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quiz gastrointestinal system -

Q.1. The ovum can be fertilized after ovulation up to

a) 24 hours

b) 48 hours

c) 72 hours

d) 96 hours

Correct answer - A

OBG short notes-

Q. 2. Softening of cervix during pregnancy is known as

a) Chadwick sign

b) Goodell sign

c) Montongeomery sign

d) Hegar sign

Correct answer - B

Q. 3. The maximum dilation of cervix in first stage of labor is

a) 4 cm

b) 6 cm

c) 8 cm

d) 10 cm

Correct answer - D

Q.4.A labor is called as precipitous labor when it completes within

a) 1 hour

b) 3 hour

c) 7 hour

d) 10 hour

Correct answer - B

Q. 5. Implantation of fertilized ovum occurs

a) Just after fertilization

b) 1 day after fertilization

c) 1 week after fertilization

d) 1 month after fertilization

Correct answer - C

Q.6. The leading cause of maternal mortality is

a) Abortion

b) Ectopic pregnancy

c) Hemorrhage

d) Cesarean section

Correct answer - C

Q.7. Lecithin Sphingomyelin ratio is used to predict

a) Gestation age

b) Lung maturity

c) Kidney function disease

d) Liver function disease

Correct answer - B

Q. 8. As per Schultz mechanism the separation of placenta

occurs first from

a) Margins

b) Center

c) Margin, center & margin

d) Abrupt separation

Correct answer - B

Q.9. The LMP of a woman is 14/07/2012, what would be her EDD

a) 21 april 2012

b) 07 april 2012

c) 21 april 2013

d) 07 april 2013

Correct answer - C

Q. 10. The birth canal is

a) Fallopian tube

b) Cervix

c) Vagina

d) Uterus

Correct answer - C

Q. 11. Which contraceptive method should be avoided for first 6 weeks after birth

a) IUDS b) Condom b) Hormonal method b) Permanent contraceptives

Correct answer - C

Q. 12. The physiological indicator of ovulation is changes

in the temperature that is (CMC, Ludhiana)

a) First increases then decreases by 1 F at the time of ovulation

b) First decreases then increases by 1 F at the time of ovulation

c) No alteration in temperature

d) Continuous elevated temperature tll ovulation

Correct answer - B

Q.13. The pelvis which is most suitable for successful labor is

a) Platypelloid

b) Android

c) Anthropoid

d) Gynecoid

Correct answer - D

Q.14. A Rh negative mother who is immunized during pregnancy with immune globulin, delivered a Rh positive baby, she should immunized within

a) 72 hours

b) 96 hours

c) No need of immunization

d) In next pregnancy

Correct answer - A

Q.15. Period when reproductive organs return to non pregnant state after delivery is

a) 3 weeks

b) 6 weeks

c) 3 month

d) 6 months

Correct answer - B

Q.16. Which should not include in the nursing advice to a 2 client with hyperemesis gravidarum

a) Take a high fat & high protein diet

b) Sit upright after meal

c) Take liquid between mcal

d) Take cereals, rice & pasta

Correct answer - A

Q.17. A woman comes for antenatal check-up, she is mother of 2 male & 3 female children & had H/O 2 abortions past, what would be her GPA status

a) G-5, P-5, A-2

b) G-6, P-5, 1-2

c) G-7, P-7, A-2

d) G-8, P-5, A-2

Correct answer - D

Q.18. Which is not a probable sign of pregnancy

a) Quickening

b) Ballottement

c) Chadwick sign

d) Hegar's sign

Correct answer - A

Q.19. After delivery, a mother experiences increased urinary frequency & burning sensation on micturition, the specimen best to diagnose the condition is

a) Blood

b) Stool

c) Lochia

d) Urine

Correct answer - D

Q. 20. Postpartum hemorrhage to be considered when blood loss is more than

a) 200 ml

b) 500 ml

c) 1000 ml

d) 1500 ml

Correct answer - B

Q.21. After 3rd stage of labor , a nurse palpate the uterus & he find that uterus is

