aiims norcet paper answer key 2020

AIIMS NORCET Answer Key 2020

morning shift paper ( 9AM TO 12PM)


Q.1 Postpartum mother is providing instruction to the mother of a newborn with hyperbilirubinemia

answer -continuous breastfeeding every second hourly

AIIMS Norcet mega test series link

Q.2 During ET tube suction nurse is a finding client is having sudden severe tachycardia what is the nurse perform responsibility

continuous the suction

stop suction and re-oxygenation

Call the physician

Hyperoxygenate before suctioning

answer- 2

Q 3 pregnant women come into clinic say that I get leg cramps and pain in night so provide which nursing intervention to relieve pain

answer- dorsiflexion with knee extension exercise

Q. 4 A Manic patient Is showing an aggressive tantrum as a nurse what you should do first ?

Warrant the patient not to do such activity

wait till his aggressive come claim

Give him sedative drug was asked to administer

call for help to settle down situation

Answer- 4

Q 5. A 7 year old child intermittently bedwetting his bad following 2 time a week the nurse anticipated which medicine by this physician

Answer -Bladder training

Question number 6. Posthumous child-

Answer- born after death of father/biological parent

question 7. COVID's first case-

Answer- Wuhan, China

question 8. Pernicious anemia-

Answer- Vitamin B12

Question 9. According to WHO, which is not included in the surgical safety checklist in OT?

A. Sign in

B. Sign out

C. Time in

D. Time out

Right Answered : C

Question 10 . From which end we give suture to the surgeon in OT?

swagged end,

suture end,

needle holder

Body of needle

Right answer- D

Question 11. Blue pipe image, which gases is in it?

Answer- nitrous oxide

Question 12. Sevoflurane image given, tell it's use?

anesthesia induction,

anesthesia maintenance

Answer- 2

Question 13. Use or ergot derivatives?

Answer- For PPH

Question 14. In a post operative patient, the surgeon prescribes that 2400 of fluid to be given in next 24 hours out of which half of the fluid should be given in next 10 hours what will be the fluid rate per hour?

Answer- 120ml/hr

Question 15. Which of the following is not the recommended practice when preparing a patient for ECT

A. Give a bath and remove the oil from hairs

B. Keep NPO for a few hours before procedure

C. Administer antiepileptic before procedure ✅

D. Administer muscle relaxant like succinylcholine before procedure

Question 16. Tablet nitroglycerin is prescribed for a cardiac patient 5 mg BD per day. The available dose is a 2.5 mg tablet. How many tablets will the nurse administer?

Answer- 2

Question 17. A curved surgical blade image was given and the size was asked

answer- 12 no

Question 18. while accessing a two-hour old neonate the nurse observe the Neonet to have acrocyanosis which of the following nursing Action should we perform immediately

answer- do nothing because acrocyanosis is normal in neonate

Question 19. What does the 38 written in front of etco2 means?

Answer- End-tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2) is the level of carbon dioxide that is released at the end of an exhaled breath.

Question 20. Image- removal of placenta by fundal pressure

Question 21. Ventilation/airway cart image- (airway, laryngoscope blades etc were kept)

Question 22. X-ray image was Sean in which right lower lobe of lung appeared whitish.


Question 23. Xylocaine is used for which type of arrhythmia?

Answer-ventricular arrhythmias

Question 24. ECG image given and the drug used for that particular arrhythmia was asked

Option- xylocaine, xylocaine with adr etc.

Question 25. Pink cannula picture - 20G

Question 26. Person performing the CPR image was given, Q- what is the position of hands while giving CPR.

Answer- just below the nipple line

Question 27. skin graft pictures over the buttock region. Which type of graft it is?

ANSWER- split thickness skin graft

Question 28. PCM vial image, used for?

