Safdarjung Nursing Officer paper By AIIMS Delhi

VMMC-Safdarjung Hospital Nursing Officer Exam Paper 28/02/2019 By AIIMS Delhi

[Memory Based Question Paper)

1. Name of the Line on Procedure?

Answer- tuffier line

2. Size of this cannula?

Ans. 16 Number

3. The Yellow Line is called?

Ans- Secondary Areola

4.Presentation in the given image?

Ans- Brow Presentation

5. Name of this grip?

Ans- Pelvic Grip

6. Name of area of Brain? 

Ans- Hearing Area

7. Use of this object in infants?

Ans- To provide Oxygen

8. Name of Plane?

Ans- Sagittal Plane

26. Which pelvis is Ideal female pelvis?

Ans- A.

9. Type of Fracture given in image?

Ans- Comminuted fracture

10. Hegar Sign

11. using this BP cuff in a child than blood pressure will? 

Ans- Low blood pressure

12. Name of position?

Ans- high fowler's position

13. Laryngeal Mask Airway

14. Name of position?

Ans.Reverse Trendelenburg position

Q.57 What will be the ratio of PRBC, Platelets and FFP for massive blood transfusion?

A. 1:1:1

B. 2:1:2

C. 1:2:1

D. 2:2:1

Answer - A

15. location of appendicitis Pain? 

Ans- B

16. Organ found here in image? 

Ans- Stomach

17. Non Rebreather Mask 

18. Incubator. 

19. Flow rate of this mask? 


Ans- 4 liter per minute

20. Finger Touching which fontanelle?

Ans- anterior fontanelle

21. Name of this article? 

Ans- cord cutting scissor

22. uterine Sound 

23. This condition is called?


24. Caput succedaneum

25. infantometer. 

27. Use of this instrument?

Ans.- To hold cervix

29. Name of Procedure?

Ans- Amniocentesis

30. Name of this Fossa?

Ans- Popliteal fossa

31. galeazzi sign 

32. Ovum Forceps

33. V-P Shunt Used in treatment of Hydrocephalus.

34. Femoral Pulse. 

40. Icebergs- Clinical Case.

Q.36 Which cannula is used for IV therapy in children ?


B. Green

C. Pink.

D. Purple.

Right Answered : A

Q.38 Android app BHIM, which is developed by the government of India is A?

A. Browser

B. Digital Payment app

C. Social networking

D. Mobile banking

Right Answered : B

Q.39 Which position is given in cord prolapse?

A. Trendelenburg.

B. Side lying position.

C. Supine.

D. Reverse Trendelenburg

Right Answered :A

Q.40 Inner lining of esophagus is lined with which epithelium?

A. Non-keratinized.

B. Squamous

C. Columnar.

D. Stratified Squamous epithelium

Right Answered : D

Q.41 BCG vaccine can be given up to which age group?

A. One year

B. 4 year

C. 6. Year

D. 10 year

Right Answered : A

Q.42 Which solution is used for cleaning blood on the floor of the Operation theatre?

A. Chlorine

B. Sodium hydrochloride

C. Phenol

D. Fumigation

Right Answered : B

Q.43 Doctor prescribes 1.5 gm cefuroxime to a patient, 1 vial contains lgm, the nurse dissolves in 10cc each, how much milk does the nurse give to the patient?

A. 10ml

B. 15 ml

C. 20ml

D. 8ml

Right Answered : B

Q.44 Patient arrived at emergency after road accident, pulse rate is 127 blood pressure is 90/56 with cold extremities, which type of shock may occur?

A. Neurogenic shock

B. Hypovolemic

C. Spinal shock

D. Cardiogenic shock

Right Answered : B

Q.45 Which drug is not given by subcutaneous route?

A. Insulin


C. Tuberculin

D. Erythropoietin

Right Answered : C

Q.46 If adult BP cuff is used in infants then what will be the chances in Readings

A. Higher Reading

B. Lower Reading

C. Normal Reading

D. No changes

Right Answered :B

Q.47 Duke's major and minor symptom criteria are used for diagnosis of which disease?

