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Fundamental of Nursing Question with answer

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1. the founder of modern nursing was

Mother Teresa

Florence nightingale's

Sushma Rani

Amrita cover


2. the international nurses day is celebrated on

6 June

18 August

12 May

31 December

Answer- C, Florence Nightingale was born on 12th July 18 20 Florence (Italy) and establish the landmark of modern nursing

3. one tablespoon is equal to

3 ml

5 ml

10 ml

15 ml

Answer-B- one teaspoon is equal to 5 ml but one tablespoon is equal to 15 ml

4. the most abundant Ion present in extracellular fluid in





Answer- A- sodium is a contain which is abundantly present in extracellular fluid while potassium ion is present in intracellular fluid in more concentration

5. the maximum dose for intramuscular injection should be


3 ml

4 ml

5 ml


6. A nurse is administering a medication through injection at 15 degree angle a junior nurse is observed her and understood that injection is given as

IM injection

subcutaneous injection

ID injection


Answer-C- IM injection given at 90 degree angle, 15 degree intradermal injection, 45 degree subcutaneous injection are given, Intraosseous 90 degree angle are given, intrathecal 90 degree angle are given

7. the action phase of nursing process is





Answer- C- Fourth phase of nursing process is implementation means whatever is planned in 3rd phase (planning) to meet the patient and need to taken into action In this phase

8. Which is not a task included in assessment stage of nursing process

set the goal

Data Collection

organising data

validating data

Answer-A- Short term and long term goals are determined in the Planning phase which comes after the diagnosis phase. in first phase of nursing process data are collected analysed and when did it all three come under assessment on the base of validated data nursing diagnosis is prepared

9. the international nurses day is celebrated on 12th may this day is important because the founder of modern nursing was



started nursing training program

help the wounded army man


10. A person serum potassium level is 2.2 ml land per litre, a doctor prescribe injection KCL intravenous the best way a nurse administered the medicine is



intravascular in Bolus

dose intravascular in infusion set

Answer-D- injection KCL never to be given by subcutaneous or IM injection route it should be given through IV route in dalit form very slowly so given infusion set

11. Nurse is preparing regular and nph insulin for a diabetic patient the best method to given both kind of insulin is

use separate since for both

draw nph insulin fast and then regular in a syringe

draw regular fast and then nph in a syringe

both insulin should not given together

Answer-C- always remember r n regular and first then NPH

12. Which is not a true statement regarding parenteral nutrition

carbohydrate is in form of maltose

emulsified fat is a content of parenteral Nutrition

protein is in form of amino acid

nutrition administrator Venus route

Answer-A- Parenteral nutrition is administration of nutrients through a central or peripheral intravenous catheter, carbohydrate are given in the from dextrose, emulsified fat amino acid electrolytes Minerals and water is given in a combined form

13. The term chyluria is used for

Amber colour urine

milky white urine

khyme in urine

bile salt in urine


14. A person is on total parenteral nutrition which is not an action expected from a nursing officer caring for the person

monitoring blood glucose level in every shift

assess body weight regularly on some waiting machine

increase flow rate when 90% of parenteral Nutrition complete

provide left lateral position with feet elevated if air ambulance is suspected

Answer-C- flow of parenteral Nutrition should be decreased gradually when the feed is going to be emptied. abrupt discontinuation main causes hypoglycemia

15. The most correct statement about parenteral nutrition is

it should be administered within 24 hours after preparing

intravenous medication can be given along with parenteral nutrition

prepared nutrition can be stored at room temperature for 24 hours

abrupt discontinuation of parenteral Nutrition can causes hyperglycemia

Answer-A- Prepared nutrition should be given within 24 hours it preparation, it should be store in refrigerator and at less one hour before the use it should be carried out from refrigerator, IV medication should not be given along with parenteral nutrition

abrupt discontinuation of parenteral Nutrition main causes hyperglycemia

16. Which is not an Universal precaution used by nursing staff


hand washing

cough etiquettes



17. The main concept of pastoral care is to meet

physical need

psychological need

spiritual need

emotional need


18 which is not an isotonic solution

0. 9% NS

ringer lactate

dextrose 5%

DNS (5% dextrose with 0. 9% NS)


19. the pink colour Cannula is 20 gauge here gauge indicate the

colour code

length of cannula

diameter of needle

code of patient


20 an adult person admit in emergency ward with severe dehydration the most describable number of cannula insertion for patient is






21. the Drop factor for a micro drip set is






22. the purpose of emollient enema is

Soothening the mucosa

irritation the mucosa

sedate the person

To treat poisoning


23. The term crisis in regard to fever means

a) Maximum upper limit of fever

b) Sudden return of high temperature to the normal temperature

c) Extremely cooling of the body

d) Sudden increasing of normal temperature in to high grade fever


24. The pattern of fever in which body temperature of patient reaches to normal at regular interval is

a) Continuous fever

b) Remittent fever

c) Intermittent fever

d) Inverse fever


25. The dietary recommendation in fever is

a) High calorie, high liquid

b) Low calorie, high liquid

c) High calorie, low liquid

d) Low calorie, low liquid


26. Most reliable method of measuring bodytemperature is?

a. Elbow

b. Rectal

c. Axillary

d. Oral


Most reliable method for taking body temperature is the rectal method.

