ignou post basic bsc nursing entrance exam paper 2012

 ignou post basic bsc nursing entrance exam 2012

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Q.1 निम्न में से बड़ी आंत (Large intestine) की लम्बाई (Length)' कितनी होती है

(a) 2 Feet

(b) 5 Feet

(c) 3 Feet

(d) 4 Feet

Correct answer - B

Q.2 Deoxygenated blood from the body via superior and inferior vena cava is received in

(a) Left atrium

(b) Right ventricle

(c) Right atrium

(d) Left ventricle

Correct answer - C

Q.3 निम्न में से Urinary bladder' की 'Total capacity'

कितनी होती है

(a) 0.5 Litre

(b) 1 Litre

(c) 1.5 Litre

(d) 2 Litre

Correct answer - B

Q.4 The organ which is located in the pleural cavity of the thorax is

(a) Liver

(b) Heart

(c) Lungs

(d) Kidneys

Correct answer - C

Q.5 The cylindrical part of the nervous system located within the vertebral canal is called

(a) Cerebellum

(b) Corpus callosum

(c) Medulla oblongata

(d) Spinal cord

Correct answer - D

Q.6 किसी समुदाय (Community) का सबसे Most significant “Health status indicator” निम्न में से

कौन सा होता है

(a) Life expectancy at birth

(b) Disability prevalence

(c) Resources available

(d) Psychosocial development of children

Correct answer - A

Q..7 Values and beliefs of the people in society can be altered through

(a) Social change

(b) Social adaptation

(c) Sociological process

(d) Developmental change

Correct answer - A

Q.8 निम्न में से Human beings में व्यक्तिगत विभिन्नता(Individual differences)' मुख्यतः किस कारण होती है

(a) Hereditary and Education

(b) Hereditary and Self

(c) Environment and Hereditary

(d) Self and education

Correct answer - C

Q.9 Time required for autoclaving at 15lbs per square inch pressure and 121°C temperature is

(a) 10 minutes

(b) 30 minutes

(c) 20 minutes

(d) 25 minutes

Correct answer - C

Q.10 निम्न में से'Psychosexual development theory' किसके द्वारा प्रस्तुत की गयी थी

(a) Jean piaget

(b) Sigmund freud

(c) L.Kohlberg

(d) K.Lawrence

Correct answer - B

Q.11 Injecting of an antigen, antiserum or antitoxin into an individual to produce immunity to a

specific disease is called

(a) Inoculation

(b) Concurrent infection

(c) Susceptibility

(d) Carrier control

Correct answer - A

Q.12 When an individual comes in contact with an infected person and is isolated for the duration of incubation period, it is referred as

(a) Contact isolation

(b) Medical isolation

(c) Quarantine

(d) Detention

Correct answer - C

Q.13 निम्न में से "A condition of being free from pathogenic organisms or infection” को किस "Term' से व्यक्त किया जाता है

(a) Asepsis

(b) Antisepsis

(c) Pathogenesis

(d) Disinfection

Correct answer - A

Q.14 The internal drive or externally arising stimulus which leads to action or thought is called

(a) Emotion

(b) Motivation

(c) Motive

(d) Anxiety

Correct answer - B

Q.15 जब किसी व्यक्ति (Individual) मे 'Goal-directed activity' रूक (Blocked) जाती है तो इस Condition

को निम्न में से कोनसी 'Term से व्यक्त किया जाता है

(a) Hostility

(b) Frustration

(c) Aggression

(d) Assertiveness

Correct answer - B

Q.16 निम्न में से व्यवहार (Behaviour) का Development व ‘Modification किस कारण से होता है

(a) Maturation

(b) Conditioning

(c) Learning

(d) Thinking

Correct answer - C

Q.17 The condition when a rope may be perceived by person as a snake in the dark is referred as

