IGNOU entrance exam post basic B.sc nursing paper 2016

 IGNOU entrance exam for post basic b.sc nursing paper 2016

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Q.1. Keeping the infant under a radiant warmer prevents heat loss by which of the following in immediate postpartum phase ?

(1) Evaporation

(2) Convection

(3) Conduction

(4) Radiation

Correct answer- 4

Q.2. Immediately after birth, the nurse should encourage mother to do the following ?

(1) Feed the neonate

(2) Allow the neonate to sleep

(3) Get to know the neonate

(4) Change neonate's diaper

Correct answer- 1

Q.3. Which activities are recommended to a patient who anxious when thoughts of suicide occur ?

(1) Watching television

(2) Reading a Magazine

(3) Using the exercise bike

(4) Meditating

Correct answer- 4

Q.4. Which one of the following conditions is known to have the best response to Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) ?

(1) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

(2) Depression with suicidal tendency

(3) Simple Schizophrenia

(4) Anxiety related disorders

Correct answer- 2

Q.5 Before advising a 24 - year old woman who wishes to start oral contraceptives, nurse needs to assess which of these before giving oral contraceptive.

(1) . Anaemia

(2) Hypertension

(3) Dysmenorrhea

(4) Acne Vulgaris

Correct answer- 3

Q.6. Using Nagele's rule, which of the following would be the expected date of delivery for a client whose last normal menstrual period began on May 10 ?

(1) January 13

(2) January 17

(3) February 13

(4) February 17

Correct answer- 4

Q.7. A patient is on beta adrenergic blocking agent. What observation a nurse should make :

1) Decrease in blood pressure

(2) Increase in heart rate

(3) Depression

(4) Dyspnea

Correct answer- 1

Q.8. Which of the following is recommended for a patient on warfarin therapy ?

(1) Eating plenty of green leafy vegetables.

(2) Consistent use of bread and cereals.

(3) Decreasing intake of fatty foods.

(4) Being physically fit by doing sports.

Correct answer- 3

Q.9 The latest edition to the fundamental rights enjoyed by people in India is which one of the following ?

(1) Right to education

(2) Right to equality

(3) Right to freedom

(4) Right to freedom of religion

Correct answer- 1

Q.10. Sociogram helps to study which of the following ?

(1) Group types

(2) Group structure

(3) Group Morale

(4) Group behaviour

Correct answer- 4

Q.11. The image obtained in a compound microscope is which of the following ?

(1) Real

(2) Real inverted

(3) Virtual

(4) Virtual inverted

Correct answer- 1

Q.12 Break bone fever" is the other name for which one of the following:

(1) Malarial fever

(2) Yellow fever

(3) Chikungunya fever

(4) Dengue fever

Correct answer- 4

Q.13. Which of the following enhance development of motor skills ?

(1) Learning

(2) Maturity

(3) Practice

(4) Observation

Correct answer- 3

Q.14. All of the following provide passive immunity to the infant except:

(1) Maternal antibodies

(2) Breast Milk of Mother

(3) Development of Disease

(4) Vaccination by transfer of antibodies

Correct answer- 4

Q.15. Job analysis involves all of these except:

(1) Job related data collection

(2) Job description

(3) Job specification

(4) Job creation

Correct answer- 4

Q.16.The emergency control branch of human nervous system is Which of the follow

(1) Sympathetic

(2) Parasympathetic

(3) Cerebrospinal

(4) Ventromedial

Correct answer- 1

Q.17. All of the following are the characteristic of perception except:

(1) Perception is an active process

. (2) Perception is highly selective.

(3) Perception is unaffected by motivation.

(4) Perception is automatic and we are not aware of it.

Correct answer- 3

Q.18. The nurse exhibits which of the following roles if she stands to protect the needs and wishes of the patient ?

(1) Caregiver

(2) Counsellor

(3) Teacher

(4) Client advocate

Correct answer- 4

Q.19. Which is considered as "intentional tort" ?

(1) Malpractice

(2) Negligence

(3) Breach of duty

(4) False imprisonment

Correct answer- 3

Q.20. Which nursing intervention is appropriate when IV infusion infiltrates ?

(1) Elevate the site

(2) Discontinue the infusion

(3) Attempt to flush the tube

(4) Apply warm compress

Correct answer- 2

Q.21. Which of these are the most abundant tissue in the human body?

