delhi aiims nursing officer paper 2020

AIIMS Combined Nursing Officer Exam 2020 Question paper

[Memory Based] Exam- 07 Feb 2020

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Q.21 Identify Halo traction in Below given images ?

Right Answered : B

Q.17 The below given device is used in ?

A. Endotracheal Intubation

B. Respiration

C. Nasogastric Intubation

D. None of these

Right Answered : A

Q.26 In below image show an airway obstruction. The obstruction is caused by the ?

A. Tongue

B. Teeth

C. An external object

D. Food material

Right Answered : A

Q.18 Identify the device that provide Oxygen, moist environment, and Prevent from

Hypothermia to Newborn babies-

Right Answered : 

Q.36 In the below shown image is a spirometry type of ?

A. Incentive spirometry

B. Excentive spirometry

C. Positive spirometry

D. Negative spirometry

Right Answered : A

Q.22 In the below image the condition is caused by ?

A. Hyperthyroidism

B. Hypothyroidism

C. Hypercalcemia

D. Hypocalcemia

Right Answered :A
Q.1 In the below image is an X-ray film. This is including the part of ?

A. Liver and Chest

B. Gallbladder and chest

C. Abdomen and Chest

D. Normal Chest X-ray

Right Answered : D

Q.2 Which of the following X-Ray Film show Absolute Pleural effusion finding ?

Right Answered : D

Q.3 In Below given image test is used for-

A. For Peripheral Vision

B. For Near Vision

C. For Far Vision

D. For Color Blindness

Right Answered : D

Q.4 What is the reason behind using this plastic slide in below image ?

A. To Save patient from electric current

B. For safe transferring of patient

C. To prevent from Bed sore

D. To Provide hard surface to the patient

Right Answered :B

Q.05 Which reflex you seen in below image ?

A. Moro Reflex

B. Plantar Reflex

C. Swallowing Reflex

D. Leg Reflex

Right Answered : B

Q.06 What is the name of the device in the image below ?

A. Tourniquet

B. Blood Pressure cup

C. Bandage

D. Disposable thermometer

Right Answered : A

Q.07 Identify the abnormality in below image ?

A. Deviated Nasal Plate

B. Deviated Nasal Septum

C. Deviated Nasal Bone

D. Deviated Nasal Membrane

Right Answered :B

Q.08 Which of the following device is being used in below image-

A. Blood Pressure Cup

B. DVT Pump

C. Air Bed Device

D. None of these

Right Answered :B

Q.09 Name of the below given instrument that is mainly used in gynecology ?

A. Otoscope

B. Proctoscope

C. Fetoscope

D. Stethoscope

Right Answered : C

Q.10 Identify the name of below given machine/instrument ?

A. Pulse oximeter

B. Multipara monitor

C. ABG Machine

D. CTG Machine

Right Answered : D

Q.11 Name of the position in below image ?

A. Supine

B. Prone

C. Lithotomy

D. Side lying

Right Answered : C

Q.12 The condition in the below given image is known as ?

A. Hemoptysis

B. Epistaxis

C. Micturition

D. Hematemesis

Right Answered : B

Q.13 In below given images identify Mayo Scissor ?

Right Answered : A

Q.14 The condition in the below image is caused by ?

A. Hypercalcemia

B. Hypocalcemia

C. Hyperkalemia

D. Hypokalemia

Right Answered : B

Q.15 In the below Video which of the following is used ?

A. Urinary Catheter

B. Drainage tube

C. Water seal Drainage tube

D. Ryle’s tube with bag

Right Answered : C

Q.16 In below video a nurse applies a device to the patient that is used to assessing ?

A. SpCo2

B. SpO2

C. Temperature

D. Respiration

Right Answered : B

Q.17 In the below Video which of the following artery is used for catheterization ?

A. Branchial Artery

B. Radial Artery

C. Femoral Artery

D. Ulnar Artery

Right Answered : B

Q.18 Identify below given image-

A. Peripheral line

B. Femoral line

C. CVP Line

D. Branchial line

Right Answered : C

Q.19 In the below image an anesthetic is giving anesthesia to the patient. Identify which types of ?

anesthesia is giving-

A. Local Anesthesia

B. General Anesthesia

C. Spinal Anesthesia

D. Specific Anesthesia

Right Answered : C

Q.20 In below image the scale is used to assess ?

A. Pain

B. Consciousness

C. Hearing

D. Knowledge

Right Answered : A

Q.21 In the below video this procedure is done before surgery. This procedure is called ?

A. Betadine painting

B. Chlorhexidine painting

C. Betadine scrubbing

D. Chlorhexidine scrubbing

Right Answered : C & D

Q.22 Identify the procedure is done in the below video ?

