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OBG quiz questions (1 to 60) link-https://www.nursingofficer.net/2021/04/gynecology-quiz-questions.html

Q.61 Identify the Diagram ?

(a) Linea nigra

(b) striae gravidarum

(c) chloasma

(d) lochia


Q.62 Identify the pelvis ?

(a) gynaecoid pelvis

(b) anthropoid pelvis

(c) android pelvis

(d) platypelloid pelvis


Q.63 Which of the following uses is shown in the image ?

(a) Hemorrhoids

(b) Dysmenorrhoea

(c) Perineal surgery

(d) all


Q.64 Identify the Diagram ?

(a) normal placenta

(b) succenturiate placenta

(c) battledore placenta

(d)bipartite placenta


Q.65 Identify the Diagram ?

(a) Obstetric Conjugate

(b) True Conjugate

(c) Oblique diameter

(d) Diagonal Conjugate


Q.66 Identify procedure the Diagram ?

(a) Episiotomy

(b) Shultz mechanism

(c) fundal massage

(d)stage of expulsion


Q.67 Identify the Diagram ?

(a) Abruptio placenta

(b) Placenta previa

(c) Vasa previa

(d) none


Q.68 Identify presentation the Diagram ?

(a) Cephalic presentation

(b) Breech presentation

(c) shoulder presentation

(D) compound presentation


Q.69 Identify the Diagram ?

(a) doppler fetoscope

(b) Pinards fetoscope

(c) stethoscope fetoscope

(d) none


Q.70 Identify the Diagram ?

(a) Rubin's cannula

(b) Karmans cannula

(c) Punch biopsy

(d) Trocar


Q.71. The recommended drug to a HIV positive mother during pregnancy is

a) Lamivudine

b) Zidovudine

c) Drug should not be given during pregnancy

d) Amoxicillin

Correct answer - B

Q. 72.- At the 25th week of gestation, the fundal height would be

a) 20 cm

b) 25 cm

c) 30 cm

d) 35 cm

Correct answer - B

Q. 73. After 7 days of delivery, the flow from vagina is known as

a) Menstrual flow

b) Lochia rubra

c) Lochia serosa

d) Lochia alba

Correct answer - C

Q.74 During leopold's maneuvers, doctor find LOA position of fetus, to measure FHR where she should locate fetoscope

a) Right upper abdomen

b) Left upper abdomen

c) Right lower abdomen

d) Left lower abdomen

Correct answer - D

Q.75. The early sign of postpartum hemorrhage is

a) Increased pulse rate

b) Decreased pulse rate

c) Decreased B.P.

d) Increased respiratory rate

Correct answer - A

Q. 76. The sonography report of a mother shows that she is pregnant with twin, she had a History of 1 male baby & 1 stillbirth, what would be her GPA status

a) G-3, P-2 A-0

b) G-2, P-1, A-1

c) G-2, P-2, A-0

d) G-3, P-1, A-1

Correct answer - A

Q.77. Which is not true about the changes in vitals of a pregnant woman

a) Pulse rate may increase

b) B.P. slightly increases in mid of pregnancy

c) B.P. slightly decreases in 2nd trimester

d) Almost no changes in respiratory rate

Correct answer - B

Q. 78. The drug used for induction of labor is

a) Oxytocin

b) Progesterone

c) Tocolytic

d) Beclomethasone

Correct answer - A

Q.79. A doctor ask to nurse that immediately administer tocolytic agent to the mother under labor, the nurse understood that doctor want

a) Accelerate the labor process

b) Withhold the labor process

c) Sedate the mother

d) Dilate the cervix

Correct answer - B

Q.80. Ptyalism is a term used for

a) Inflammation of salivary glands

b) Excessive secretion of saliva

c) Improper digestion of polysaccharides

d) Gum swelling in a pregnant mother

Correct answer - B

Q. 81. A primipara in first trimester ask to a nursing officer why she had so much nausea & vomiting, the appropriate rationale given by officer is