(1) Epithelial

(2) Connective

(3) Muscle

(4) Nervous

Correct answer- 2

Q.22. When a muscle relaxes which of the following occurs :

(1) All the ATP is used up

(2) The actin binding sites are saturated

(3) The nerve stimulus is forceful

(4) The nerve stimulus is removed

Correct answer- 4

Q.23. All of the following measures are recommended to prevent pressure ulcer except:

(1) Using a water or air mattress.

(2) Massaging the red area with lotion.

(3) Frequent change of position.

(4) Providing meticulous skin

Correct answer- 2

Q.24 A table which shows how often different scores annear in a set of scores is called as which of these :

(1) Frequency polygon

(2) Histogram

(3) Frequency distribution

(4) Normal Curve

Correct answer- 3

Q.25. All of these are the roles of laboratory in nursing education except:

1) Understand and test concepts

(2) Develop skills in caring for patients

(3) Promote insight through practical exercise.

(4) Undermine the use of enquiry in learning.

Correct answer- 4

Q.26. Which of the following is a typical feature of a good lecture ?

(1) Student - led control

(2) Interactive experience

(3) Supports one style of learning

(4) Threatens students with information

Correct answer- 3

Q.27. The most ideal way of giving nursing care is by which one of these methods !

(1) Case method

(2) Functional method

(3) Team method

(4) Primary care method

Correct answer- 1

Q.28. A standard of care in nursing stands for all except:

(1) Degree of care and expertise.

(2) Degree of expertise and performance.

(3) Degree of judgement and care.

(4) Degree of performance and certification.

Correct answer- 4

Q.29. According to Sanders, community is all of these except:

(1) A place with geographical boundaries

(2) A social system.

(3) Collection of people.

(4) Multi-cultural heritage.

Correct answer- 1

Q.30. Which of these theorists viewed health as synthesis of germ-theory?

(1) Biomedical

(2) Ecological

(3) Sociological

(4) Holistic

Correct answer- 1

Q.31. Which role of adults in family characterizes the kinship role?

(1) Preparing and maintaining goods

(2) Assisting in crisis and being together

(3) Coping with problems and promote relaxation

(4) Emotional support and caring a child

Correct answer- 2

Q.32. All of the following are examples of nominal scale except:

(1) Sex

(2) Religion

(3) Marital status

(4) Socio - Economic status

Correct answer- 4

Q.33. A cooperative problem solving activity seeking consensus for solution of a problem is

called :

(1) Brain - storming

(2) Conference

(3) Group - Discussion

(4) Role - Play

Correct answer- 2

Q.34 Which one of the following is the earliest sign of dementia ?

(1) Speech disorders

(2) Loss of attention

(3) Memory slips

(4) Visual perception problems

Correct answer- 3

Q.35. A client with personality disorders is complaining to other clients. Which is the best intervention in such a case ?

(1) Ignore the behaviour

(2) Set limits to the behaviour

(3) Reprimand the client

(4) Allow the client to go to place of his choice

Correct answer- 3

Q.36. All of the following are the complications of Gestational Diabetes in neonate except:

(1) Microsomia

(2) Birth defects

(3) Jaundice

(4) IUGR

Correct answer- 1

Q.37. All of these are effective ways to use a chart except:

(1) Involve the students in preparation.

(2) Should be visible to all students.

(3) Should contain all details.

(4) Use of pointer when teaching,

Correct answer- 3

Q.38 All of the following are features of slide projector except:

(1) Over head projection

(2) Use of Photographic Slides

(3) A light source

(4) Slide holder

Correct answer- 1

Q.39. The principle of telling truth and not mislead the patient is called :

(1) Veracity

(2) Justice

(3) Fidelity

(4) Compassion

Correct answer- 1

Q.40. The best method of conflict resolution is :

(1) Forcing

(2) Compromising

(3) Collaboration

(4) Smoothing

Correct answer- 3

Q.41. During the first 12 hours after vaginal delivery which of the following concerns of client would be primary?

(1) Neonate

(2) Family

(3) Own comfort

(4) Significant other

Correct answer- 1

Q.42. Who among the following will receive tertiary level of care for Cancer ?

(1) Those under treatment..

(2) Those under supportive care.

(3) Those under early detection.

(4) Those scheduled for surgery.

Correct answer- 2

Q.43 The Odd-even car scheme launched in Delhi launched as a means to :

(1) Control traffic in capital ol traffic in capital

(2) Promote carpooling

(3) Enhance private car business

(4) Reduce Air Pollution

Correct answer- 4

Q.44. Cow's milk contains which of these in lesser amounts than breast milk?

