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nervous system quiz -

1. Which nutrient has maximum specific dynamic action

a) Fat.

b) Carbohydrate

c) Protein

d) Mixed Food


Oncology quiz questions answers -

2. A patient is admitted in hospital for abdominal surgery during post operative period which vitamin should be given :

a) Vit. A

b) Vit.C

c) Vit-E

d) All


3. When teaching the patient with cardiovascular disease about this diet, the nurse should instruct the patient to avoid :

a) Fish

b) Corn oil

c) Soft margarine

d) Whole milk


4. Which is mostly found in Dietary fibers?

a) Collagens

b) Pectin

c) Starch

d) Proteoglycan


5. Mental illness may occur due to the deficiency of :

a) Calcium

b) iron

c) Iodine

d) Zinc

Answer- c

6. Which of the following is body building food?

a) Milk

b) Pulses

c) Egg

d) All .



7. Oxidation of fatty acids occurs in :

a) Cytoplasm

b) Ribosomes

c) Mitochondria

d) Centriples


8. Which one increases the glycogen synthesis process?

a) Glucagon

b) Insulin

c) GH

d) Epinephrine .


9. If Patient complaints he has no bowel movement there, which drug can responsible :

a) Vitamins

b) Folic acid

c) Iron

d) Potassium


10. Bitot spot is found on :

a) Cornea .

b) Conjunctiva

c) Lance

d ) Iris

Answer- b

11. In malabsorption syndrome which diet is prescribed:

a) Folic acid

b) Vit-B

c) Corticotropin

d) Gluten free diet


12. Wet beri-beri is characterized by involvement of:

a) Nerve

b) Heart

c) Kidney

d) Bone


13. Richest source of vit-A:

a) Fish

b ) Peas

c) Cod liver oil

d) Carrot


14. Mid day meal programme provide how many calories & protein per day :

a) 300 Calories & 6-12 gm of protein

b) 200 Calories & 6-12 gm of protein

c) 300 Calories & 8-12 gm of protein

d) 200 Calories & 8-12 gm of protein


15. In newborn daily calories requirement is about :

a) 110 calorie/kg

b) 1000-12000 calorie/kg

c) 200 calorie/kg

d) 150 calorie/kg


16. Dryness of conjunctiva of the eye due to Vit-A deficiency is known as:

a) Xerophthalmia

b) Night blindness

c) Keratomalacia

d) Conjunctivitis


17. The vitamin which involved in fat, protein & carbohydrate Metabolism :

a) Folic acid

b) Riboflavin

c) Niacin

d) Pyridoxine


18. The vitamin which is essential for the synthesis of DNA:

a) Pantothenic acid

b) Niacin

c) Folic acid

d) Thiamine


19. Daily requirement of iodine is :

a) 0.2 mg

b) 0.4 mg

c) 0.6 mg

d) 0.8 mg

Answer- a

20. The milk protein which is more in cow milk is :

a) Casein

b) Lactoglobulin

c) Lactalbumin

d) None of the above

Answer- a

21. A best indicator of infant nutrition is :

a) Mid arm circumference

b) Weight

c) Chest circumference

d) Height


22.Cooking below the boiling point is:

a) Stewing

b) Steaming

c) Simmering

d) Roasting

Answer- c

23. Number of EAA required for body

a) 12


c) 10

d) 9

Answer- c

24. Diet prescribed for peptic ulcer pt is :

a) Special diet

b) Flud diet

c) Bland diet

d) Light diet

Answer- c

25. Diet which prepared according to the disease of pt. is known as:

a) Special diet

b) Therapeutic diet

c) Sft diet

d) Bland dict

Answer- b

26. Polished rice having lacking of :

a) Vit-B2

b)Vit- B­9

c)Vit- B7

d)Vit- B1

Answer- d

27. Skimmed milk is :

a) Milk without vit-A

b) Milk free from microorganism

c) Making milk powder

d) Milk without fat

Answer- d

28. Hemoglobin is a type of :

a) Simple protein

b) Coagulated protein

c) Conjugated protein

d) Derived protein

Answer- c

29. National institution of nutrition is situated in:

a) Bangalore

b) Kolkata

c) Hyderabad

d) Chennai

Answer- c

30. Which disease require high carbohydrate diet :

a) Addison disease

b) Liver disease

c) Post-operative condition

d) All

Answer- d

31. Which nutrient is not found in egg:

a) Protein

b) Fat

c) Carbohydrate

d) Vitamins

Answer- c

32. % of energy supplied by of vitamins is :

a) 20-30%

b) 5-10%

c) 2-3%

d) None

Answer- d

33. PEM found commonly in :

a) Infant

b) Preschool children

c) Adults

d) Both a & b

Answer- d

34. An enzyme that acts only in a acidic medium :

a) Amylase

b) Trypsin

c) Rennin

d) Pepsin

Answer- d

35. Photosynthesis is ..........

a) a catabolic reaction

b) an anabolic reaction

c) an energy releasing reaction

d) None of the above

Answer- b

36. Phrynoderma is occur due to deficiency of :

a) Vitamin-A

b) Protein

c) EFA

d) Vitamin-C

Answer- d

37.Which of the food are chiefly digested in the stomach?

a) Carbohydrates

b) Proteins

c) Fats

d) Lipids

Answer- b

38. Which nutrient is needed in tiny quantities to help in the body's chemical processes?

a) Minerals

b) Carbohydrate

c) Protein

d) Vitamins

Answer- a

39. A nurse is conducting a nutritional assessment on an assigned client. The nurse knew which of the following dietary factors would have the least influence on the functioning on the musculoskeletal system.

a) Protein

b ) Vit-A & D intake

c) Ca & P intake

d) Vit-E & k intake

Answer- d

40. Which of the following amino acids is not a precursor for protein synthesis?

a) Alanne

b) Leucine

c) Arginine

d) Ornithine

Answer- d


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