Most convenient or easy method - axillary

Least reliable method - axillary

Q27. Endoscopic catheters are sterilized by?

a. Boiling

b. Hot air oven

c. 2% glutaraldehyde

d . Autoclaving


Q27 Endoscopic catheters, endoscopes, cystoscopes are usually sterilized by 2% glutaraldehyde. Boiling, hot air ovens & autoclaving methods are not used forsterilization of endoscopes.

Q28. In children calculation of drug dose is done on the basis of?

a. Length

b. Height

c. Age

d. Weight

answer-D, Drug dose calculation for children is best done by considering the weight of the child.

Q29. What is the correct stage of a dying person?

a. Anger - depression- bargaining - denial - acceptance

b. Denial- depression- bargaining - anger - acceptance

c. Depression denial anger bargaining acceptance

d. Denial anger bargaining depression - Acceptance.

answer-D, acceptance This is the stage of Kubler Ross Model of grieving process.Trick for remembering-DABDA. D -Denial, A- Anger, B-Bargaining, D-Depression, A-Acceptance.

Q30. Which of the following types of bandage is used for collar bone fracture?

a. Figure of eight bandage


c. Spica cast

d. Capeline bandage


31. Knee-chest position is also known as?

a. Left lateral position

b. lithotomy position

c. Fowler's position

d. Genupectoral

Answer- D

32. While giving enema height of enema cane or stand from anus should be?

a. 25 cm

b. 15 cm

c. 45 cm

d. 25 cm


Height of container if enema is retained-12 inches or 30 cm Height of container if enema is cleansing- 18 inches or 45 cm.

Most common position for enema insertion- Sim's lateral position. Insert catheters 3 to 4 inches or 7.5-10 cm into the rectum in adults and 1 to 1.5 inches or 2.5 to 3.5 cm in children or infants.

33. When performing tracheostomy suctioning, should I withdraw the catheter after applying intermittent suction for maximum?

a. 15 seconds

b. 10 seconds

c. 1-2 minute

d. 3-4 minute


34. Collapsing pulse is also known as?

a. Bounding pulse

b. Pulsus-alternans

c. Bigeminal pulse

d. Water- hammer pulse


35. The energy production value of 1 gm lipid is

a) 3.7 Kcal

b) 4 Kcal

c) 9 Kcal

d) 37 Kcal

Answer- c

(36) A nurse asked the nature of suppository to a first year. nursing student, the correct reply given by her is

a) It's liquid form of medicine

b) It's gaseous form used to insert in to anus

c) It's semi-solid medication to treat constipation

d) It's solid cone shaped medication


37. Enema given to a colitis patient to make relief from

pain is

a) Astringent enema

b) Purgative enema

C) Antispasmodic enema

d) Simple evacuated enema

Answer- A

38. The most common way of heat loss from human body

a) Conduction

b) Convection

c) Radiation

d) Evaporation


39. During CPR , chest should be compressed in a minute

a) 30 times

b) 60 times

c) 72 times

d) 100 times

Answer- D

40. A preterm baby is not wiped with dry cloth after birth & became hypothermic, the heat lost from body occurred through

a) Conduction

b) Convection

c) Radiation

d) Evaporation

Answer- D

41. . After insertion of NG tube, a nurse aspirate the contents & check the Ph of aspirated contents, the Ph that confirm that tube is in stomach is

a) 4

b) 7

c) 8

d) 10

Answer- A

42. Which is most appropriate specimen taken by a nurse for laboratory urinary investigation

a) Fore stream urine

b) Mid stream urine

c) Hind stream urine

d) First 100 ml urine


43. A doctor prescribe the carminative enema to a patient, a nurse should ask the patient for the presence of

a) Chronic diarrhea

b) Chronic flatulence

c) Chronic constipation

d) Worm infestation


44. Conduction is a mean of heat loss though

a) Direct contact

b) Circulating air

c) Radiation

d). Changes of fluid in to vapor


45. To catheterize a female patient, the most appropriate

position given to patient by a nursing officer is

a) Horizontal recumbent

b) Dorsal recumbent

c) Left lateral position

d) Sim's position


46. In hospitals mercury thermometer is replaced by

a) Lotion thermometer

b) Digital thermometer

c) Battery thermometer

d) Monitor thermometer


47. While performing CPR which artery should be assessed

for pulsation

a) cephalic artery

b) temporal artery

c) brachial artery

d) carotid artery


48. The most reliable method of taking body temperature

a) Oral

b) Rectal

c) Axillary

d) Nasal


49 . The investigation to assess sugar in urine is

a) Benedict's test

b) Cold test

c) Hot test

d) Rothera's test


(50) The fastigium stage of fever is

a) Maximum constant fever

b) Sudden rising fever

c) Returning to normal

d) Abrupt changes between high & low

Q.3 Following item discarded in which colour BMW Bin ?


Correct answer

Q.4. Identify and use of this device is ?

BT SET for infusing blood
TPN Cannula for TPN
Burettes set for pediatric setting
PMO line for infusion

Correct answer
Burettes set for pediatric setting

Q.2. Following vial used for collect sample for blood glucose and lactate, it contain ?

Sodium chloride
Sodium fluoride

Q.2. Following vial used for collect sample for Coronavirus, it contain ?

Virus Transport Medium
Sodium chloride
Sodium fluoride

Q.1.Identify the image shown below ?

X Ray machine
ABG Machine
Blood warmer
fogging device
Q.1.Identify the image shown below ?

X Ray machine
ABG Machine
Blood warmer
Cardio marker machine
Q.1.Identify the image shown below ?

Oxygen Concentrator
ABG Machine
Blood warmer
Cardio marker machine


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