A. Nasogastric intubation

B. Endotracheal intubation

C. Urinary catheterization

D. Lavage and Gavage

Right Answered : B

Q.23 Which of the following device is used in below image-

A. Endotracheal tube

B. Tracheostomy tube

C. Nasogastric tube

D. Laryngeal mask

Right Answered : B

Q.1 Which types of abnormalities seen in below given ECG-

A. Myocardial Infarction

B. Ventricular Bradycardia

C. Supraventricular Tachycardia

D. Complete Heart Block

Right Answered : c

SupraVentricular Tachycardia (SVT)

SVT is a condition presenting as a rapid heart rhythm originating at or above the AV node.

Narrow ORS complex

Rate is usually between 150 and 250 beats per minute

The rhythm is always regular

Possible symptoms : Palpitations, angina, anxiety, polyuria, syncope

Prolonged runs of SVT may result in atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter.

May be terminated by carotid massage.

Q.2 A patient who has Hyperkalemia. Which of the following changes in ECG seen-?

A. Absent P wave

B. Tall T wave

C. Short QRS complex

D. Short T wave

Right Answered : B

Long PR interval

First degree heart block PR interval more than 5 small squares or 0.2 sec.

hyperkalemia, hypermagnesemia can cause prolonged PR INTERVAL

Q.3 In Below ECG Strip identify the name in red circle

A. PR Interval

B. R Wave

C. QRS Complex

D. ST Segment

Right Answered : A


Definition : time interval between beginning of P wave to beginning of QRS complex.

Normal P-R interval → 3 to 5 mm or 3 to 5 small squares on ECG graph.

Duration → 0.12 -0.2 sec


Q.1 A Physician ordered a Heparin infusion to a patient diagnosed with DVT. 
Nurse remember
that which of the following drug in available-

A. Vitamin K

B. Warfarin

C. Protamine sulphate

D. Calcium gluconate

Right Answered :C

Q. 2 Bitot's spot and Xerophthalmia is due to the deficiency of-

A. Riboflavin

B. Thiamine

C. Vitamin C

D. Vitamin A

Right Answered : D

Q.3 In HIV positive patient Mantoux tuberculin test is positive when the scar is more than-

A. 5mm

B. 7mm

C. 11mm

D. 15mm

Right Answered : A

Q.4 Classic Sign of Pyloric Stenosis in child is-

A. Diarrhea

B. Vomiting

C. Projectile Vomiting

D. Dehydration

Right Answered : C

Q. 5 A patient is in severe dyspnea. Which of the following position nurse give the patient-?

A. Supine

B. Left lateral

C. Fowler's

D. Trendelenburg

Right Answered :C

Q.6 Which position will you give in a Lumber puncture procedure-

A. Supine

B. Lateral

C. C shaped position

D. Prone

Right Answered : C

video position se exam me aaye huye quetion 

Q.7 Incubation period of Tetanus is-

A. 5 days

B. 10 days

C. 15 days

D. 20 days

Right Answered :B

Video hyperkalemia or hypokalemia ke exam me aaye huye question

Q.9 In 'DPT' Vaccine "P" Stands for-

A. Poliomyelitis

B. Whooping cough

C. Measles

D. Diphtheria

Right Answered : B

Q.10 A patient in ICU needs urgent CPR. Which of the following code is used to call emergency

CPR team-

A. Code Red

B. Code Black

C. Code Blue

D. Code Pink

Right Answered : C

Q.11 A patient needs blood transfusion. The nurse should use which of the following size


A. 16

B. 18

C. 20

D. 22

Right Answered : B

Q.12 Which fluids is used to flush IV line after blood transfusion-



C. GDW 5%


Right Answered :A

Q.13 Which of the following is mix in small amount with ABG blood sample syringe-

A. Normal Saline

B. Heparin

C. Insulin

D. Calcium gluconate

Right Answered :B

Q.14 A woman comes to the hospital his history is 1 abortion two years back, one twins baby at 37 weeks and
Now she is pregnant. What is the GTPAL Score-

A. G3T1P0A1L2

B. G3T1P2A1L2

C. G2T1P1A1L2

D. G2T1P2A1L2

Right Answered :A

Video - how to solve GTPAL question

Q.15 In a Newborn baby white cheeses layer over the Skin is called-

A. Milia

B. Vernix Caseosa

C. White spot

D. Bitot spot

Right Answered : B

Q.16 Catgut Suture is which type of suture-

A. Natural Non-Absorbable

B. Natural Absorbable

C. Synthetic Non-Absorbable

D. Synthetic Absorbable

Right Answered : B

Q.17 Which type of fluid solution causes fluid shift from tissue to blood vessels-

A. Isotonic

B. Hypertonic

C. Hypotonic

D. All of these

Right Answered :B

Q.18 Which of the following Questionnaires is used in alcoholism-?





Right Answered :B

Q.19 For Assessment of Malnutrition in children is based on

A. Weight for height

B. Weight for age

C. Body mass index

D. Diet

Right Answered :B

Q.20 Which of the following is first sign in a patient whose immune system is suppressed-?

