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Kerala psc junior public health nurse paper 2014

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Q.1 Test to determine the adequacy of chlorination of water

(a) Benedicts test

(b) Hays test

(c) Ortho-tolidine test

(d) Presumptive coliform test

Correct answer - C

kerala psc nursing tutor question paper 2015-

Q.2 निम्न में से Weils disease कl Causative organism कौनसा होता है

(a) Virus

(b) Bacteria

(c) Fungi

(d) Spirochaete

Correct answer - D

Q.3 The tenth five year plan started in the year

(a) 2000

(b) 2001

(c) 2002

(d) 2003

Correct answer - C

Q.4 Children aged 1 to 3 years should have their weight checked once in

(a) Three months

(b) Four months

(c) Five months

(d) Six months

Correct answer - A

Q.5 निम्न में से Cotton fibre dust Lung disease है

(a) Bagassosis

(b) Anthracosis

(c) Silicosis

(d) Byssinosis

Correct answer - D

Q.6 Health for all by 2000 was launched by world health assembly in

(a) 1974

(b) 1977

(c) 1980

(d) 1983

Correct answer - B

Q.7 निम्न में से (World Health Day) कौनसा होता है

(a) April 7th

(b) March 8th

(c) May 12th

(d) Nov 14th

Correct answer - A

Q.8 निम्न में से Good cholesterol कौनसा होता है

(a) LDL

(b) HDL

(c) VLDL

(d) TG

Correct answer - B

Q..9 Which is the vaccination given against tuberculosis?

(a) BCG

(b) DPT

(c) OPV

(d) HIB

Correct answer - A

Q.10 निम्न में से Swine flu का Causative organism कौनसा होता है

(a) HIV

(b) HBV

(c) Epstein barr virus

(d) H1N1

Correct answer - D

Q.11 One tablespoon equal to

(a) 20 ml

(b) 15 ml

(c) 10 ml

(d) 5 ml

Correct answer - B

Q.12 In fowlers position the patient is placed at an angle of

(a) 20° - 30°

(b) 350 - 45°

(c) 50° -60°

(d) 80° - 90°

Correct answer - B

Q..13 The Suffix itis means

(a) Pain

(b) Vomiting

(c) Inflammation

(d) Swelling

Correct answer - C

Q.14 The word Cardiac is related to
(a) Joint

(b) Heart

(c) Brain

(d) Tongue

Correct answer - B

Q..15 निम्न में से Bleeding from the nose Medical Term से जाना जाता है

(a) Epistaxis

(b) Epiphysis

(c) Epispadiasis

(d) Epicondyle

Correct answer - A

Q..16 Rice water stools is specific of

(a) Dysentery

(b) Rota virus diarrhoea

(c) Cholera

(d) Indigestion

Correct answer - C

Q.17 One Kilogram = ---------- pounds.

(a) 2.0

(b) 2.2

(c) 2.4

(d) 2.6

Correct answer - B

Q.18 निम्न में से Vitamin-A Deficiency के कारण कौनसी Disease condition से जाना जाता है

(a) Beri-Beri

(b) Rickets

(c) Night blindness

(d) Pellagra

Correct answer - C

Q.19 Which one is NOT a good source of vitamin - C?

(a) Tomato

(b) Orange

(c) Lemon

(d) Nuts

Correct answer - D

Q.20 Which of the following prevent absorption of iron?

(a) Tea

(b) Amla

(c) Guava

(d) Beans

Correct answer - A

Q.21 Which is NOT a source of iodine?

(a) Cereals

(b) Sea fish

(c) Cabbage

(d) Sea salt

Correct answer - C

Q.22 Weaning should be started by

(a) 2 - 3 months

(b) 5 - 6 months

(c) 10 - 12 months

(d) After 12 months

Correct answer - B

Q..23 निम्न में से Oral thrush का Causative organism कौनसा होता है

(a) Candida albicans

(b) Campylobacter jejuni

(c) Clostridium tetani

(d) Klebsiella

Correct answer - A

Q.24 Chromosomal abnormality in Downs syndrome

(a) Trisomy - 13

(b) Trisomy - 18

(c) Trisomy - 21

(d) 44 x 0

Correct answer - C

Q.25 How many cranial nerves originate within the


(a) 8

(b) 10

(c) 14

(d) 12

Correct answer - D

Q.26 Which one of the following is NOT a method of compositing?

(a) Aerobic

(b) Anaerobic

(c) Mechanical

(d) Controlled tipping

Correct answer - D

Q.27 निम्न में से Inflammation of stomach कौनसी Term है

(a) Glossitis

(b) Stomatitis

(c) Gastritis

(d) Enteritis

Correct answer - C

Q.28 Which one is NOT a physical method of sterilization?