(a) Suspicion

(b) Hallucination

(c) Illusions

(d) Delusion

Correct answer - C

Q.18 All of the following are "Changing role" of hospital, EXCEPT -

(a) Curative to preventive

(b) Inpatient to outpatient and home care

(c) Long term to short term care

(d) Primary health care to tertiary health care

Correct answer - D

Q.19 निम्न में से Nurse की कौन सी Responsibility नहीं होती है

(a) Assessment of nursing need

(b) Planning of nursing care

(c) Diagnosis of illness

(d) Implementing and evaluating nursing care

Correct answer - C

Q.20 When disease affect a large number of peo in a community at the same time and during same season then it is called

(a) Endemic

(b) Epidemic

(c) Prevalence

(d) Incidence

Correct answer - B

Q.21 निम्न में से"A progressive wave like movement that occurs involuntarily in the alimental,

canal" को कोनसी Term से व्यक्त किया जाता है

(a) Peristalsis

(b) Inflammatory response

(c) Colic response

(d) Regurgitation

Correct answer - A

Q.22 For routine client care the recommended duration for vigorous hand-washing undos

stream of water using soap is

(a) 10 Seconds

(b) 15 Seconds

(c) 30 Seconds

(d) 20 Seconds

Correct answer - A

Q.23 निम्न में से “Maslow's theory" के अनुसार Human beings की सबसे “Most basic needs" कौन सी होती है

(a) Safety and Security needs

(b) Love and Belongingness needs

(c) Physiological needs

(d) Self esteem needs

Correct answer - C

Q.24 As per the birth and death registration Act: 1969 by Govt of india, it is compulsory to registration all deaths within

(a) 10 days

(b) 7 days

(c) 5 days

(d) 3 days

Correct answer - B

Q.25 सामान्यतः: एक 'Helpless patient' को Bed से. Stretcher में Transfer करने के लिए निम्न में से कितने |

"Nursing personnel की आवश्यकता होती है

(a) 2

(5) 4

(c) 3

(d) 5

Correct answer - C

Q.26 Providing nursing care for all types of health needs is called

(a) Comprehensive care

(b) Integrated care

(c) Holistic care

(d) Evidenced based care

Correct answer - A

Q.27 निम्न में से “Glasgow coma scaling के दौरान कौनसी Findings का Assessment नहीं किया जाता है (a) Opening of eyes

(b) Verbal responses

(c) Motor response

(d) All sensory response

Correct answer - D

Q.28 From a vial containing 500 mg of injection augmentin dissolved in 5 ml, to give 150 mg

will withdraw

(a) 0.5 ml

(b) 1.5 ml

(c) 1.7 ml

(d) 1.8 ml

Correct answer - B

Q.29 सामान्यता: 'Blood Donation' के लिए Donor में “Haemoglobin level' निम्न में से कितने से Above होना चाहिए

(a) 10 gm%

(b) 11 gm%

(c) 12 gm%

(d) 13 gm%

Correct answer - C

Q.30 To produce more frequent bowel movements which of the following is administered

(a) Purgatives

(b) Laxatives

(c) Cathartics

(d) Carminatives

Correct answer - A

Q.31 All of the following are types of fractures EXCEPT -

(a) Simple Fracture

(b) Impacted Fracture

(c) Lacerated Fracture

(d) Complicated Fracture

Correct answer - C

Q.32 All of the following are indications for local cold application EXCEPT -

(a) Sprain and fractures

(b) Localized haemorrhage

(c) Muscle spasm

(d) Retention of urine

Correct answer - D

Q.33 निम्न में से “Inflammation of the Urinary bladder" कोनसी Term' से व्यक्त किया जाता है

(a) Sepsis

(b) Urethritis

(c) Bladder sepsis

(d) Cystitis

Correct answer - D

Q.34 Following condition is one of the indication for vaginal douche -

(a) Postpartum period

(b) Pregnancy

(c) Vaginal haemorrhage

(d) Foul smelling vaginal discharge

Correct answer - D

Q.35 All of the following are the causes for cardiac arrest associated with surgery, EXCEPT - (a) Hypotension

