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vaginal itching

Vaginal or vulval itching is a very common symptom in women.

Most of the time, the cause of vaginal itching is very trivial and it settles down easily.

But sometimes, the cause of the itching could be serious and demands a serious medical evaluation. So, never ditch an itch which persists beyond one week.

three out of four women have some time suffered with a vaginal yeast infection

sometime in their lifetime so vaginal yeast infections are vaginal

fungal infections also known as

  • vaginal candidiasis
  • vaginal monolaysis or vaginal thrush

now this typically happens when there is overgrowth of a fungus called candida albicans

Which happens in the vagina vaginal yeast infections are typically not sexually transmitted infections and they happen because of change of the vaginal ph

which leads to overgrowth of fungus in the vagina now this typically leads to a itchy discharge which is thick white and almost like cottage cheese this is associated with the redness there a lot of rashes

There definitely this calls for a visit to the doctor the doctor is going to give you a anti-fungal uh vaginal suppository

Medicine- clindamycin and clotrimazole suppositories, it's a tablet which has to be inserted inside the vagina 6days in night

an anti-fungal cream to apply outside and maybe some- clindamycin and clotrimazole cream

tablets to be eaten the doctors usually like to prescribe anti-fungal or a probiotic supplement

Anti-fungal tablets - itraconazole capsules 100 mg (2 time a day)

 Dusting Powder - Clotrimazole

also along with the above treatment

there are a lot of things which you can do at home also to tackle this

you can eat lot of curd curd is rich in probiotics even applying curd in that area

also might give you little relief virgin coconut oil

tea tree oil

these are also known to have antifungal properties boric acid suppositories are

also available you can try them

Also taking
  • vitamin -c,
  • vitamin- e supplementation
  • including garlic in your diet garlic has good antifungal properties also may help you for the vaginal yeast infection

another common reason for the vaginal itching is what is known as bacterial vaginosis commonly known as the Bacterial vaginosis infection now here the person has a grayish white discharge which has got a bad fishy odor and this also typically happens because of the altered bacterial flora in the vagina so once again if you

have a bad fishy odor discharge along with the vaginal itching please visit a doctor and the treatment could be very simple giving a simple drug which is known as metronidazole tablets 400mg (4 time /7 days) & metronidazole vaginal gel

then there are certain sexually transmitted diseases like
  • chlamydia
  • gonorrhea
  • Trichomoniasis

They also cause itching / trich infection

trichomoniasis also known as the trich infection causes a greenish yellowish Discharge

which is frothy gonorrhea typically causes a lot of urinary symptoms so in case you're having all these symptoms a visit to the doctor is

definitely required the treatment could be very simple in terms of taking certain antibiotics and you should be clindamycin and clotrimazole cream

vaginal itching is also seen

in women who are either menopausal or heading towards the menopause this is because of the lack of estrogen levels which makes the vagina thin and dry this leads to the vaginal itching and here the treatment is very simple we just give an estrogen cream and the vaginal itching usually is taken

care of for the similar reason in young girls also who are yet to attain their puberty the itching might happen because once again there is very less estrogen

in the body but one word of caution in case there is a young girl who is

complaining of vaginal itching or pain

or increase urinary frequency one must

get a proper examination done and keep the possibility of a sexual abuse young girl

certain skin diseases also if they happen in the vaginal or the vulva area also may cause
  1. itching
  2. eczema
  3. psoriasis
lichen sclerosus are few common skin diseases

which can cause itching a very serious reason of vaginal itching

which is typically seen in the elderly women is the vulvar cancers or

the pre-cancers so once again it's extremely important in case your itching is not getting subsided within one week it definitely

calls for a visit to the doctor because here in case we delay the diagnosis

the things could actually get out of hand

there could be some rare causes of the vaginal itching too there could be

some parasitic infections like scabies and even vulva lice yes you heard it rise the lies could happen in the vulva hair too

so how do we treat the vaginal itching

actually treatment of vaginal itching is very simple provided we make the right Diagnosis

the sexually transmitted infections and the bacterial vaginosis are treated by giving simple antibiotics and anti-parasitic medications the vaginal

yeast infections are treated by giving antifungal medicines which are either given vaginally or oily or to apply as creams externally

a woman who is around menopause is usually given an estrogen cream to take care of the vaginal itching

first understand what causes the vaginal itching so did you know that the most common cause of the vulva itching is the use of evident chemicals in your daily life

you know
  • the fancy soaps
  • the bubble Baths
  • the feminine sprays
  • the vaginal douches
  • fabric softeners scented or the colored toilet papers

all these can cause allergic rashes and the itchy rashes around there for example did you know that washing your undergarments in turtle or savlon is not a good idea that can also cause an allergic rash

women who are diabetic or who have a problem of urinary incontinence which means the urine is leaking there can also cause a similar irritant reaction and cause vaginal itching

Usually respond to local moisturizers sometimes the locus steroid creams may be given to relieve the symptoms there are a lot of

Home remedies or home care things also which you can do to take care of the vaginal itching

number one make sure that you observe good hygiene

remember over cleaning is going to do more harm you just need to

clean that area once in a day with mild soap and water,

over cleaning over dabbing actually does more harm do

not wash your undergarments with savlon or any antiseptics or that all wash your area from front to back after a bowel movement
avoid use of any scented sprays
always wear cotton breathable undergarments

use barrier method of contraception

which could be a male condom or a female condom in case you're having vaginal dryness you can use natural moisturizers

like coconut oil

vaginal itching however uncomfortable or distressing it might be is actually

very easy to treat provided we make a right diagnosis so today like always


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