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41. Richest source of vit-D

a) Sunlight

b) Fish liver oil

c) Egg d) Milk

Answer- B

42. Excess consumption of .......causes pellagra

a) Rice

b) Wheat

c) Maize

d) Oat

Answer- C

43. Deficiency of fluorine causes

a) Skeletal fluorosis

b) Dental fluorosis

c) Dental caries

d) All of above

Answer- C

44. Lathyrism is occur due to intake of

a) Green Gram

b) Bangalgramareis

c) Khesari dal

d) Both a and b

Answer- C

45. Consumption of mustard oil mixed with argemone mexicana causes :

a) Neurolathyrism

b) dropsy

c) Meniere's disease

d) Both a and b

Answer- B

46. Mixing of brick powder in red chilies is example of:

a) Food fortification

b) Food additives

c) Food adulteration

d) Food faddism

Answer- C

47. Which of the following is an example of incomplete protein?

a) Gelatin

b) Wheat protein

c) Rice protein

d) Egg albumin

Answer- A.

48 .Marasmus occur due to deficiency of :

a) Calorie

b) Protein

c) Both a & b

d) None

Answer- C

49. Which of the following is not a sign of pellagra?

a) Diarrhoea

b) Dementin

c) Dermatitis

d) Delirium

Answer- D

50. Pigeon chest is the characteristics of:

a) Osteomalacia

b) Rickets

c) Scurvy

d) Beri-Beri

Answer- B

51. Fertility vitamin is:

a) Vit-C

b) Vit-B

c) Vit-A

d) Vit-E

Answer- D

52. Recommended daily allowance of calcium in pregnancy & lactation is :

a) 800 mg

b) 600 mg

c) 1000 mg

d) 400 mg

Answer- c

51. Stomatitis & orofacial lesion occur due to the deficiency of

a) Vit-B6

b) Vit-B3

c) Vit-B5

d) Vit-B2

Answer- d

52. Storage from of iron is

a) Ferritin

b) Transferrin

c) Apoferritin

d) None in


54. Neural tube defect is due to deficiency of

a) lodine

b) Folic acid

c) Zinc

d) Calcume

Answer- b.

55. What is chyme :

a) Food enters the mouth

b) Food reaching the stomach

c) Food entering the duodenum

d) Food reaching the rectum

Answer- C

56.Maximum absorption of food takes place in:

a) Colon

b) In stomach

c) Small intestine

d) Rectum

Answer- C.

57.Nutrition includes the study of ........

a) The organism food

b) Process of digestion

c) The way an organism obtains food

d) All of the above


58. During tubercular drug isoniazid prescribed which vitamin is advised along with :

a) Niacin

b) Pyridoxine

c) Thiamin

d) Folic acid

Answer- b

59.Poor man meat is known as:

a) Chicken

b) Pulses

c) Mutton

d) All

Answer- B.

60. Mastication is ...........

a) Digestion

b) Absorption

c) Assimilation

d) Chewing

Answer- D

61. In the mouth the food is formed into..

a) Chyme

b) Chyle

c) Bolus

d) Pellets

Answer- C

62. Vegetables and fruits provide

a) Fibre, fat and protein

b) Vitamin C and A or fibre and many minerals

c) Vitamin D

d) Creatine

Answer- B

63. Which nutrient for most people, provides about 70% of the body energy?

a) Fat

b) Carbohydrate

c) Protein

d) Vitamins

Answer- B

64. Which Nutrient help absorb vitamins A, D, E and K

a) Fat

b) Carbohydrate

c) Protein

d) Vitamins

Answer- A

65. Which nutrient is needed in tiny quantities and plays an important part in the body healthy development:

a) Minerals & Vitamins

b) Carbohydrate

c) Protein

d) Fat

Answer- A

66.The formula for body mass indexing is :

a) Height divided by weight

b) Weight divided by height

c) Weight divided by height squared

d) Height divided by weight squared

Answer- C

67. Which food item should be included in the diet to minimize the risk of osteoporosis :

a) Rice

b) Milk

c) Sardines

d) Chicken

Answer- B

68. A nurse giving a presentation on good nutrition to a group of teenage mothers, the nurse is implementing which level of prevention :

a) Primary

b) Secondary

c) Tertiary

d) All of above

Answer- A

69. A nurse is providing instruction to a client with a diagnosis of hyperphosphatemia. Which of the follɔwing food items must be excluded from the diet?

a) Fish

b) Grape juice

c) Coffee

d) Tea

Answer- A

70. A nurse is providing dietary session to group of client about the vitamin content of various food the nurse tells the client that which of the following food is highest in Vit-A

a) Milk

b) Tomatoes

c) Eggs

d ) Green leafy veg.

Answer- D

71. Which of the following food items is high in vit B complex?

a) Grains

b ) Butter

c) Tomatoes

d) Milk

Answer- A

72.Daily requirement of protein is :

a) 1gm/kg

b) 2 gm/kg

c) 1.5 gm/kg

d) 2.5 gm/kg

Answer- A

73. Which of the following is EFA?

a) Linoleic acid

b) Arachidonic acid

c) Linolenic acid

d) All

Answer- D

74. Which is not a function of vitamin A?

a) Prevention from infection

b) Bone Growth

c) Necessary for epithelial tissue

d) Prevention from allergy

Answer- A

75.Folic acid is

a) Vit B5

b) Vit B3

c) Vit B6

d) Vit B9

Answer- D

76.Pernicious anemia occur due to the deficiency of

a) Vit-A

b) Vit-C

c) Vit-K

d) Vit-B


77.Which is not a trace element?

a) Fe

b) I

c) Na

d) Zn


78.Milk having lacking of:

a) Vit-A

b) Iron

c) Vit-C

d) Both A and C


79. Hyaluronic acid is :

a) Monosaccharide

b) Disaccharide

c) Homopolysaccharide

d) Heterpolysaccharide


80. Client is diagnosed with gout, which food item should be avoided in the diet :

a) Liver (organ meat )

b) Chocolate

c) Carrot

d) Broccoli


81. complete metabolism I molecule of glucose provide :

a) 6 ATP

b) 24 ATP

c) 12 ATP

d) 36 ATP



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