(b) CO, retention

(c) Pulmonary embolism

(d) Acute myocardial infarction

Correct answer - C

Q.36 निम्न में से कौनसी Disease condition में 'Hot water bag application" को Contraindicated माना जाता है

(a) Dysmenorrhoea

(b) Appendicitis

(c) Muscular pain

(d) Hypothermia

Correct answer - B

Q.37 All of the following are principles followed by a nurse in surgical asepsis, EXCEPT -

(a) Always face the sterile field

(b) Keep sterile equipment above your waist

(c) Prevent excessive air currents around

(d) Discard the used articles in kidney tray kept on the trolley

Correct answer - D

Q.38 निम्न में से“Inflammation of mucous membrane of the mouth” को कौन सी 'Term' से व्यक्त किया

जाता है

(a) Stomatitis

(b) Gingivitis

(c) Halitosis

(d) Cheilosis

Correct answer - A

Q.39 A facility that provide palliative and supportive care for terminally ill patient and their


(a) Hospice care

(b) Hospitality care

(c) Terminal care

(d) Convalescent care

Correct answer - A

Q.40 One of the stages of grief reaction is -

(a) Realization

(b) Sensitization

(c) Idealization

(d) Compromising

Correct answer - C

Q.41 All of the following are major areas of nursing intervention for prevention of pressure sore,


(a) Back care

(b) Use of overbed cradle

(c) Frequent positioning

(d) Use of therapeutic bed and mattress

Correct answer - B

Q.42 एक Patient, एक Nurse Feeling of fullness, Discomfort, Nausea, Anorexia and it Complaint करता है। Nurse के अनुसार इस Patient में निम्न में से कौनसी 'Disease condition' उपस्थित है

(a) Satiated

(b) Dyspepsia

(c) Dysphagia

(d) Milana

Correct answer - A

Q.43 The first step followed for any health programme in community is

(a) Establishment of priorities

(b) To define objectives for action

(c) Community diagnosis

(d) Establishment of plan of action

Correct answer - C

Q.44 A low birth weight baby is the baby whose birth weight is less than

(a) 1.0 kg

(b) 1.5 kg

(c) 2.0 kg

(d) 2.5 kg

Correct answer - D

Q.45 A measurement of the number of new cases of a disease occurring in a population during a given period of time is called

(a) Epidemic

(b) Pandemic

(c) Incidence

(d) Prevalence

Correct answer - C

Q.46 निम्न में से कौनसा 'Health' के 'Dimensional' का प्रकार नहीं होता है

(a) Physical

(b) Spiritual

(c) Mental

(d) Environment

Correct answer - D

Q.47 Regular collection of data and its analysis which have a direct impact on the health of

nation is called

(a) Surveillance

(b) National family health survey

(c) Health survey

(d) Screening

Correct answer - A

Q.48 किसी समुदाय (Community) में Disease Distribution seren के अध्ययन को निम्न में से कहा जाता है

(a) Pathophysiology

(b) Oncology

(c) Epidemiology

(d) Sociology

Correct answer - C

Q.49 Community health nurse needs to explore population characteristics which include all

the following, EXCEPT -

(a) Resources

(b) Size

(C) Density

(d) Vital events

Correct answer - A

Q.50 निम्न में से Community health planning and Process की First step कौनसी होती है

(a) Setting goals and objectives

(b) Analysing health needs

(c) Establishing priority

(d) Formulating community health action plan

Correct answer - B

Q.51 Following are most common methods used for evaluation of care given to familc EXCEPT

(a) Direct observation

(b) Questioning

(c) Health indices

(d) Record review

Correct answer - C

Q.52 The epidemiological triad means interactive of

(a) Agent, host and microorganism

. (b) Agent, host and environment

(c) Host, environment and society

(d) Agent, environment and food

Correct answer - B

Q.53 सामान्यता: 'Health survey' के दौरान Data collection के लिए निम्न में से कौनसे 'Method' का Use नहीं किया जाता है

(a) Questioning

(b) Health examination and lab investigation

(c) Screening

(d) Observation

Correct answer - C

Q.54 Measuring the occurrence of particular event in a population during given period of time

(a) Proportion

(b) Ratio

(c) Rate

(d) Frequency.

