blood vessels caused by

a) Prolonged exposure to cold

b) Prolonged exposure to heat

c) Bite of a spider

d) Prolonged hunger state

Correct answer - A

Q. 17. The greatest risk of the U.V. rays exposure is between

a) 6 am- 6 pm

b) 8 am- 4 pm

c) 10 am- 4 pm

d) 12 noon-7 pm

Correct answer -C

Q. 18. Eczema is a condition of skin that is characterized by

a) Chronic. inflammatory dry & scaly skin

b) Acute Inflammatory red skin

c) Macule, papule, vesicles & pustules

d) Rough, hairless skin

Correct answer - B

Q. 19. Chronic exposure to sunlight can cause

a) Eczema

b) Actinic keratoses

c) Frostbite

d) Erysipelas

Correct answer - B

Q. 20. The appropriate health task given to a client of basal cell carcinoma is

a) Take high protein & high caloric diet

b) Avoid sun exposure between 10 am- 4 pm

c) Do active exercises in morning

d) Cover the skin with plastic sheet during bath

Correct answer - B

Q.21. The true statement about psoriasis is

a) An acute non-infectious skin inflammation

b) An acute infectious inflammation

c) A chronic infectious inflammation

d) A chronic non-infectious inflammation

Correct answer - D

Q.22 .A client came to skin OPD having psoriatic lesions & had a history of injury at that site, what a nurse will assume

a) Koebner phenomenon

b) Psoriatic phenomena

c) Kussmaul phenomena

d) Wound phenomena

Correct answer - A

Q. 23. Acne vulgaris is a condition due to overstimulation of

a) Sweat gland

b) Sebaceous glands

c) Pituitary gland

d) Epidermal cells

Correct answer - B

Q.24. Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a

a) Drug induced reaction

b) Chromosomal anomalies

c) Genetic mutation

d) Auto-immune disorder

Correct answer - A

Q. 25. Blood-tinged amber fluid from wounds is also known as

a) Serous

b) Sanguineous

c) Sero-sanguineous

d) Pus

Correct answer - C

Q.26 A burn patient came to casualty, which is not an appropriate step taken by a nurse

a) Elevate the extremity of patient

b) Obtain vital signs

c) Keep the room cool

d) Place client is NPO status

Correct answer -C

Q.27.As per rule of nine, burn of legs are considered

a) 9 %

b) 18%

c) 27%

d) 36%

Correct answer - D

Q.28. Who is at more risk of mortality due to burn

a) 52 year old female

b) 2 year old male baby

c) 60 year old male

d) 4 year old female baby

Correct answer - B

Q.30. Which kind of burn has more damage of internal tissues

a) Thermal burn

b) Chemical burn

c) Electrical burn

d) Inhalation burn

Correct answer - C

Q.31. Which is not a phase of management of burn

a) Emergent phase

b) Resuscitative phase

c) Acute phase

d) Curative phase

Correct answer - D

Q. 31. The duration of the emergent phase of burn is.

a) 24-48 hrs

b) 48-72 hrs

c) 72-64 hrs

d) 7 days

Correct answer - A

Q.32. The amount of fluid replacement in a burn patient depends upon

a) Height & weight of patient

b) Height & extent of burn

c) Weight & extent of burn

d) Height, weight & extent of burn

Correct answer - D

33. The goal of resuscitative phase in a burn patient is

a) Maintaining patent airway

b) Preventing shock

c) Controlling infection

d) Restoration of functioning

Correct answer - A

Q. 34. The choice of fluid in burn patient is

a) NS

b) RL

c) DNS


Correct answer - B

Q. 35. Which is an appropriate size cannula for an adult having

moderate bum

a) 18g

b) 20g

c) 22 g

d) 24 g

Correct answer - A

Q.36. Allograft is a graft prepared from

a) Human being

b) Animals

c) Synthetic materials

d) Bum patient itself

Correct answer - A

Q. 37. A person suffering from epidermal inflammation related to some allergic problem, which is not an appropriate action taken by person

a) Bath frequently & wash the affected area

b) Apply the topical corticosteroids

c) Don't scratch the area

d) Avoid the use of soap or any detergent

Correct answer - A

Q.38. The statement not true about Impetigo is

a) It is bacterial infection

b) It is highly contagious disease

c) The common site of lesions is chest & abdomen

d) Standard precaution should be used while caring

Correct answer - C

Q39. In nursery a newborn under radiant warmer started to burn due to high temperature, the priority action taken by a nurse is

a) Start oxygenation immediately

b) Switch off the warmer & put out newborn

c) Put the cold blanket upon the newborn

d) Immediately call the rescue team

Correct answer - B

Q. 40. The most common site of decubitus ulcer is

a) Occipital region

b) Scapular region

c) Sacral region

d) Elbow

Correct answer - C


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