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Q.103. The science which deals with the drug and their action on the human body is called? (FAQs)

a. Pathology

b. Microbiology

c. Physiology

d. Pharmacology

Correct answer - D

Q.104. The study of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs is known as? (AIIMS)

a. Pharmacodynamics

b. Pharmacokinetics

c. Pharmacy

d. Pharmacopoeia

Correct answer - B

Q.105.The science which is concerned with the study of mechanism, action of drug and pharmacological effects produced on the human body is known as? (FAQs)

a. Pharmacodynamics

b. Toxicology

c. Pharmacology

d. Pharmacokinetics

Correct answer -A

Pharmaco-dynamics study biochemical & physiological effects of drugs

Q.106. Drugs are excreted from the body through?

a. Intestine

b. Kidney

c. Breast milk, saliva, sweat & bile

d. All of above

Correct answer -D

Q. 107. Putting a drug in liquid form in body cavity, body orifice is known as ?

a. Insufflation

b. Insertion

c. Instillation

d. Inhalation

Correct answer -C

Q.108. Application of the drug to the skin usually by a friction is known as? (FAQs)

a. Inunction

b. Insufflation

c. Insertion

d. Instillation

Correct answer - A

Q.109.When the drug is introduced in the bone marrow, this route is called?

a. Intravenous

b. Intramedullary

c. Intra peritoneal

d. Intra arterial

Correct answer - B

Q.110. In order to administer a drug safely, the nurse should know to read which of the following facts in the drug order?

a. Date and signature of the physician

b. Dosage of the drug and route of administration

c. Name of the patient and name of the drug

d. All of the above

Correct answer - D

Q.111. Substances used to counteract the effects of poison are?

a. Anaesthetics

b. Antidotes

c. Antitussives

d. Anti-inflammatory

Correct answer - B

Q.112. Drug that relieves itching?

a. Antipruritic

b. Anti-inflammatory

c. Anti-infective solbom

d . Antiseptic

Correct answer - A

Q.113. Drugs which dilate the blood vessels and are used to lower blood pressure?

a. Myotics

b. Vasoconstrictor

c. Mydriatics w ob

d. Vasodilators

Correct answer - D

Q.114. Miotics are drugs which?

a. Dilate the pupil of the eye

b. Dilate the blood vessels

c. Constrict the blood vessels

d. Constrict pupil in eye

Correct answer - D

Q.115. Galactagogue is the drug which?

a. Decrease blood glucose level

b. Increase blood glucose level

c. Increase breast milk secretion

d. Increase appetite

Correct answer - C

Q. 116. Which vitamin is also known as anti-sterility Birrovitamin? (FAQs)

a. Vitamin K

b. Vitamin

c. VitaminE

d. Vitamin A

Correct answer - C

Q.117. In the intra-articular route of drug administration injection is given into?

a. Atria bodibiting

b. Arteriespel

c. Joints

d. Areolar tissue

Correct answer - C

Q.118. Selection of the site of injection depends upon? (ÚP CHO-2019)

a. The quantity of medication to be given

b. The characteristics of medication to be given

c. Route ordered by the physician

d. All of the above

Correct answer - D

Q.119. Before giving an injection the nurse should be able?

a. To select the site quickly and accurately

b. To prepare the medications as desired

c. To select equipment appropriately

d. All of the above

Correct answer - D

Q.120 In which factors should be considered in the selection of syringes and needles?

a. Viscosity of medication solution.

b. The route ordered

c. Amount of medication to be administered

d. All

Correct answer - D

Q.121.  5% dextrose in normal saline (NS) is?

a. Hypotonic fluid

b. Isotonic fluid

c. Hypertonic fluid

d. None of the above

Correct answer - C

Q..122. Which of the following I.V. fluid solution is a hypotonic solution?

a. 2.5% sodium chloride solution

b. 5% Dextrose solution

c. 0.45% sodium chloride solution

d. All of the above

Correct answer - C

For 1000 ml NS 9 gm NaCl will be required and for 500 ml NaCl 4.5 gm Sodium chloride or NaCl will be required.

Q.123. The standard unit of weight in a metric system is ?

a. Pound

b. Milligram

c. Kilogram

d. Gram

Correct answer - C

Q.124.1 kilogram is equal to?

a. 2 pounds

b.0.2 pounds

c. 2.2 pound

d. 10 pound

Correct answer - C

Q.125. 1 ounce (O2) is equal to? (FAQs)

a. 50 grams

b. 30 grams

c. 15 grams

d. 45 grams

Correct answer - B

Q.126.What quantity of sodium chloride is required to make 1 liter of normal saline (NS) is? (FAQs)

a. 9 gm

b.900 gm

c. 90 gm

d. 0.9 gm

Correct answer - A

Q. 127. 1 teaspoon tsp is the same as? (FAQs)

a. 10 mlb

b . 15 ml

c. 2.5 mln

d. 5 ml

Correct answer - D

Q.128. 1 tablespoon TBSP is the same as? (FAQs)

a. 10 ml

b. 15 ml

c. 2.5 ml

d. 5 ml

Correct answer - B

Q.129.Mannitol is a?