Correct answer - C

Q.55 निम्न में से बड़ी मात्रा (Large scale) मे पानी के 'Purification process' की 'First step' कौनसी होती है

(a) Storage

(b) Filtration

(c) Disinfection

(d) Boiling

Correct answer - A

Q.56 निम्न में से 'Birth spacing' के लिए कौनसे 'Physical barrier method' का Use नहीं किया जाता है

(a) Diaphragm

(b) Vaginal sponge

(c) Cu-T (Copper-T)

(d) Nirodh

Correct answer - C

Q.57 The Newborn baby may go into hypothermia within "one hour" of birth with temperature

falling below

(a) 36.5°C

(b) 37°C

(c) 37.6°F

(d) 36.8°C

Correct answer - A

Q.58 निम्न में से ऐसा Person, जिसमें Disease के कोई Signs & Symptoms परिलक्षित नही हो रहे है लेकिन वह Other persons को Infected कर सकते है, को किस Category में रखा जाता है

(a) Agent

(b) Carrier

(c) Host

(d) Susceptible

Correct answer - B

Q.59 All of the following are measures which help in identification of population of risk in a

community, EXCEPT -

(a) Health survey

(b) Monitoring

(c) Screening

(d) Evaluation

Correct answer - D

Q.60 निम्न में से “Brief overview of the content of a research thesis" को कौनसी Term' से व्यक्त किया जाता है

(a) Paper

(b) Concept paper

(c) Summary

(d) Abstract

Correct answer - D

Q.61 Subset of population which represents the entire population -

(a) Sample

(b) Cluster

(C) Subject

(d) Cases

Correct answer - A

Q.62 The sign of circle in family genogram indicate

(a) Male

(b) Female

(c) Child

(d) Grandparents

Correct answer - B

Q.63 निम्न में से Fallopian tube' का 'Main function' क्या होता है

(a) Secretion of estrogen and progesterone

(b) Helps in fetus development

(c) Act as a passageway for the fetus

(d) Mobility of fertilized ovum

Correct answer - D

Q.64 Small scale version of the main research study which is conducted as a trial run

(a) Mode exercise

(b) Pilot study

(c) Validating the study

(d) Analytical study

Correct answer - B

Q.65 निम्न में से 'Fetoscope' की सहायता से 'Fetal heart rate' कब से सुनी जा सकती है

(a) 16 Weeks of gestation

(b) 18 Weeks of gestation

(c) 20 Weeks of gestation

(d) 24 Weeks of gestation

Correct answer - B

Q.66 Following are most common indices of the central tendency, EXCEPT -

(a) Mean

(b) Correlation

(c) Mode

(d) Median

Correct answer - B

Q.67 निम्न में से 'Placenta' का 'Main function' क्या होता है

(a) Prevent antibodies and virus from passing to the fetus

(b) Cushion and protection

(c) Provide an exchange of nutrients from mother

(d) Maintain body temperature

Correct answer - C

Q.68 The data collected for establishing relationship between cause and effect is


(a) Experimental study

(b) Survey

(c) Historical study

(d) Ex-post-facto study

Correct answer - A

Q.69 To answer the questions by scientific approach and data collection is termed as

(a) Problem solving

(b) Research

(c) Decision making

(d) Activity analysis

Correct answer - B

Q.70 एक Nurse, एक Mother की Labour की Second stage में Monitoring कर रही है। Nurse केअनुसार Labour की IInd stage में निम्न में से कौनसी Clinical findings' की Monitoring की आवश्यकता नहीं होती है

(a) Uterine contraction

(b) Descending of presenting part

(c) Maternal comfort

(d) Fetal condition

Correct answer - C

Q.71 एक Pregnant women के द्वारा उसका Last menstrual period 21 First day 26 Jan 2012