Answer- Fever

29. Cyanotic spell is present in which disease?

Answer- tetralogy of fallot

30. Normal fetal heart rate

Answer-120 to 160 b/m

31. Variable deceleration is- heart rate below____over a period of 20 minutes





ANSWER - Decrease FHR 100 /MINUTES

32. By examining the fontanelles of a baby why does the examiner give the child in upright position?


supine position gives inadequate assessment, ✅

while crying the fontanelles bulge

NOTE -( infant in both upright and supine positions. )

33. A patient is taking tricyclic antidepressants and is planned for discharge. Which of the following in the nurse monitor closely?

Answer- potential for suicide risk bye overdose of the medication

34. The salt name of lithium

answer- lithium carbonate

35. Difference between factitious disorder and malingering?

Answer- external

( malingering is a fake illness to get an external gain like attention from parents or financial compensation )

36. Image- enlarged lymph node,

answer- bubonic plague

37. Lorazepam challenge test

answer- to validate catatonia

38. A pregnant woman came with an umbilical coming out per vagina. What the nurse will do next?

A. Give trendelenburg position ✅

B. shift to the OT for immediate cesarean section

41. What is the side effect of clozapine

A. Neutropenia ✅

B. thrombocytopenia

42. A manic patient becomes violent. What is the nursing intervention for this?

A. Call for adequate help to manage the situation✅

B. Engage the patient in active exercises

C. Tell the patient that this is not acceptable behaviour

43. A woman diagnosed with parkinsonism performs her ADLs but takes too much of time, but becomes irritated when offered help. How will the nurse intervene?

A. Praise the patient for her activities and give her the required time ✅

B. Make her understand that the assistance is strictly required

44. A schizophrenic patient has a five year history of smoking. How will it impact the treatment plan?

A. Prevalence of smoking in schizophrenic patient is same as normal population

B. Kids of training patients does not want to quit smoking

C. Smoking reduces effect of antipsychotic medications

Answer- c

45. Depolarization of the heart occurs by which ion ?

Answer - sodium

46. Abdomen pain pt. comes to the clinic after her lactational amenorrhea and complaints of dark coloured discharge for vagina and cervix close What can be the cause of it?

A. Missed abortion

B. threatened abortion

C. inevitable abortion

Answer -b

47. Correct way to assess uterine contraction

- answer- from beginning of one contraction till the same contraction is over

48. A woman with trichomonas infection and frequent bleeding from cervix is prescribed to get Pap smear done. What is the purpose of Pap smear-

answer-screening for cervical cancer

49. Pelvic brim bony landmarks picture given. Identify the landmark.

Answer-iliopectineal line

50. Use of neomycin in hepatic encephalopathy

Answer - reduction of the ammonia Forming bacteria in the intestinal tract.

Note- Neomycin sulfate has been shown to be effective therapy in hepatic coma by reduction of the ammonia-forming bacteria in the intestinal tract. The subsequent reduction in blood ammonia has resulted in neurologic improvement.

51. Patient diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis complains that due to the joint stiffness and pain he can't perform exercises, how will the nurse intervene?

A. Advice to take warm bath before exercising

B. It is normal and expected but you need to continue with your exercises

C. Ask the physician to increase the analgesic dose

Answer -A

52. Dicrotic notch

answer- in arterial waveform is due to

Q 53 . Which drug causes grey baby syndrome

answer-excessive doses of chloramphenicol.

Q 54. which vitamin deficiency causes bleeding gum

answer- Vitamin C

Q. 55 which disease is having pain in mcburney point

Answer -appendix

Q.56 who is father is international Red Cross Society

Answer -Henry Dunan

Q.57 Which electrolyte causes depolarization

Answer- Sodium ions

Q58 . A female with excessive heavy Smoking will not recommended for which contraception


Q.59 Which week mother feel fetal movement option-

2-5 week

6- 8 week

10- 12 wk

14 -16 week

Answer- 4

Q. 60 which degree is burn is most painful

Answer- 2nd Degree

Q.61 Best indicator of malnutrition in children

Answer- Weight ( acute and chronic malnutrition )

62. PDS suture which type of

answer- synthetic absorbable

Q.63 Normal CVP is between 5 and 10 cmH2O (2–6 mmHg).