a) Firm & locate below umbilicus

b) Tenderness & above umbilicus

c) Firm & above umbilicus

d) Soft & below umbilicus

Correct answer - A

Q. 22. Which is not a sign of preeclampsia

a) Hypertension

b) Proteinuria

c) Seizures

d) Edema

Correct answer - C

Q. 23. Fertilization occurs in which part of fallopian tube

a) Interstitial

b) Isthmus

c) Ampulla

d) Infundibulum

Correct answer - C

Q.24. The condition in which placenta penetrate the uterine muscles is known as

a) Placenta accreta

b) Placenta accreta

c) Placenta percreta

d) None of above

Correct answer - B

Q.25. The best method to estimate blood loss in a PPH condition is

a) Asking to the mother

b) Assessing Hb & hematocrit value

c) Counting pad used & weighing these

d) Assessing pulse of mother

Correct answer - C

Q.26. An infection is said to be postpartum infection if it occurs after delivery within

a) 28 hours

b) 48 hours

c) 15 days

d) 28 days

Correct answer - D

Q.27. The fetal part of placenta is formed by

a) Amnion

b) Chorion

c) Deciduas basalis

d) All of three

Correct answer - B

Q.28. A 6 week old product of conception in womb is known


a) Ovum

b) Embryo

c) Fetus

d) Immature baby

Correct answer - B

Q.29. The average duration of viability of sperm is

a) 12 hours

b) 24 hours

c) 36 hours

d) 96 hours

Correct answer - C

Q30. At term the normal amount of amniotic fluid should be

a) 600 ml

b) 1000 ml

c) 1500 ml

d) 2000 ml

Correct answer - A

Q.31. The most appropriate time to call a pregnant woman for genetic testing through chorionic villus sampling is

a) 4th week

b) 8th week

c) 12th week

d) 16th week

Correct answer - C

Q.32. Friedman curve is used to detect

a) Cervical dilation

b) Growth of a baby

c) Hours of labor process

d) All of above

Correct answer - A

Q.33. In a healthy fetus the umbilical cord contains

a) 1A & IV

b) 1A & 2 V

c) 2 A & 2 V

d) 2A & IV

Correct answer - D

Q.34. Ductus venosus bypasses the blood in to fetus from which organ

a) Liver

b) Lung

c) Heart

d) All of above

Correct answer - A

Q.35. After PROM a nurse assess that amniotic fluid is stained with meconium, what would be reason of meconium stained amniotic fluid


b) Fetal trauma

c) Fetal distress

d) ARM

Correct answer - C

Q.36. What would be the problem to a mother having placenta previa , delivered a baby

a) Improper involution

b) Hemorrhage

c) Infection

d) Chronic lower uterine pain

Correct answer - B

Q.37. A nursing officer is doing counseling of an infertile couple, female partner is more curious about in vitro fertilization, what would be the most accurate explanation to her about in vitro fertilization

a) Product of conception from your uterus transferred in to test tube

b) Fertilization occurs in test tube & baby grow in the same

c) Fertilization occurs in test tube than transferred in to your uterus

d) Fertilized ovum will be transferred in your partners body

Correct answer - C

Q.38.. The normal gestational period is about

a) 260 days

b) 280 days

c) 300 days

d) 320 days

Correct answer - B

Q.39. A termination of pregnancy is called as therapeutic termination if it is done

a) At 3 weeks of gestation

b) At 3 month of gestation

c) At 16 week of gestation

d) At 20 weeks gestation

Correct answer - D

Q.40. What would be the appropriate nursing advice to a mother scheduled for ultrasonography at next visit