बताया गया है। Nurse के अनुसार इस Pregnant woman की EDD क्या होगी

(a) 2nd May 2013

(b) 19th April 2013

(c) 3rd May 2013

(d) 30th April 2013

Correct answer - A

Q.72 Which of the following indicates an abnormal physical findings for further testing during

second trimester of pregnancy

(a) Consistent increase in fundal height

(b) Fetal heart rate-180 beats/minute

(c) Braxton hicks contraction

(d) Quickening

Correct answer - B

Q.73 All the following are possible outcome of ectopic pregnancy, EXCEPT -

(a) Tubal abortion

(b) Uterine mole

(c) Rupture of tubal pregnancy

(d) Tubal mole

Correct answer - B

Q.74 The positive sign for beginning of the second stage of labour is

(a) Expulsion of clear vaginal fluid

(b) Contractions are regular

(c) Ruptured membrane

(d) Cervix is fully dilated

Correct answer - D

Q.75 एक Nurse, एक Third trimester वाली Pregnancy woman को Routine examination के दौर Instructions दे रही है। इस Pregnant woman में, 'Fetal blood circulation' को Effective बनाने के

लिए Nurse, उस महिला को निम्न में से कौनसी 'Position' में लेटने के लिए Advice देगी

(a) Supine position

(b) Left lateral position

(c) Right lateral position

(d) Foot and raised position

Correct answer - B

Q.76 Lengthening of umbilical cord and spurt or blood from the vagina indicates

(a) Haematoma

(b) Placenta previa

(c) Placental separation

(d) Uterine atony

Correct answer - C

Q.77 निम्न में से 'Placenta previa' से सम्बन्धित Compilation/Risk factor कौन सा होता है

(a) Disseminated intravascular coagulation

(b) Chronic hypertension

(c) APH

(d) Infection

Correct answer - C

Q.78 Short, Irregular and Weak uterine contraction during active stage of labour indicates

(a) Hypotonic dystocia

(b) Hypertonic dystocia

(c) Precipitated dystocia

(d) Obstructed dystocia

Correct answer - A

Q..79 Most of the goals of the nurse-patient relationship can be achieved during Ins.

(a) Orientation phase

(b) Trusting phase

(c) Termination phase

(d) Working phase

Correct answer - D

Q..80 एक Patient जो कि Anxiety के 'Panic from' से ग्रस्त है, मेंNurse के अनुसार निम्न में से कौनसी Clinical findings (Signs & symptoms) प्राप्त हो सकती हैं

(a) Being not clear and talk with action

(b) Have increased activity

(c) Demands help

(d) Tense all the time

Correct answer - D

Q.81 Type of defence mechanism interpreted by calm and quite behaviour of a client after any


(a) Projection

(b) Rationalization

(c) Intellectualization

(d) Denial

Correct answer - D

Q.82 किसी Patient को उसके 'Bed No.'के बजाय 'Name' से पुकारने (Address) पर निम्न में से किसमें सहायता मिलती है

(a) Developing trusting relationship

(b) Improving self esteem of patient

(c) Socializing with patient

(d) Improving communication

Correct answer - B

Q.83 Which measure might the nurse use to assess a patient's risk for developing a pressure


(a) Braden scale

(b) Katz index

(c) Glasgow coma scale

(d) Barthel index

Correct answer - A

Q.84 The first form of depression on the continuum from normal to pathogenic depression is

(a) Grief

(b) Mourning

(c) Sadness

(d) Melencholia

Correct answer - D

Q.85 निम्न में से कौनसा Disorder, Neurotic disorder में नहीं आता/होता है

(a) Schizophrenia

(b) Anxiety

(c) OCD

(d) Exogenous depression

Correct answer - A

Q.86 When an individual blames others for his own mistakes, it is called as

(a) Projection

(b) Rejection

(c) Aggression

(d) Repression

Correct answer - A

Q.87 निम्न में से 'Major developmental Disorder कौन सा है

(a) Avoidant disease

(b) Mental retardation

(c) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

(d) Disruptive behaviour disorder

Correct answer - B

Q.88 To facilitate breathing of the patient following position may be given

(a) Fowler's position

(b) Recumbent position

(c) Raising of foot end

(d) Supine position

Correct answer - A

Q .89 निम्न में से "Frequent repetition of sounds syllables or words by patient" को कौनसी TERM द्वारा व्यक्त किया जाता हैं