a. Hypotonic solution

b. Hypertonic solution

c. Isotonic solution

d. None of the above

Correct answer - B

Q.130. PPNAL Abbreviation used for?

a. Each hour

b. Tomorrow morning

c. Each morning

d. When required

Correct answer - D

Q.131. Maximum amount of a drug can be given through I.M.route?

a. 10 ml

b. 15 ml

c. 5 ml

d. 20 ml

Correct answer - C

Q.132. The antidote of morphine overdose is?

a. Naloxone

b. Esmolol

c. Atropine sulphate

d. N-acetyl cysteine

Correct answer - A

Q.133. Which of the following is natural penicillin?

a. Procaine penicillin-G

b. Benzathine penicillin

c. Benzyl penicillin G

d. All of the above

Correct answer - D

Example of Natural penicillin -

- For IV-penicillin G

- For orally-Penicillin-V (phenoxymethylpenicillin)

- For IM-Procaine penicillin and benzathine penicillin

Synthetic & semi-synthetic penicillin

- Anti-staphylococcal-methicillin, oxacillin and nafcillin

- Extended spectrum- ampicillin, amoxicillin and carbenicillin

Q.134.Which antimalarial drug can be used safely in pregnancy?

a. Primaquine

b. Chloroquine

c. Quinine

d. All of these

Correct answer - B

Q.135.Cotrimoxazole is a combination of? (FAQ)

a. Metronidazole+clotrimazole

b. Trimethoprim + sulfamethoxazole

c. Albendazole clotrimazole otse

d. Trimethoprim + sulfacetamide

Correct answer - B

Q.136 Which first line drug to be used in the treatment of HIV infection?

a. Stavudine

b . Nevirapine

c. Lamivudine

d . Zidovudine

Correct answer - D

Q.137. Drug of choice for leprosy?

a. Rifampisin

b . Dapsone

c. Clofazimine

d. All

Correct answer - B

Q.138.The drug of choice in the treatment of HIV infection is?

a. Saquinavir

b. Tenofovir

c. Zidovudine

d. Nevirapine

Correct answer - C

Q.139.Drug of choice in breast carcinoma is?

a. Chlorambucil

b.Tamoxifen citrate

c. Methotrexate

d. Co-trimoxazole

Correct answer - B

Q.140. Which of the following drugs is an ototoxic?

a. Sulphonamide

b. Metronidazole

c. Streptomycin

d. Penicillin

Correct answer - C

Q.141.Best antibiotic in the treatment of UTI is? (HSSC-2017)

a. Tetracycline

b. Streptomycin

c. Nitrofurantoin

d. Ciprofloxacin

Correct answer - C

Q.142. Which of the following is a side effect of aspirin? (FAQs)

a. Bleeding

b. GI upset

c. Tinnitus

d. All

Correct answer - D

Q. 143. Drug of choice in cerebral malaria is?

a. Primaquine

b. Quinine

c. Chloroquine

d . None of the above

Correct answer - B

Q. 144. Drug of choice in herpes encephalitis is?

a. Amantadine

b. Acyclovir

c. Oseltamivir

d. Interferons

Correct answer - B

Q.145. Which drug can cause Gray-baby syndrome? (NORCET-2020)

a. Streptomycin

b. Chloramphenicol

c. Ciprofloxacin

d. Acyclovir

Correct answer - B

Q. 146. Which is the drug of choice in the treatment of filariasis?

a. Amphetamine

b. Tetracycline

c. Dapsone

d. Diethylcarbamazine citrate

Correct answer - D

Q.147. Ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity are the most common adverse effects of which group of drugs?

a. Fluoroquinolones

b. Aminoglycoside

c. Cephalosporins

d. Tetracyclines

Correct answer - B

Q. 148. Fluconazole is a?

a. Antianxiety agent

b. Antifungal agent

c. Antitussive agent

d. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

Correct answer - B

Q. 149. Which of the following anti tubercular drugs is responsible for peripheral neuritis? (PGI-2018)

a. Pyrazinamide

b. Streptomycin

c. Isoniazid .

d. Rifampisin

Correct answer - C

Q. 150. Which of the following antitubercular drugs should be avoided in young children?

a. Rifampicin

b. Ethambutol

c. Pyrazinamide

d. Isoniazid

Correct answer - B

Q. 151. Hepatotoxicity and neurotoxicity are the adverse effects of which anti-tubercular drug?

a. Rifampin

b. Ethambutol

c. Pyrazinamide

d. Isoniazid

Correct answer - D

Q. 152. All antitubercular drugs are bactericidal except one?

a. Streptomycin

b. Isoniazid

c. Rifampicin .

d. Ethambutol

Correct answer - D

Q.153. Which of the following anti-tubercular drugs cause red-orange discolouration of urine and other body secretions?

a. Ethambutol

b. Streptomycin

c. Isoniazid

d. Rifampicin

Correct answer - D


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