a) Due to increase progesterone hormone

b) Due to increase estrogen hormone

c) Due to human chorionic gonadotropin hormone

d) Due to your psychological thinking to be pregnant

Correct answer - C

Q.82. The term hyperplasia means

a) Increase in the size of cells

b) Increase in the number of cells

c) Increase in the width of cells

d) All of above

Correct answer - B

Q.83. The bleeding pattern in placenta previa is

a) Painful bright red bleeding

b) Painful dark red bleeding

c) Painless bright red bleeding

d) Painless dark red bleeding

Correct answer - C

Q. 84. A student ask to a nursing tutor about Bishop score, the appropriate reply given by tutor is

a) It's use to detect respiratory distress in newborn

b) It's use to determine maternal readiness for labor

c) It's use to determine level of consciousness

d) It's number of children born by a woman in her life

Correct answer - B

Q. 85. The weight of nulligravid uterus is

a) 60 gm

b) 120 gm

c) 800 gm

d) 1000 gm

Correct answer - A

Q. 86. The mask of pregnancy is known as

 a) Linea nigra

b) Chloasma

c) Vascular spider nevi

d) Striae

Correct answer - B

Q.87. A woman experiences morning sickness, what would not be an appropriate advice to her given by a nurse

a) Eat dry crackers before comes out from bed

b) Brush your teeth just after arising before taking anything

c) Eat low fat meal

d) Avoid fried & spicy food

Correct answer - B

Q.88. During second trimester a pregnant mother suddenly underwent in to syncope, what would be the priority nursing action

a) Assist the mother to lie in supine position immediately

b) Try to give a glass of water mixed with sugar

c) Provide sitting position with feet elevated

d) Measure B.P & immediately call to doctor

Correct answer - C

Q. 89. The urinary urgency most commonly happens in

a) 1 & 2 trimester

b) 1 & 3 trimester

c) 2 & 3 trimester

d) 1, 2, & 3 trimester

Correct answer - B

Q.90. What should not include in a antenatal advice to a primi mother regarding care of breast a) Do BSE every day while bathing

b) Wear a supportive bra in order to care of breast

c) Avoid use of soap to clean the nipple & areola

d) Mentally prepare yourself regarding colostrums secretion from breast

Correct answer - A

Q.91. Pyrosis is a term used for

a) Gum swelling

b) Gum discharges

c) Heartburn

d) None of above

Correct answer - C

Q.92. The total numbers of antenatal visit should be

a) I

b) 3

c) 7

d) 10 or more than it

Correct answer - D

Q.93. The most correct statement regarding Rh D immune globulin is

a) Given to Rh positive mother at 28 week gestation

b) Given to Rh negative mother at 28 week gestation

c) Given to Rh positive mother at first trimester

d) Given to Rh negative mother at the time of delivery

Correct answer - B

Q.95. Which is not true about rubella vaccination

a) Pregnancy should be postponed at least 3 months after vaccination

b) It's a killed vaccine

c) It should not be given during pregnancy

d) The vaccine virus nay cross the placenta

Correct answer - B

Q.96. Which infection is responsible for premature rupture of the membrane

a) Gonorrhea

b) Syphilis

c) Chlamydia

d) Trichomoniasis

Correct answer - D

Q.97. Which is contraindicated during pregnancy

a) Hepatitis B vaccination

b) Zidovudine therapy


d) None

Correct answer - D

Q. 98. The term glycosuria means

a) Glycogen in urine

b) Glucose in urine

c) Elevated serum glucose level

d) Ketone in urine

Correct answer - B

Q.99. Which is not a laboratory finding in severe preeclampsia

a) Decreased haemoglobin

b) Increased aspartate aminotransferase

c) Thrombocytopenia

d) Increased urinary output

Correct answer - D

Q. 100. The distance between anterior lower margin of symphysis pubis to the sacral promontory is

a) Diagonal conjugate

b) True conjugate

c) Obstetric conjugate

d) Conjugate vera

Correct answer - A

Q.101. Which hormone prepare the endometrium for implantation of fertilized ovum

a) FSH

b) LH

c) Estrogen

d) Progesterone

Correct answer - D

Q.102. Fetal lung maturity can be detected by

a) Alpha fetoprotein screening

b) Chorionic villus sampling

c) Amniocentesis

d) Fern test

Correct answer - C

Q.103.The treatment option for a pregnant mother with incompetent cervix is

a) Cervical cerclage

b) Cervicoplasty

c) Cervicorrhaphy

d) Cervical ligation

Correct answer - A

Q.104. The virus usually does not crosses the placenta is

a) Toxoplasmosis

b) Rubella

c) Cytomegalovirus

d) Herpes simplex

Correct answer - D

Q.105. The virus most responsible for congenital cardiac problems is

a) Toxoplasma gondii

b) Rubella

c) Cytomegalo

d) Herpes simplex

Correct answer - B

Q.106. After the amniocentesis procedure, a nurse should assist the mother to lie in