(a) Repetitious

. (b) Echolalia

(c) Stuttering

(d) Stammering

Correct answer - C

Q.90 The most common degenerative changes occurring old age is called -

(a) Senile dementia

(b) Amnesia

(c) Korsakoff dementia

(d) Paramnesia

Correct answer - A

Q.91 All of the following are mental health concerns for elderly clients, EXCEPT -

(a) Isolation

(b) Grief

(c) Depression

(d) Aggression

Correct answer - D

Q.92 The capacity of an individual to act purposefully and deal effectively with his/her

environment is called

(a) Adaptation

(b) Intelligence

(c) Cognitive development

(d) Skilled behaviour

Correct answer - B

Q.93 निम्न में से कितनी आयु पर (Age) “Newborn infant” का “Birth weight, दोगुना (Double)" हो जाता हैं

(a) 10 months

(b) 9 months

(c) 6 months

(d) 12 months

Correct answer - C

Q .94 The Nurse helps the client to take his/her own decision for particular problem by

(a) Motivation

(b) Counselling

(c) Advocacy

(d) Reinforcing

Correct answer - B

Q.95 निम्न में से Newborn infants में “Anterior fontanelle" लगभग कितनी Age पर Closed होते है

(a) 10-12 months.

(b) 12-14 months

(c) 12-18 months

(d) 10-16 months

Correct answer - C

Q.96 Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended upto the age of

(a) 9 months

(b) 4 months

(c) 6 months

(d) 8 months

Correct answer - C

Q.97 Following are immediate essential care to be provided to all the infants, EXCEPT -

(a) Provide warmth

(b) Breastfeeding

(c) Immunization

(d) Prevention of infection

Correct answer - C

Q.98 एक Nurse, एक Infant जो कि 'Jaundice' से ग्रस्त है, की 'Phototherapy' के दौरान Nursing care कर रही है , Nurse के अनुसार इस infant में निम्न में से कौनसे Nursing intervention की आवश्यकता नहीं हैं

(a) Covering the genital area

(b) Covering the eyes

(c) Blood sampling every 6 hourly for bilirubin test

(d) Breast feed every 2 hourly

Correct answer - C

Q.99 Following is the nursing action for assessment of the major sign associated with


(a) Tests the urine for protein

(b) Takes the apical pulse

(c) Palpates the anterior fontanel

(d) Takes blood pressure

Correct answer - C

Q.100 एक Nurse, एक Patient जिसके Just अभी 'Tonsillectomy' का Procedure हुआ है, की Nursing care कर रही है। Nurse के अनुसार इस Patient के लिए निम्न में से सबसे Most appropriate position कौनसी हैं

(a) Supine position

(b) Trendelenburg's position

(c) Side lying position

(d) High fowler's position

Correct answer - C

Q.101 एक Nurse, एक "Asthma" से ग्रस्त Child की Nursing care कर रही है। Nurse के अनुसार निम्न में

से कौनसी Clinical findings के द्वारा यह पता चलता है की Child की Condition और ज्यादा खराब (Worsening) हो रही है -

(a) Increased wheezing

(b) Warm, dry skin

(c) Pulse rate-90 beats/min

(d) Decreased wheezing

Correct answer - A

Q.102 To prevent 'Sudden infant death syndrome,' nurse advises the mother that infant should

placed on his/her

(a) Back

(b) Side

(c) Stomach with the face turned

(d) Prone

Correct answer - A

Q. 103 निम्न में से Mantoux testing के दौरान 'Area of induration' कितना होने पर Positive माना जाता है

(a) 8 mm

(b) 10 mm

(c) 15 mm

(d) 6 mm

Correct answer - B

Q.104 Early sign of congestive heart failure in child with congenital heart disease

