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Q.1 Protective collection of lymphocytes and macrophages occurs in

1. the peyer's patches

2. the intestinal crypts

3 .the muscularis externa

4. the muscularis mucosa

Correct answer- the payers patches

Q.2.which regulatory chemical stimulates gastric gland and motility ?

1. secretin

2. histamin

3. CCK

4. Gastrin

Q.3. Identify the wound drainage shown below?

1. Serous

2. Sanguineous

3. Serosanguinous

4. Purulent

Correct answer- Serosanguinous

Q.4. Identify the image shown below ?

1. Miller abbott tube

2. Sengstaken blakemore tube

3. Salem sump tube

4. Ryles tube

Correct answer- Sengstaken blakemore tube

Q.5. The nurse reviews the results of a blood chemistry profile for a client who is experiencing late-stage salicylate poisoning and metabolic acidosis. Which serum study should the nurse review for data about the client’s acid-base balance?

1. Sodium

2. Potassium

3. Magnesium

4. Phosphorus

Correct answer- Potassium

Q.6. A client has just undergone an upper gastrointestinal (GI) series. Upon the client’s return to the unit, what primary health care provider’s prescriptions does the nurse expect to note as a part of routine post procedure care?

1. Bland diet

2. NPO status

3. Mild laxative

4. Decreased fluids

Correct answer- Mild laxative

Q.7.Identify the image shown below ?

1. Levin tube

2. Sengstaken blakemore tube

3. Ryles tube

4. Salem sump tube


Q.8. Iron absorption take place in?

1. Stomach

2. Duodenum

3. Ileum

4. Jejunum

Correct answer- Duodenum

Q.9. intrinsic factor secreted from:-

1. Oxyntic cell

2. Chief cell

3. Brunner cell

4. Pyloric cell

Correct answer- Oxyntic cell

Q.10. PH of stomach is ?

1. 3-4

2. 0.9-1.2

3. 4.5-6.5

4. 6.5-7.5

Correct answer- 0.9-1.2

Q.11. Absorption of vitamin B12 takes place in ?

1. Jejunum

2. Stomach

3. Ileum

4. Large intestines

Correct answer- Ileum

Q.12.Are small finger-like projections that greatly increase the surface area of the intestinal wall ?

1. Liver

2. Villi

3. Chyme

4. Illeum

Correct answer- Villi

Q.13.Saliva is produced by how many pairs of salivary glands that lubricate and dilute chewed food ?

1. 2

2. 3

3. 4

4. 5

Correct answer- 3

Q.14.The reabsorbed water and stores and eliminates undigested food in?

1. Stomach

2. Small intestine

3. Large intestine

4. Liver

Correct answer- Large intestine

Q.15. Parotid gland is open into ?

1. Wharton's duct

2. Rivinus duct

3. Stensen duct

4. Bartholin's duct

Correct answer-Stensen duct

Q.16. submandibular gland is open into ?

1. Wharton's duct

2. Rivinus duct

3. Stensen's duct

4. Bartholin's duct

Correct answer- Wharton's duct

Q.17. sublingual gland is open ?

1. Wharton's duct

2. Stensen's duct

3. Intestinal duct

4. Bartholin's duct

Q.18. saliva is secreting which of the enzymes?

1. HCL

2. Pepsinogen

3. Ptyline

4. Mucine

Correct answer- Ptyline

Q.19. where it is chemical digestion of food is completed in digestive system ?

1. Stomach

2. Small intestine

3. Large intestine

4. Liver

Correct answer- Small intestine

Q.20. Large gland of the human body ?

1. Pancreas

2. Liver

3. Thymus

4. Thyroid

Correct answer- Liver

Q.22. The erosion of mucosal layer of stomach is termed as:-

1. Duodenal ulcer

2. Gastric ulcer

3. Chron's disease

4. Diverticulitis

Correct answer- Gastric ulcer

Q.23. The corrective surgery for hirschsprung disease is :-

1. Pyloroplasty

2. Kasai procedure

3. Duhamel procedure

4. Pyeloplasty

Correct answer- Duhamel procedure

Q.24.The common site of occuring peptic ulcers in stomach is ?

1. Pyloric portion

2. Cardiac portion

3. Esophageal junction

4. Body of stomach

Correct answer- Pyloric portion

Q.25. Identify the procedure given below?

1. Esophagoscopy


3. Colonoscopy

4. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy

Correct answer- ERCP

Q.26. Invertogram is one of the diagnostic test in :-

1. Pyloric stenosis

2. Intussusception

3. Anorectal anomalies

4. Diverticulitis

Correct answer- Anorectal anomalies

Q.27. The main action of ranitidine in treating peptic ulcer is ?

1. Increase gastric motility

2. Neutralize gastric acidity

3. Inhibit gastric acid secretion

4. Increase histamine release

Correct answer- Inhibit gastric acid secretion

Q.28.The passage of bloody stools ,where the blood appears fresh and red to maroon in color is known as :-

1. Melena

2. Hematochezia

3. Hemorrhoids

4. Hematemesis

Correct answer- Hematochezia

Q.29. melena is black,tarry stool and typically indicates:-

1. Upper GI bleeding

2. Lower GI bleeding

3. Bleeding from hemorrhoids

4. Bleeding from anal fissures

Correct answer- Upper GI bleeding

Q.30. Fluid volume deficit is most likely associated with which of the following conditions ?

1. Pancreatitis

2. Congestive heart failure

3. Gastritis

4. Appendicitis

Correct answer- Pancreatitis

Q.31. One of the constituents of the ancreatic juice which is poured into the duodenum in humans is

1. trypsinogen

2. chymotrypsin

3. trypsin

4. enterokinase.

Correct answer- trypsinogen

Q.32. Carrier ions like Na + facilitate the absorption of substances like

1. amino acids and glucose

2. glucose and fatty acids

3. fatty acids and glycerol

4. fructose and some amino acids

Correct answer- amino acids and glucose

Q.33. Brunner’s glands are present in

1. stomach

2. oesophagus

3. ileum

4. duodenum.


Q.34. Identify the image shown below ?

1. Dangerous liver

2. Gangrenous intestine

3. Gangrenous ovary

4. Gangrenous spleen

Correct answer- Gangrenous intestine

Q.35.Identify the image shown below ?

1. Ruptured liver

2. Ruptured uterus

3. Ruptured spleen

4. Ruptured kidney

Correct answer- Ruptured spleen

Q.36. Identify the surgical procedure done for this image ?

1. Left hemicolectomy

2. Right hemicolectomy

3. Ileostomy

4. Transverse colostomy

Correct answer- Right hemicolectomy


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