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Q.1. .A client with an inguinal hernia asks the nurse why he should have sur-gery when he has had a hernia for years. The nurse understands that surgery is recommended to:

1. Prevent strangulation of the bowel

2. Prevent malabsorptive disorders

3. Decrease secretion of bile salts

4. Increase intestinal motility

Correct answer- Prevent strangulation of the bowel

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Q.2. A client is admitted with suspected acute pancreatitis. Which lab finding confirms the diagnosis?

1,Blood glucose of 260mg/dL

2. White cell count of 21,000cu/mm

3. Platelet count of 250,000cu/mm

4. Serum amylase level of 600 units/dL

Correct answer- Serum amylase level of 600 units/dL

Q.3. Identify the procedure shown in the below image ?

1. Thoracentesis

2. Laparoscopy

3. Paracentesis

4. Suprapubic urine aspiration

Correct answer- Paracentesis

Q.4. Identify the condition ,it may be shown in ?

1. Prostate cancer

2. Pneumonia

3. Ovarian cancer

4. Oral cancer

Correct answer- Ovarian cancer

Q.5.An example of objective data ?

1. Feeling of worry

2. Discoloration of the skin

3. Itching

4. Nausea

No correct answers

Q.6. Yellow colour code is used for which type of hospital waste ?

1. Cytotoxic drug

2. Glassware

3. Plastic

4. Sharp

Correct answer- Cytotoxic drug

Q.7. Following are clinical features of organophosphorus poisoning, except ?

1. Hyperventilation

2. Salivation

3. Pinpoint pupil

4. Bronchospasm

Correct answer- Hyperventilation

Q.8. Nursing audit is used to ?

1. Assess quality of nursing care

2. Plan for nursing staff

3. Assess money transaction for nursing care

4. Assess cost effective care

Correct answer- Assess quality of nursing care

Q.9. Ideal ratio of nurse to patient in an ICU is ?

1. 2:1

2. 1:2

3. 1:1

4. 1:3

Correct answer- 1:1

Q.10. Which among the following is a complication of spinal anesthesia?

1. Tachycardia

2. Hypotension

3. Hypertension

4. Dyspnea

Correct answer- Hypotension

Q.11. An immunologic reaction to a drug to which a person has already been sensitized is known as ?

1. Drug tolerance

2. Drug allergy

3. Drug toxicity

4. Drug intolerance

Correct answer- Drug allergy

Q.12. A low pitched, continuous gurgling sound caused by secretion in the large airways is called ?

1. Wheezes

2. Rhonchi

3. Coughing

4. Stridor

Correct answer- Rhonchi

Q.13. The first school of nursing was established by :-

1. Virginia Handerson

2. Theodor fliedner

3. Florence nightingale

4. isable Hampton

Correct answer- Theodor fliedner

Q.14. The type of fever in which the temperature fluctuates more than 2 degree celcius,all above normal,during a 24 hour period is :-

1. Intermittent fever

2. Remittent fever

3. Recurrent fever

4. Relapsing fever

Correct answer- Remittent fever

Q.15. Sharp instrument should not be sterilized by :-

1. Cooling

2. Boiling

3. Hot air oven

4. Antiseptic solution

Correct answer- Boiling

Q.16. Which of the following is the responsibility of the nursing officer ?

1. Quality care

2. Observation and reporting

3. Record keeping

4. All of these

Correct answer- All of these

Q.17. Identify the procedure shown below ?

1. ICD insertion

2. Paracentesis

3. Pleural tapping

4. Lumbar puncture

Correct answer- Pleural tapping

Q.18. which is the most important factor in a therapeutic relationship ?

1. Trust

2. Knowledge

3. Respect

4. Motivating

Correct answer- Trust

Q.19. Which of the following drugs induce sleep?

1. Hypotonics

2. Analgesics

3. Antipyretics

4. Antihistamines

Correct answer- Hypotonics

Q.20. Identify the procedure shown below ?

1. Laparoscopy

2. Colonoscopy

3. Bronchoscopy

4. Cystoscopy

Correct answer- Bronchoscopy

Q.21. Pedal pulse is also as?

1. Popliteal artery

2. Posterior tibial artery

3. Anterior tibial artery

4. Dorsalis paddis artery

Correct answer-Dorsalis pedis artery

Q.22. identify the image shown below ?

1. USG guided lumbar puncture

2. USG guided thoracentesis

3. USG guided paracentesis

4. USG guided amniocentesis

Correct answer- USG guided amniocentesis

Q.23. Following Strategy used in ?

1. Lead poisoning

2. Choking

3. Esophageal varices

4. Pulmonary embolism

Correct answer- Choking

Q.24.Correct site to apply BP Cuff is :-

1. 2-3 cm below the antecubital fossa

2. 2-3 cm above the antecubital fossa

3. 2-3 cm lateral to the antecubital fossa

4. 4-5 cm above the antecubital fossa

Correct answer- 2-3 cm above the antecubital fossa

Q.25. Identify the symbol,given in below image:-

1. Biohazard waste

2. Radiation hazards

3. Cytotoxic waste

4. Biodegradable waste

Correct answer- Radiation hazards

Q.26. Identify the position shown in below image

1. Lithotomy

2. Dorsal recumbent

3. Sims position

4. Trendelenburg's position

Correct answer- Dorsal recumbent

Q.27.The process by which , medium is placed at 100 degree celsius in flowing steam for 30 minutes each on 3 successive days is :-

1. Steam under pressure

2. Autoclave

3. Tyndallization

4. Inspissation

Correct answer- Tyndallization

Q.28.The cardinal sign of the body includes the following except :-


2. Blood pressure

3. Blood glucose level

4. Heart beat

Correct answer- Blood glucose level

Q.29. Which of the following blood pressure reading should be reported immediately to the physician ?

1. 130/98 mmhg

2. 140/88 mmhg

3. 110/70 mmhg

4. 138/82 mmhg

Correct answer- 130/98 mmhg

Q.30. In which of the following conditions is oxygen therapy not indicated ?

1. Drowning

2. Chest injuries

3. Poisoning

4. Normal uncomplicated labour

Correct answer- Normal uncomplicated labour

Q.31. All among the following are cellular adaptation except ?

1. Hypertrophy

2. Hyperplasia

3. Atrophy

4. Metaplasia

Correct answer- Atrophy

Q.32. If a narrow cuff is used for measuring BP, Then what will be the outcome ?

1. Actual reading will be obtained

2. Falsely high reading will be obtained

3. Falsely low reading will be obtained

4. BP can't measure

Correct answer- Falsely high reading will be obtained

Q.33. Identify the surgery shown in the below image?

1. Arthroscopic surgery

2. Bronchoscopy

3. Nephroscopy

4. Laparoscopic surgery

Correct answer- Laparoscopic surgery

Q.34. Identify the device shown in the below image ?

1. Bipolar cautery

2. Harmonic device

3. Monopolar advance cautry

4. Mono intestine stapler

Correct answer- Harmonic device


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