(a) Boiling

(b) Lysol

(C) Autoclaving

(d) Radiation

Correct answer - B

Q.29 A drug that is given sublingually for heart attack

(a) Nitrofurantoin

(b) Nitro-glycerine

(c) Sodium nitroprusside

(d) Digoxin

Correct answer - B

Q.30 निम्न में से Worms का Infestation होने पर कौन सी Drug का Use किया जाता है

(a) Mebendazole

(b) Primaquine

(c) Lasix

(d) Clomiphene

Correct answer - A

Q.31 Instrument used to measure blood pressure is called

(a) Thermometer

(b) Fetoscope

(c) Fiber optic endoscope

(d) Sphygmomanometer

Correct answer - D

Q.32 Which vitamin is preserved during parboiling of rice

(a) Vitamin-B1

(b) Vitamin-D2

(c) Vitamin - A

(d) Vitamin - K

Correct answer - A

Q.33 निम्न में से Pain relieve के लिए कौनसी Drugs का Use किया जाता है

(a) Antipyretic Drugs

(b) Analgesic Drugs

(c) Antiemetic Drugs

(d) Antitussive Drugs

Correct answer - B

Q.34 Gout is the hereditary disease resulting from the defective metabolism of

(a) Pyruvic acid

(b) Carbonic acid

(c) Nitric acid

(d) Uric acid

Correct answer - D

Q.35 Child helpline number is

(a) 1890

(b) 1809

(c) 1098

(d) 1908

Correct answer - C

Q. 36 निम्न में से Normal saline में NaCl की कितनी Strength /Concentration होता है

. (a) 0.5%

(b) 0.9%

(c) 0.7%

(d) 1.1%

Correct answer - B

Q.37 निम्न में से एक Normal adult person में Normal blood pressure कितनl होता है

(a) 130/80 mmHg

(b) 120/90 mmHg

(c) 120/80 mmHg

(d) 110/90 mmHg

Correct answer - C

Q.38 The word Osteo is related to

(a) Cheek

(b) Bladder

(c) Blood

(d) Bone

Correct answer - D

Q.39 निम्न में से The stoppage of breathing को कौनसी Term है -

(a) Apnoea

(b) Gangrene

(c) Anorexia

(d) Asepsis

Correct answer - A

Q.40 First Stool of newborns is called

(a) Meconium

(b) Colostrum

(c) Red currant jelly stools

(d) Transitional stools

Correct answer - A

Q.41 निम्न में से Antitussive Drugs को किस लिए दिया जाता है

(a) To decrease gastric acids

(b) To relieve temperature

(c) To clot of blood

(d) To decrease cough

Correct answer - D

Q.42 Which is the following signs suggest that the circulation to the distal extremity is affected

after a bandage is applied to an extremity?

(a) Warm hands of legs

(b) Pink skin of the hands of legs

(c) Full range of motion of extremities

(d) Swollen or Congested limb

Correct answer - D

Q.43 निम्न में से Haemoglobin estimation कौनसे Test/method के द्वारा किया जाता है

(a) Snellen chart

(b) Sahli's method

(c) Rothera test

(d) Nitric acid test

Correct answer - B

Q.44 Shakir's tape is used to measure

(a) Height

(b) Mid Arm circumference

(c) Head circumference

(d) Weight

Correct answer - B

Q.45 In the hot test for urine sugar, the yellowish colour change represents

(a) 0.5%

(b) 0%

(c) 1.5%

(d) 1%

Correct answer - D

Q.46 निम्न में से कौनसी Disease का Transmission, Vector के द्वारा नहीं किया जाता है

(a) Measles

(b) Malaria

(c) Kala azar

(d) Filaria

Correct answer - A

Q.47 Lead chromate powder is used as an adulterant in

(a) Chilli powder

(b) Pepper powder

(c) Coffee powder

(d) Turmeric powder

Correct answer - D

Q.48 The temperature at which milk is kept holder method of pasteurisation is

(a) 63° - 66°C

(b) 67° - 69°C

(c) 70° - 72°C

(d) 125°C

Correct answer - A

Q..49निम्न में से IQ (Intelligence quotient) Measure करने वाला Formula कौनसा है

(a) (Mental age /Chronological age )x100

(b) (Chronological age /Mental age)x100

(c) (Mental age/Chronological age)+100

(d) (Chronological age/Mental age)+100

Correct answer - A

Q.50 The second dose of 2 lakhs international units of Vitamin - A is given at

(a) 12 Months

(b) 18 Months

(c) 24 Months

(d) 30 Months

Correct answer - B

Q.51 World health organisation came into being in

(a) 1946

(b) 1948

(c) 1950

(d) 1952

Correct answer - B

Q.52 EDD (Expected Date of Delivery) Formula

(a) LMP + 9 months - 7 days

(b) LMP + 9 months

(c) LMP + 9 months + 7 days

(d) LMP + 7 months + 9 days

Correct answer - C

Q.53 The number of foetal movements felt during day time of 12 hours in an antenatal mother

should be at least

(a) 4

(b) 7

(c) 10

(d) 13

Correct answer - C

Q.54 निम्न में से कौनसी Clinical findings के Assessment में Fetoscope Use किया जाता है