(a) Cough

(b) Tachycardia

(c) Slow and shallow breathing

(d) Pallor

Correct answer - B

Q.105 एक 3 साल 'Persistent vomiting' की Complaint के साथ Hospital में Admit हुआ है। Nurse को इस बच्चे में निम्न में से कौनसी Clinical findings का Assessment आवश्यक रूप से करना चाहिए

(a) Diarrhea

(b) Metabolic acidosis

(c) Metabolic alkalosis

(d) Cholera

Correct answer - C

Q.106 The symptom of moderate dehydration in a child is

(a) Flat fontanels

(b) Moist mucous membranes

(c) Pale skin colour

(d) Oliguria

Correct answer - D

Q.107 निम्न में से 'Glomerulonephritis' के Diagnosis वाले बच्चे में कौनसी Important clinical findings'

आवश्यक रूप से पायी जाती है

(a) Low blood urea nitrogen

(b) Hypotension

(c) Low urinary specific gravity

(d) Red brown urine

Correct answer - D

Q.108 The fluid replacement for burn patient can be evaluated after 48 hrs by

(a) Weight

(b) Urine specific gravity

(c) Urine output

(d) Peripheral perfusion

Correct answer - C

Q.109 The type of learning results in formation of an attitudes in individual

(a) Ideational

(b) Skill

(c) Emotional

(d) Cognitive

Correct answer - C

Q.110 निम्न में से कौनसे 'Teaching learning method' का उपयोग Nursing students के लिए Clinical

teaching में नहीं किया जाता है

(a) The nursing care plan

(b) Group conference

(c) Demonstration

(d) Bed side clinic

Correct answer - A

Q.111 Which symptom should the nurse interpret as requiring a check for endometrial cancer? (a) Intermittent amenorrhea

(b) Patient sexual intercourse

(c) Persistent leukorrhea

(d) Post-menopausal bleeding

Correct answer - D

Q .112 निम्न में से "Scientific study of all the facts about a job" को कौनसी "Term' द्वारा व्यक्त किया जाता है

(a) Job specification

(b) Job screening

(c) Job analysis

(d) Job evaluation

Correct answer - C

Q.113 Skills to nursing students can be best taught by

(a) Group discussion

(b) Demonstration

(c) Project method

(d) Workshop

Correct answer - B

Q.114 निम्न में से "Detailed list of all materials, their specification and quantity" को कौनसी 'Term के द्वारा व्यक्त किया जाता है

(a) Stock list

(b) Inventory

(c) Stocking

(d) Demand estimation

Correct answer - B

Q.115 Systematic approach of selecting, training, and retraining of professional

personnel in any organization is termed as

(a) Recruitment

(b) Staffing

(c) Personnel management

(d) Personnel administration

Correct answer - C

Q.116 All of the following are methods of patients assignments for the nursing care in hospital,


(a) Case method

(b) Team method

(c) Primary care

(d) Progressive care

Correct answer - D

Q.117 The systematic process of altering the behaviour of employees in a direction to improve organizational goal is through

(a) Motivation

(b) Institutional learning

(c) Training

(d) Re-orientation

Correct answer - C

Q.118 निम्न में से कौनसे 'Criteria' के द्वारा किसी Nursing personnel के द्वारा किये गये 'Work' की Quality

का Measurement किया जाता है -

(a) Audit

(b) Norm

(c) Standard

(d) Evaluation

Correct answer - C

Q.119 निम्न में से"Official examination of nursing records for the purpose of evaluation of nursing care given to patient" को कौनसी "Term' द्वारा व्यक्त किया जाता है

(a) Nursing service audit

(b) Nursing rounds

(c) Care evaluation

(d) Observation of care

Correct answer - A

Q.120 The first function of administration and management to full fill the purpose for which

organization is established is known, as

(a) Staffing

(b) Budgeting

(c) Planning

(d) Organizing

Correct answer - C

Nursing Officer

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