(1) Fat

(2) Iron

(3) Sodium

(4) Calcium

Correct answer- 1

Q.45 The reason why DPT is replaced by DT for children above 2 years is :

(1) Pertussis is more prevalent before two years.

(2) Diphtheria component is only required.

(3) DT is better than DPT when immunity is required.

(4) Children above 2 years of age don't need heavy vaccination.

Correct answer- 1

Q.46. Acronym "PAINS" tells the client and nurse regarding which of the following ?

(1) Danger signs of Diaphragm.

(2) Danger signs of IntraUterine Devices.

(3) Danger signs of Intestinal obstruction.

(4) Danger signs of Preterm labour.

Correct answer- 2

Q.47. Small for gestational age newborns are not able to maintain body temperature because :

(1) Their skin is more susceptible to conduction of cold.

(2) They are preterm so are born relatively small in size.

(3) They don't have as much fat stored as other infants.

(4) They are more active than usual.

Correct answer- 3

Q.48. Blood exchange transfusion is essential for a neonate with erythroblastosis fetalis to prevent which of these ?

(1) Damage to kidneys

(2) Damage to Brain

(3) Damage to lungs

(4) Damage to liver

Correct answer- 4

Q.49. Specific Protection" of disease activities include all of these except:

(1) Use of specific immunization.

(2) Maintaining nutrition and personal hygiene.

(3) Protection from accidents.

(4) Selective Placement.

Correct answer- 4

Q.50. caring for a neonate of diabetic mother weighing 4.4 kg who was delivered vaginally,

nurse assess neonate for fracture of which of the following ?

(1) Clavicle

(2) Skull

(3) Wrist

(4) Rib Cage

Correct answer- 1

Q.51. Which one of these is a vector borne disease ?

(1) Malaria

(2) Typhoid fever

(3) Tuberculosis

(4) Chickenpox

Correct answer- 1

Q.52. During acute encephalitis stage in Japanese encephalitis, the predominant features are all except :

(1) Confusion

(2) Fever


(4) Headache

Correct answer- 4

Q.53. The condition wherein heart can't keep up with its pumping action is :

(1) Heart block

(2) Angina

(3) Heart failure

(4) Endocarditis

Correct answer- 3

Q.54. An AIDS patient has all of the following complaints. Which one needs immediate

intervention ?

(1) Complaints of pain in the mouth.

(2) Unexplained weight loss of 1.5 kg during last month.

(3) Anorexia.

4) Constipation.

Correct answer- 1

Q.55. Which of these groups are at highest risk for contracting Hepatitis A ?

(1) Staff at day care centres.

(2) Elementary school teachers.

(3) Sanitation workers.

(4) Gym teachers.

Correct answer- 3

Q.56. One of the following is not an important criteria for selecting a research problem. It is :

(1) Originality

(2) Relevance

(3) Feasibility

(4) Legal problems

Correct answer- 4

Q.57. Most of the research articles which appear is medical journals are examples of :

(1) Primary source

(2) Secondary source

(3) External source

(4) Tertiary source

Correct answer- 1

Q.58. Urine is transported to the bladder by :

(1) Voluntary control

(2) Action of Gravity

(3) Active transport system

Contraction of Ureters

Correct answer- 3

Q.59. The number of pairs of spinal nerves in human body are :

(1) 28 pairs

(2) 29 pairs

(3) 30 pairs

(4) 31 pairs

Correct answer- 4

Q.60. first task in psychology carefully observe & objectively describe :

(1) Behaviour

(2) Personality

(3) Social institution

(4) Motivation

Correct answer- 1

Q.61. Aptitudes are defined as:

(1) Preferences to perform certain activities.

(2) High level of achievement in an area.

(3) Skills one brings to a given task.

(4) Abilities of individuals to learn in specific endeavours.

Correct answer- 4

Q.62. A patient admitted with closed head injury complains of polydipsia. What action the nurse should take next?

(1) Observe blood glucose level

(2) Note specific gravity of urine.

(3) Increase rate of IV fluid.

(4) Administer albumin.

Correct answer- 3

Q.63. All of the following are benefits of esophageal speech after total laryngectomy except :

(1) Promotion of air supply

(2) Speech production

(3) Voice restoration

(4) Laryngectomy Rehabilitation

Correct answer- 3

Q.64. A patient having sickle cell crisis is admitted to emergency ward with complaint of severe

pain. Which of these should the nurse institute :

(1) Administer analgesics as per order.