A. Rheumatic heart disease

B. Infective Endocarditis

C. Meningitis

D. Alzheimer's disease

Right Answered : B

Q.48 Which clinical finding may be seen after TURP?

A. Hematuria

B. Pyuria

C. Oliguria

D. Anuria

Right Answered : a

Q.49 Hormone renin is secreted by which organ?

A. liver

B. DCT of kidney

C. Juxtaglomerular

D. Lungs

Right Answered : B

Q.50 If the menstruation cycle is 25 to 30 day long then what will be the safe period?

A. 10 to 15 days

B. 1 to 7 days

C. 11 to 15 days

D. 13 to 20 days

Right Answered :B

Q.51 LMP is 12 Oct 2018 then what will Expected date of delivery?

A. 12 June 2018

B. 21 May 2019

C. 19 July 2019

D. 15 Oct 2019

Right Answered : c

Q.52 Difference between graft and flap?

A. Graft have oven blood supply but flap not

B. Flap have oven blood supply but graft not

C. Graft include bone but flap not

D. Flap include bone but graft note

Right Answered : B

Q.53 A child inhales marble which is not visible and has complete airway obstruction, which intervention is used to remove airway obstruction?

A. Chest thrust & back blow

B. Jaw thrust maneuver

C. Insert finger to remove marble

D. Valsalva maneuver

Right Answered :A

Q.54 Shockable Rhythm are seen in?

A. Atrial tachycardia

B. Atrial fibrillation

C. Ventricular fibrillation

D. Ventricular tachycardia

Right Answered : C

Q.55 Nurse found a patient collapsed during ward round, which is initial Nursing intervention?

A. Start oxygen

B. Check pulse

C. Start CPR

D. Notify physician

Right Answered : B

Q.56 A patient in ICU tells the nurse someone is calling his name when he hears the ventilator's alarm beep, is this condition called?

A. Illusion

B. Delirium

C. Hallucination

D. Delusion

Right Answered : A

Q.58 Which condition is called massive blood transfusion?

A. More than one unit in 24 hours.

B. More than 2 units in 12 hours

C. More than 2 units in 24 hours

.D. More than 3 units in 48 hours.

Right Answered :A

Q.59 Which electrolyte imbalance may occur due to citrate in blood?

A. Hyperkalemia

B. Hyperkalemia.

C. Hypernatremia.

D. Hypocalcemia

. Right Answered :D

Q.60 Normal serum sodium level is

A. 135-145 mEq/L

B. 3.5-5.5 mEq/L

C. 8 to 10 mEq/L

D. 109-130 mEq/L

Right Answered :A

0.61 Destruction of the alveolar wall is known as?

A. Asthma

B. Emphysema

C. Pneumonia

D. Bronchitis

Right Answered :B

Q.62 Main reservoir of circulatory blood?

A. Arteries

B. Vein

C. Capillaries

D. Left ventricle

Right Answered :B

Q.63 If the birth rate of an area is 6000 of the same year and total population is 3lac then what will be the crude birth rate?

A. 20

B. 50

C. 200

D. 500

Right Answered :A

Q.64 Which condition may be seen in a patient if the ABG analysis report is following

pH- 7.25, Pco2- 60, Hco3- 27?

A. Respiratory alkalosis

B. Respiratory acidosis

C. Metabolic acidosis

D. Metabolic alkalosis

Right Answered : B

Q.65 Concave lens is used in?

A. Astigmatism

B. Hyperopia

C. Myopia

D. Presbyopia

Right Answered :C

Q.66 Which drug should be kept in ward when giving MGS04 to clients?

A. Protamine sulphate

B. Calcium gluconate

C. Naloxone

D. Sodium bicarbonate

Right Answered : B

Q.67 Hand rubbing time for Alcohol based hand washing?

A. 15 to 30 sec

B. 30 to 45 sec

C. 60 sec

D. 10 to 15 sec

Right Answered :A

Q.68 Insulin lispro is given to a diabetic patient

A. Before 15 min of meal


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