a) Supine position

b) Prone position

c) Right side position

d) Left side position

Correct answer - D

Q.107. A doctor ask to a sister to take a smear slide for fern test of a pregnant, what would be the accurate step for this

a) Ask the client to lie in supine position & take specimen

b) Provide lithotomy position & ask to cough

c) Provide lithotomy position & ask to take deep breath

d) Provide knee-chest position & insert slide in to vagina

Correct answer - B

Q.108. The normal Ph of amniotic fluid is

a) Acidic

b) Neutral

c) Slightly alkaline

d) Strong acidic

Correct answer - C

Q.109. During examining the investigation documents of a pregnant mother , nurse see a report of nonstress test that is reactive, what she would interpret

a) Fetus is normal & healthy

b) Fetus is abnormal

c) Mother is free from anxiety

d) Mother is more stressed about childbirth

Correct answer - A

Q.110. The instrument that records fetal heart rate is

a) Ultrasound transducer

b) Tocodynamometer

c) Fetoscope

d) Accelerometer

Correct answer - B

Q.111. A nurse can assess a mother for postpartum infection by the finding

a) Temperature 100.4 F within 24 hours

b) Elevated WBC

c) Increased appetite

d) Increase pulse

Correct answer - B

Q.112. A mother suffering from thrombophlebitis of femoral vein should do

a) Massage the leg

b) Cross the legs

c) Avoid prolonged sitting'

d) Put pressure behind knee

Correct answer - C

Q.113. A contraction stress test is positive that means

a) Fetus is not able to tolerate labor

b) Fetus is able to tolerate labor

c) Mother is producing enough amount of oxytocin

d) Mother is not able to produce oxytocin

Correct answer - A

Q.114. The average weight gain of a mother during pregnancy is

a) 17 lb

b) 27 lb

c) 37 lb

d) 47 lb

Correct answer - B

Q. 115. Which bath a nurse should advice to a mother after episiotomy

a) Tub bath

b) Bed bath

c) Sitz bath

d) Rain bath

Correct answer - C

Q. 116. During lactation the additional caloric requirement of mother is

a) +300 cal/day

b) +500 cal/day

c) 2300 cal/day

d) 2700 cal/day

Correct answer - B

Q.117. Dystocia is a term used for

a) Normal labor

b) Difficult , painful labor

c) Abnormal uterine tone

d) Abnormal delivery

Correct answer - B

Q.118. pica may be common practice during pregnancy that means

a) it's eating more nutrient substances

b) it's eating more & expelling outside through vomiting

c) it's eating non-food substances

d) it's consuming less diet than required

Correct answer - C

Q.119. A pregnant woman approach to a health care delivery institution with history of spotting & cramping pain, doctor examine & find out that there is no changes in cervix, what kind of abortion may be

a) Spontaneous

b) Induced

c) Threatened

d) Inevitable

Correct answer - C

Q.120. An anemic person is on iron supplements, which nutrient a nurse should advice to take with iron to increase absorption of iron

a) Tea

b) Vitamin C

c) Calcium

d) Milk

Correct answer - B

Q.121. Friedman's labor curve denotes

a) Cervical dilation

b) Station

c) Dilation & station

d) Dilation, station & uterine contraction

Correct answer - C

122. The false statement regarding diabetes mellitus during pregnancy is

a) The newborn of diabetic mothers are larger in size

b) Glucose crosses placenta but insulin does not

c) Treat the DM with oral hypoglycemic agents

d) Gestational diabetes can be screened between 24 to 28 weeks gestation

Correct answer - C

Q.123. The most common site of ectopic pregnancy is

a) Abdominal

b) Ampullary region of uterine tube

c) Uterine fimbriae

d) Isthmus

Correct answer - B

124. A nurse should assess LATCH, she understood that it is related with

a) Labor process

b) PPH

c) ΑΡΗ

d) Breastfeeding

Correct answer - D

Q. 125. The hormone stimulate the production of breast milk (AIIMS-2010)

a) Oxytocin

b) Prolactin

c) Oestrogen

d) Lactogen

Correct answer - B

Q.126. The drug of choice to inhibit cell division in growing embryo is

a) Pitocin

b) Methotrexate

c) Folic acid

d) Progestin

Correct answer - B

Q.127. The placenta is completely formed at the

a) 3 week

b) 6 week

c) 9 week

d) 12 week

Correct answer - D

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