(2) Assist the patient to walk.

(3) Elevate foot end of bed.

(4) Provide nasal oxygen therapy.

Correct answer- 1

65. Anti Embolism stockings are used primarily to do which of these functions ?

(1) Promote venous circulation

(2) Provide external warmth

(3) Prevent dependent edema

(4) Hold foot dressings

Correct answer- 3

Q.66. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which of the following is a basic physiological need after oxygen ?

(1) Activity

(2) Safety

(3) Love

(4) Self esteem

Correct answer- 2

Q.67 A client with alcohol dependency suffers from numbness, itching and pain in extremities. Which of the following a nurse should expect?

(1) Neuralgia

(2) Bell's Palsy

(3) Neurasthenia

(4) Peripheral Neuritis

Correct answer- 4

Q.68. Delirium tremens is commonly seen in which one of these ?

(1) Alcohol abuse

(2) Alcohol withdrawal

(3) Alcohol tolerance

(4) Alcohol dependence

Correct answer- 2

Q.69. An inflated sense of one's own importance is seen in which one of these personality

disorders ?

(1) Antisocial personality disorder

(2) Schizoid personality disorder

(3) Borderline personality disorder

(4) Narcissistic personality disorder

Correct answer- 4

Q70. When caring for a term neonate who has been receiving phototherapy for 8 hours, the nurse notifies the pediatrician if which of these is noted ?

(1) Bronze - coloured skin

(2 ) Maculopapular chest rash

(3) Urine specific gravity of 1.018

(4) Absent moro reflex

Correct answer- 1

Q.71. The initial physical findings that indicate the development of carditis in a child with rheumatic fever include:

(1) Heart murmur

(2) Low blood pressure

(3) Irregular pulse

(4) Anterior chest wall pain

Correct answer- 1

Q.72. Which of these beverages can be given to a child with leukemia if nausea occurs ?

(1) Orange juice

(2) Weak tea

(3) Plain water

(4) Carbonated beverage

Correct answer- 3

Q.73. A nurse is teaching about medication safety to parents. Which statements by parent indicate that teaching has been effective ?

(1) I will tell my nanny to take care of medicines

(2) I will keep all medicines in medicine cabinet

(3) I will discard all old medicines

(4) I will keep medicines in my purse

Correct answer- 2

Q.74. A patient is admitted to hospital. When assessing the patient's vital signs, which position should a patient be put ideally if no contraindications are there?

(1) Sitting upright on a chair or bed

(2) Lying flat on the back with knees flexed

(3) Lying flat on back with arms extended

(4) Side - lying with flexed knees

Correct answer- 3

Q.75. The nurse uses a diaphragm of a stethoscope to auscultate which of these ?

(1) Heart murmurs

(2) Jugular venous hums

(3) Bowel sounds

(4) Carotid bruits

Correct answer- 3

Q.76. The most common pathological cause of late pregnancy bleeding is :

(1) Placenta Praevia

(2) Gestational Hypertension

(3) Abruptio Placenta

(4)Fetal Distress

Correct answer- 3

Q.77 A nurse observes that there is continuous bubbling in the suction control chamber of a water drainage connected to a suction for a patient on chest tube. This indicates that:

(1) There is leak in tubing

(2) System is functioning properly

(3) Repositioning of the tube is needed

(4) Additional suction is needed

Correct answer- 1

Q.78. Which of these is not a part of vital health statistics ?

(1) Live Births and Fetal Deaths

(2) Marriages and Divorces

(3) Deaths and Teen Pregnancy

(4) Delinquency and Crime rates

Correct answer- 4

Q.79. The main focus for organizing home visits is which of the following ?

(1) Inspection of home environment

(2) Checking work of other nurses

(3) Demographic surveys

(4) Prevention and education

Correct answer- 4

Q.80. Which of these is responsible for informing risks, complications and benefits of a scheduled surgery?

(1) Family member

(2) Surgeon

(3) Nurse

(4) Nurse Manager

Correct answer- 2

Q.81. The nurse takes a medication to a patient & patient tells her to take it away since he is not going to take it. What is next course of action for the nurse?