a) Remain NPO for 6-8 hours before reaching to hospital

b) Urinate frequently before USG to empty the bladder

c) Drink more water before hours of USG

d) There is a definitive risk for you & your fetus

Correct answer - C

Q.41. Elevated level of Alpha-fetoprotein cant be seen in

a) Neural tube defect

b) Down syndrome

c) Renal agenesis

d) Multiple pregnancy

Correct answer - C

Q.42. The best time for amniocentesis is

a) 1st month of gestation

b) 3rd month of gestation

c) 5th month of gestation

d) 7th month of gestation

Correct answer - C

Q.43. A breast feed mother had breast engorgement, the best intervention at home suggested by a nurse is

a) Warm application before feeding & cold application b/w feeding

b) Cold application before feeding & warm application b/w feeding

c) Only cold application before & after feeding

d) Only warm application before & after feeding

Correct answer - A

Q.44. A male partner became happy to see the result of pregnancy strip test at home, his wife who is a nurse explain him that pregnancy strip test is a

a) Presumptive sign

b) Probable sign

c) Positive sign

d) Confirmatory sign

Correct answer - B

Q.45. A pregnant woman ask to a nursing officer why doctor started folic acid tablets, the best reply given by officer

a) It will meet your iron demand of body

b) It will prevent neural tube defect in your fetus

c) It will keep you active during pregnancy ) It will fulfill your calcium demand during pregnancy

Correct answer - B

Q.46. The pre-embryonic period is considered as

a) Before fertilization

b) Fertilization to implantation

c) 14 days after conception

d) Eighth week after conception

Correct answer - C

Q.47. Fetal heart rate can be detected by a fetoscope at theage of

a) 2-3 weeks

b) 10-12 weeks

c) 20 weeks

d) 32 weeks

Correct answer - C

Q.48. At what age of fetal development every organ & system has been formed

a) is month

b) 2nd month

c) 3rd month

d) 44 month

Correct answer - B

Q.49. Kidney started to form the urine at what age of fetal development

a) Beginning of first trimester

b) End of the first trimester

c) Middle of the second trimester

d) End of the second trimester

Correct answer - B

Q.50. A mother brought to the casualty in last trimester of pregnancy with painless bright red vaginal bleeding, a nurse should do all except

a) Vagiral examination by inserting two fingers to ruleout

b) Provide side lying position

c) Monitor vital signs & FHR

d) Monitor amount of bleeding

Correct answer - A

Q.51. Complete lung maturation in a fetus occurs at the age of

a) 28 week

b) 32 week

c) 36 week

d) 40 week

Correct answer - C

Q.52. A pregnant mother is crying because of severe abdominal pain, during examination nurse find dark red vaginal bleeding & uterine tenderness, what would be the possible diagnosis

a) Abruptio placentae

b) Placenta previa

c) Ectopic pregnancy

d) All of three

Correct answer - A

Q.53 Identify the given instrument?

a) Landon's bladder retractor

b) Doyen's retractor

c) Sim's retractor

d) Right angle retractor


Q.54. Identify the given instrument?

a) Cusco's speculum

b) Sim's speculum

c) Auvard's speculum

d) Karman Cannula


Q.55. Following image show which maneuver

a) Lovset maneuver

b) Burn marshal

c) Pinard maneuver

d) Mcrobert maneuver

Answer- C

Q.56. Identify the Diagram ?

a) Sims Uterine sound

b) Cervical Dilator

c) Vaginal Speculum

d) Punch Forceps


Q.57. Identify the pelvis ?

a) Robert pelvis

b) Nagalae pelvis

c) Rachitic pelvis

d)Osteomalacic pelvis


Q.58 Which of the following leopold's grip is shown in the image ?

a) Pawlick's grip

b) Fundal

c) Pelvic

d) Abdominal


Q.59. Identify the given incision on the uterus?


b) Classical cesarean section

c) Kronig incision

d) Kerr incision


Q.60 Identify the Diagram ?

a) allis Forceps

b) artery Forceps

c) ovum holding Forceps

d) Punch Forceps


notes Stages of labour and delivery -


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