(a) Foetal heart rate

(b) Foetal length

(c) Foetal weight

(d) Foetal movements

Correct answer - A

Q.55 Rectal injection of a liquid for cleansing called

(a) Bowel wash

(b) Proctoscopy

(c) Sigmoidoscopy

(d) Enema

Correct answer - D

Q.56 In a pregnant mother, the fundus is at the level of umbilicus by

(a) 18 Weeks

(b) 20 Weeks

(c) 24 Weeks

(d) 28 Weeks

Correct answer - C

Q.57 Normal foetal heart

(a) 90-120 beats/min

(b) 120-160 beats/min

(c) 160-180 beats/min

(d) 180-200 beats/min

Correct answer - B

Q..58 The most common presentation of foetus is

(a) Vertex Presentation

(b) Brow Presentation

(c) Breech Presentation

(d) Shoulder Presentation

Correct answer - A

Q..59 The tetanus toxoids injection for a pregnant mother should be given at an interval of

(a) 3 Months

(b) 2 Months

(c) 1 Months

(d) 1 Week

Correct answer - C

Q.60 निम्न में से Antenatal- mother का Registration कब किया जाना चाहिए

(a) After the labour has started

(b) As soon as the pregnancy is detected

(c) At 6th months

(d) At 3rd months

Correct answer - B

Q..61 During 7 to 9 months of pregnancy, the antenatal mother should visit the clinic

(a) Monthly

(b) Twice a month

(c) Weekly

(d) Daily

Correct answer - B

Q.62 निम्न में से कौनसे Age Group के बच्चों को Toddler कहा जाता है

(a) 0-1 Years

(b) 1-3 Years

(c) 3-6 Years

(d) 6-12 Years

Correct answer - B

Q.63 Uncontrolled Diabetes mellitus in pregnant mother can lead to

(a) Large baby

(b) Small baby

(c) Normal baby

(d) Small headed and large bodied baby

Correct answer - A

Q.64 निम्न में से BMI (Body Mass Index) Formula है

(a) Kg/m

(b) Kg2/m

(c) Kg/m2

(d) Kg2/m2

Correct answer - C

Q.65 The head circumference of a normal newborn is approximately

(a) 30 cms

(b) 50 cms

(c) 40 cms

(d) 35 cms

Correct answer - D

Q.66 A baby will be able to Hold its head by

(a) 1 Months

(b) 3 Months

(c) 9 Months

(d) 11 Months

Correct answer - B

Q.67 निम्न में से Infantometer Instrument का Use Assessment finding में किया जाता है

(a) Mid ram circumference

(b) Head circumference

(c) Chest circumference

(d) Length

Correct answer - D

Q.68 Universal immunisation programme was launched in India in

(a) 1974

(b) 1978

(c) 1985

(d) 1999

Correct answer - C

Q.69 In national immunization schedule the measles vaccination is given at

(a) 14 Weeks

(b) 1 Year 6 month

(c) 4 Year 6 month

(d) 9 Months

Correct answer - D

Q..70 निम्न में से HIB vaccine कौनसी Disease condition के विरूद्ध (Against) लगाया जाता है

(a) Haemophilus influenzae

(b) Influenza virus

(c) Hepatitis - B virus

(d) Hepatitis - A virus

Correct answer - A

Q.71 Oral rehydration salt has ---- grams of sodium chloride.

(a) 3.5 grams

(b) 1.5 grams

(c) 2.9 grams

(d) 20 grams

Correct answer - A

Q.72 One ml = ----drops.