Q.64 India ki space agency

Answer- ISRO

Q. 65 VVM used for

ANSWER- A vaccine vial monitor (VVM) is a thermochromic label put on vials containing vaccines which gives a visual indication of whether the vaccine has been kept at a temperature which preserves its potency.

Q.66 avoid drug in pregnancy

ANSWER- streptomycin

Q.67 Hypocalcemia

answer - tetany

Q.68 Treatment of diarrhoea

Answer - zinc

Q.69 IV formula calculation

ANSWER- total volume (in mL) divided by time (in min), multiplied by the drop factor (in gtts/mL)

Q.70 Labour 2nd Stage start from

ANSWER- Starts → with full dilatation of cervix (10cm)

Q.71 Universal recipient for blood is

ANSWER- AB positive

Q.72 Find the next 10,9,7,4.?

Answer- 0

Q. 73 Director of Delhi AllMs?

Answer- Randeep Guleria

Q. 74 Google CEO?

answer- Sundar Pichai

Q.75 Function of fallopian tube

Answer - fertilization

Q76. Abdominal thrust maneuver other name

ANSWER- Helmisch maneuver

Q.77 OT surgeon gloves discard blue buckets nurse suggested which buckets

answer- red buckets

Q78. icterus TREM ASSES FOR

ANSWER-Newborn jaundice

Q79. Which fluid given with packed RBC

answer - normal saline

Q80- Which fluid given with packed RBC

answer - normal saline

Q81. 31 weeks gestation presents fibrin protein indicate

Answer - preterm labour

Q82. Oxytocin hormone is released by which gland

Answer - posterior pituitary gland

83. Which of the following does not contribute to risk of bedsore?

ANSWER- Nutrition has no role in bed sore prevention

84. Identify image- nectrotized small intestine

85. Identify- Chettal forceps image

86. Image- fumigation machine

87. Identify the grip- lateral grip image

88. Identify- right occiput anterior image

Q89. Identify image - lumbar puncture needle

Q90. Identify image -autoclave machine

Q91 Identify image- circular stapler

Q92 Identify image - TEMOORAL ARTERY

Q93 Identify image- CT

Q94 Identify image- ET5.5 - CHILD

Q 95. partograph Mein nurse cervical dilation chart start kab se start karti hai ?

  1. 2 cm

  2. 4 cm

  3. 6 cm

  4. 10 cm 

answer- 2

Q96 give IV 1 ratio 10000 dilute adrenaline

Q97 Respiratory acidosis

ANSWER - PH -7.29 pco2 -55 hco3- 23 PO2 -85

98. Pregnant women extra calorie intake

Answer- 500 kcalorie

99. Catheter remove after complication

answer-urinary retention

100. reduce the effect of digoxin

Q101. Septic shock

Q102. Acute cholecystitis

103. Difference between delirium and Alzheimer's type dementia

104. Which antipsychotic causes hyperprolactinemia?

105 apply zinc oxide ointment to the the rectal area after

106 with hold any insulin dose because none is ordered

107 diagnosis breech presentation for the first time

108 To avoid risks of cauntry burns

109 Extrapyramidal symptoms

110 Diabetes

111 risks of blood loss enquired

112 impulsive drinking

113 have the patient the consent form

114 the nurse will need to include teaching regarding

115 Paraphimosis

116 Smallpox

117 Drowsiness

118 Haloperidol

119 5cm Water

120 Convey to the client that his behaviour is un………..

121. Baby is having oral mucositis

121. Increased Central venous

122. Practicing monthly breast self examination

123. Nulliparous Singleton Cephalic greater than 37 week in in spontaneous

124. Dull percussion notes over lung tissue

125. it is used a son anti clogging

126. bananas and orange

127 Compare the capillary refill of each extremity

128. Anterograde and retrograde

129. death of co passenger

130 aortic valve closed

131 Headache

132 value of mean Airway pressure

133. Haloperidol

134. notify the health care provider

135. Sickle Cell disease

136. should get approx 80% of my calories

137 impulsive drinking

134. Dizziness

135 Silver

136. 23145

137 10 year

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