(1) Ask the prescriber to change order

(2) Crush the pill and forcefully administer

(3) Hide the capsule in food

(4) Open the capsule and sprinkle on pudding

Correct answer- 1

Q.82. The nurse should wear a gown when :

(1) Patient hygiene is poor

(2) She is assisting with medicine administration

(3) Patient has AIDS or hepatitis

(4)Blood or body fluid exposure is present

Correct answer- 4

Q.83. A definitive diagnostic test for a leukemic is :

(1) Leukocyte count

(2) Spinal tap

(3) Bone marrow aspiration

(4) Lymph node biopsy

Correct answer- 3

Q.84 A client is with a new colostomy. What observation proves that colostomy is starting to function ?

(1) Flatus in colostomy bag

(2) Moderately formed stool from site

(3) No bowel sounds

(4) Semi-liquid fecal matter is present

Correct answer- 4

Q.85. A client was prescribed lithium. What instruction nurse include in her teaching

plan ?

(1) Always take lithium with supplemental salt to prevent dehydration

(2) You should stop medication when you feel signs of toxicity

(3) Monitor for weight gain by taking weights daily

(4) Return to clinic for blood levels every week

Correct answer-1

Q.86. What kind of food should be given for a patient with Mania ?

(1) Milk

(2) Meat

(3) Fish

(4) Sandwich

Correct answer- 4

Q.87. Which of the following actions of a 6 year old diabetic child are correct by doing himself ?

(1) Taking self insulin

(2) Selecting foods for him

(3) Monitoring of blood tests

(4) Daily recording in urine sugar chart

Correct answer- 2

Q.88. Which is the most common feature of a child with hemophilia ?

(1) Petechiae

(2) Haemarthrosis

(3) Bruising

(4) Clubbing

Correct answer- 2

Q.89. When teaching a 36 - week primigravida signs of true labor, the nurse would be sure to


(1) when she feels pain in abdomen

(2) when her pain radiates from lower back to abdomen

(3) when there is loss of mucus plug

4) when she experiences lightening

Correct answer- 3

Q.90. After suction & evacuation of complete hydatidiform mole, the 27 year old multigravid client asks nurse when she can become pregnant again. Nurse would advise to avoid pregnancy for at least :

(1) 6 months

(2) 12 months

(3) 18 months

(4) 24 months

Correct answer- 1

Q.91. Job specification is characterized by all except :

(1) Characteristics of employee

(2) Qualifications required

(3) Primary duties

(4) Placement into jobs

Correct answer- 3

Q.92. group of patients under direction of a professional nurse is Collaboration is providing care

(1) Case Method

(2) Primary Method Functional Method

(4) Team Method

Correct answer- 4

Q.93. The importance of “Nursing" in Health Department was emphasized by which one of


(1) Chadha Committee

(2) Shetty Committee

(3) Shrivastava Committee

(4) Bhore Committee

Correct answer- 3

Q.94. Which of these aims to put "peoples health in peoples hands" ?

(1) Rural Health Mission

(2) School Health Scheme

(3) Primary Health Care

(4) Annual Health Plans

Correct answer- 3

Q.95. Illness which seems to result from an interaction of physical and psychological factors is called :

(1) Hysterical

(2) Somatic

(3) Conversion

(4) Psychosomatic

Correct answer- 4

Q.96. The process by which trained personnel uses psychological methods to help people with psychological problem is known as:

(1) Psychotherapy

(2) Psychoanalysis

(3) Psychosurgery

(4) Psychiatry

Correct answer- 1

Q.97. An individual cannot remember events during the time immediately following serious airplane crash due to which of these ?

(1) Dissociative fugue

(2) Dissociative amnesia

(3) Retrograde amnesia

(4) Fractured amnesia

Correct answer- 3

Q.98. When caring a child with tonsillectomy, the priority observation done by nurse should be

for :

(1) Coffee ground emesis

(2) Frequent swallowing

(3) Complaint of sore throat

(4) Increase in temperature slightly

Correct answer- 4

Q.99 Knowing that toddlers can be very negative and often use the word "no!", the nurse who is working with a toddler should :

(1) Offer the toddler only acceptable choices

(2) Offer toddler no choice at all

(3) Involve the toddler in choices about his care

(4) Read the toddler a book about making choices

Correct answer- 3

Q.100. The toddler can demonstrate achievement of gross motor skills by which of these

activities :

(1) Stacking two blocks

(2) Push and pull toys

(3) Turning pages of a book

(4) Dumping a raisin

Correct answer- 2

Q.101. The returning of organ to its former size after delivery is known as:

(1) Decompensation

(2) Involution

(3) Menarche

(4) Decompression

Correct answer- 2

Q.102. Which of the following colors of lochia would be present on Day 10 ?