(a) 45

(b) 15

(c) 60

(d) 30

Correct answer - B

Q.73 The organ that is responsible for maintenance of blood sugar is

(a) Pancreas

(b) Heart

(c) Brain

(d) Lungs

Correct answer - A

Q.74 निम्न में से Human body में Longest bone कौनसी होती है

(a) Tibia

(b) Fibula

(c) Femur

(d) Humerus

Correct answer - C

Q.75 निम्न में से Removal procedure of uterus को Term कौनसी है

(a) Laparotomy

(b) Gastrectomy

(c) Cystectomy

(d) Hysterectomy

Correct answer - D

Q.76 The Disease that is transmitted by sand fly

(a) Plague

(b) Scabies

(c) Kala azar

(d) Filariasis

Correct answer - C

Q.77 Needle like structure that the mosquito uses to bite

(a) Proboscis

(b) Palpi

(c) Siphon tube

(d) Tail

Correct answer - A

Q.78 IUCD (Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device) का Example कौनसा है

(a) Mala - N.

(b) Mala - D

(c) DMPA

(d) Copper - T

Correct answer - D

Q.79 The Anti-tubercular drug that harms the auditory nerve

(a) Rifampicin

(b) Ethambutol

(c) Streptomycin

(d) Pyrazinamide

Correct answer - C

Q.80 निम्न में से Simon-binet test का Use कौनसी Assessment finding किया में जाता है.

(a) Motivation

(b) Intelligence

(c) Aptitude

(d) Attitude

Correct answer - B

Q.81 निम्न में से Ozone day कब Celebrate किया जाता ।

(a) 5th June

(b) 23rd March

(c) 16 September

(d) 14th November

Correct answer - C

Q.82 Sputum is best disposed by

(a) Burning

(b) Boiling

(c) 5% Cresol

(d) Any of the above

Correct answer - A

Q.83 Immunity conferred by an attack of small pox is for

(a) 10 Years

(b) 15 Years

(c) 20 Years

(d) Life long 2.

Correct answer - D

Q.84 निम्न में से Polio vaccine की Zero Dose का क्या अर्थ होता है

. (a) No vaccination

(b) Dose before first dose

(c) No antibody response

(d) Vaccination at mobile camps

Correct answer - B

Q.85 Most heat sensitive vaccine कौनसा होता है

(a) BCG

(b) Polio

(c) Measles

(d) DPT

Correct answer - B

Q.86 Full form of ILR

(a) income Literacy Ratio

(b) Illiteracy Literacy Ratio

(c) Ice Lined Refrigerator

(d) Infant Living Rate

Correct answer - C

Q.87 Vaccines which should not be frozen include

(a) Typhoid

(b) DPT

(c) T.T.

(d) All of the above

Correct answer - D

Q.88 The period from disease initiation to disease detection in chronic disease is called

(a) Incubation period

(b) Serial interval

(c) Latent period

(d) Median period

Correct answer - A

Q.89 The Danger zone for bacterial growth in food is

(a) 10-49 Degree

(b) 20-49 Degree

(c) 10-60 Degree

(d) 20-60 Degree

Correct answer - C

Q.90 All of the following are the components of under five clinic, EXCEPT

(a) Immunization

(b) Growth monitoring

(c) Oral rehydration

(d) Referral

Correct answer - D

Q.91 The Confirmatory test for Paralytic poliomyelitis is a

(a) Stool examination

(b) CSF examination

(c) Blood examination

(d) Nerve examination

Correct answer - A

Q..92 The best method for operation theatre disinfection is

(a) Dettol

(b) Phenol

(c) Lysol

(d) Formaldehyde

Correct answer - D

Q.93 Additional energy requirement to be supplemental for a lactating mother is

(a) 200 Calories

(b) 550 Calories

(c) 350 Calories

(d) 100 Calories

Correct answer - B

Q.94 Number of Tetanus toxoid doses to be given to an antenatal mother with last child birth 2

year back is

(a) 2

(b) 1

(c) 3

(d) None

Correct answer - B

Q.95 Census is carried out at regular intervals of

(a) 5 Year

(b) 10 Year

(c) 7 Year

(d )5 Year

Correct answer - B

Q.96 निम्न में से Conventional contraceptive का Example कौनसा है.

(a) Combined pill

(b) IUD

(c) Condom

(d) Mini pill

Correct answer - C

Q.97 The age for BCG vaccination is recommended at

(a) Birth or 6th week

(b) Only 6th week

(c) 6-8 Weeks

(d) Within 1 year

Correct answer - A

Q.98 Period of maximum infectivity in mumps is during

(a) Incubation period

(b) Onset of swelling

(c) After swelling appears

(d) Prodromal period

Correct answer - A

Q.99 निम्न में से Hepatitis-A का Major route of transmission कौनसा होता है

(a) Faeco-oral route

(b) Parenteral route

(c) Sexual transmission

(d) Perinatal transmission

Correct answer - A

Q.100 All are steps in primary prevention of disease EXCEPT

(a) Promotion of healthy lifestyles

(b) Good nutrition

(c) Immunization

(d) Treatment

Correct answer - D

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