(1) Dark red

(2) Pink

(3) Brown

(4) White

Correct answer- 4

Q.103. Three hours postpartum, a primiparous client's fundus is firm and midline. On perineal

inspection, the nurse observes a constant trickle of blood. Which of these is suspected ?

(1) Retained placental tissue

(2) Uterine inversion

(3) Bladder distention

(4) Perineal lacerations

Correct answer- 4

Q.104. Which of these is expected findings in a patient with COPD ?

(1) Tactile fremitus and wheezing

(2) Bronchial breath sounds over peripheral fields

(3) Hyperresonance over posterior lobes

(4) Distended neck veins with cyanosis

Correct answer- 1

Q.105. The following are possible complications after prostatectomy except:

(1) Urethral stricture

(2) Erectile dysfunction

(3) Residual urine

(4). Urinary incontinence

Correct answer- 3

Q.106. Myasthenia gravis frequently affects :

(1) Females, ages 10 to 30 years

(2) Males, ages 15 to 35 years

(3) Children, 5 to 15 years

(4) Both sexes, 20 to 40 years

Correct answer- 1

Q.107. The broken lines in an organizational chart reflects which of these ?

(1) Formal relationship

(2) Functional relationship

(3) Official relationship

(4) Informal relationship

Correct answer- 1

Q.108. Which of these is not a recent trend in Nursing profession?

(1) Ph.D. in Nursing

(2) Primary Nurse Practitioner

(3) Missionaries in Nursing

(4) Specialized Nursing Care

Correct answer- 3

Q.109. Visual examination for a 2 year old child is done with which of these?

(1) Snellen's chart

(2) Allen color chart

(3) Covering right side of eye

(4) Dot test

Correct answer- 4

Q.110. Organogenesis takes place in which stage of development ?

(1) Germinal

(2) Zygotic

(3) Embryonic

(4) Fetal

Correct answer- 3

Q.111. Patient is developing fat emboli. What will you observe first ?

(1) Restlessness and agitation

(2) Increased BP and increased temperature

(3) Agitation and Decreased urine output

(4) Decreased level of consciousness

Correct answer- 1

112. A patient has come to ward after liver biopsy. What will you do first

(1) Monitor blood pressure

(2) Start I/V infusion

(3) Administer Medications

(4) Place client on right side

Correct answer- 4

Q.113. All of these are features of adult learners except:

(1) Adult learning is need based

(2) Adult learners have lot of experience

(3) Adult learners are emotional

(4) Adult learners are mature and self directed

Correct answer- 3

Q.114. The early sign of pre-eclampsia is :

(1) Headache

(2) Polyuria

(3) Proteinuria

(4) Seizures

Correct answer- 3

Q.115 A client who has undergone hysterectomy asks the nurse as to when she can resume sexual activity? The best response is :

(1) Avoid sexual intercourse for 8 weeks

(2) Avoid sexual intercourse forever

(3) Avoid sexual intercourse for 6 weeks

(4) As soon as client feels alright

Correct answer- 3

Q.116. A patient in a locked psychiatric unit asks if he may have a razor to shave. The nurse is

aware that razors are considered sharps and therefore must be :

(1) Used under direct observation

(2) Only given to responsible patients

(3) Only given if a suicide assessment has been performed first

(4) Signed out responsible patients and signed in when returned

Correct answer- 1

Q.117. A patient with antisocial personality disorder is admitted to psychiatric unit. She is told

that all meals are served in dining room and patients are expected to be dressed in street clothes when they come in to eat. She however demands that breakfast must be served in her room. What action should the nurse take ?

(1) Bring the breakfast tray as requested

(2) Warn her that her behaviour will be reported

(3) Tell her that you will do it only once

(4) Tell her that rules apply to everyone

Correct answer- 4

Q.118. Anxiety is caused by :

(1) An objective threat

(2) A subjective perceived threat

(3) Hostility turned to self

(4) Masked depression

Correct answer- 2

Q.119. A woman delivered twins 2 hours ago via cesarean section. The fundus now would be at:

(1) Umbilicus

(2) 1-2 fingerbreadths above umbilicus

(3) 1-2 fingerbreadths below umbilicus

(4) It would not be assessed

Correct answer- 1

Q.120. A patient of 55 pounds is ordered 75 mg/kg of drug. How many grams given to

patient ?

(1) 1.6 gm

(2) 1.7 gm

(3) 1.8 gm

(4) 1.5 gm

Correct answer- 3


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