A. Fever

B. Elevated ESR

C. Low platelet count

D. Decreased WBC

Right Answered :A

Q.21 A patient has a renal transplant 24 hours before. The nurse should understand that warning sign after renal transplantation is-

A. Fever with chills

B. Low blood pressure

C. Urine output 20ml/hr

D. Urine output 50ml/hr

Right Answered :C

Q.22 Which of the following solution is recommended by WHO after blood spillage in hospitals-

A. Betadine

B. 70% alcohol solution

C. Sodium hypochlorite

D. Bleaching powder

Right Answered : C

Q.23 The nurse should check FHR in 2nd stage of labour after every-

A. 5 minutes

B. 15 minutes

C. 30 minutes

D. 45 minutes

Right Answered : B

Q.24 Blood sponge gauze pieces are discarded in which color dustbin-

A. White

B. Black

C. Yellow

D. Red

Right Answered :C

Q.25 The nurse discard syringe without needle in which color of dustbin-

A. Red

B. Yellow

C. White

D. Blue

Right Answered : A

Q.26 Before giving ECT to the patient an anesthetic gives pethidine following Succinylcholine. What is the purpose-

A. Anesthesia

B. Muscle relaxant

C. To protect seizures

D. Anesthesia and muscles relaxant

Right Answered :A
video- ECT

Q.27 Which of the following route is correct to giving Mantoux test in a patient-

A. Intramuscular

B. Intravenous

C. Intradermal

D. Subcutaneous

Right Answered : C

Q.28 unconcius pt. Maximum duration for checking Pulse rate in last-

A. 5 seconds

B. 10 seconds

C. 20 seconds

D. 30 seconds

Right Answered : B

Q.29 The effects of Vagus Stimulation on heart is-

A. Decrease Heart Rate

B. Increase Heart Rate

C. No effect

D. Ventricular tachycardia

Right Answered : A

Q.30 The current method is used in CPR is-





Right Answered : B

Q.31 During the CPR rescuer give breathing to the patient after each-

A. 6-8 seconds

B. 10-15 seconds

C. 20 seconds

D. 20-22 seconds

Right Answered : A ( 5-6 Seconds)

Q.32 All of the following are benefit of Kangaroo mother EXCEPT-

A. Strong child mother bond

B. Increased lactation

C. Minimize PPH

D. Prevent Hypothermia

Right Answered : c

Q.33 Which of the following is most useful position after each neurosurgery operation-

A. Supine

B. Trendelenburg

C. Head end elevated 30° degree

D. Head end elevated 90° degree

Right Answered :C

Q.34 All of the following are emergency contraceptive methods EXCEPT


B. Oral contraceptive pills

C. Condom

D. Diaphragm

Right Answered : C & D

Q.35 IUD is contraindicated after which of the following -

A. After abortion

B. During LSCS

C. Before menstrual cycle

D. All of the above

Right Answered : D

Q.36 After delivery all drug are used to stop Postpartum Hemorrhage EXCEPT-

A. Oxytocin

B. Methergine

C. Drotaverine

Right Answered : C

Q.37 Drug of choice for seizure in children is-

A. Phenytoin

B. Diazepam

C. Barbiturates

D. Midazolam

Right Answered : C

Q.38 A patient is admitted with CHF. When auscultating patients’ lungs, which type of sound you hear-

A. Wheezing

B. Crackles

C. Stridor

D. Loud sounds

Right Answered : B

Q.39 Minimum distance between two insulin doses[site] -

A. 2.5mm

B. 4.5mm

C. 2.5cm

D. 4.5cm

Right Answered : C

Q.40 Pain, blisters, redness and infection seen in which stage of burn-

A. 1st degree burn

B. 2nd degree burn

C. 3rd degree burn

D. 4th degree burn

Right Answered : B

Q.41 Bone exposed in a bed sore. The stage of bed sore is-

A. 1st Stage

B. 2nd stage

C. 3rd stage

D. 4th stage

Right Answered : D

Q.42 A 1000ml infusion start at 2:00PM at the rate of 110ml per hour, how much fluid is infused till 6:30PM

A. 500

B. 495

C. 385

D. 785

Right Answered : B

Q.43 Drug of choice in Extrapyramidal Symptom (EPS) is-

A. Clonazepam

B. Diazepam

C. Midazolam

D. Trihexyphenydil

Right Answered : D

Q.44 Which of the following part of needle holder is best holding suture needle is-

A. At the tip

B. 2/3 Proximal

C. 1/3 Proximal

D. 2/3 Distal

Right Answered :  question is not clear
  • Suture skin- hold proximal part
  • fat and muscle ( tack deep suture ) hold distal and

Q.45 Right way to administer eye drop and eye ointment?

A. First eye drop followed by ointment

B. First ointment followed by eye drop

C. First eye drops and after 15-minute ointment

D. First eye ointment and after 15-minute eye drop

Right Answered : C

Q.46 Erik Erikson Developmental stage in a toddler child?

A. Autonomy vs same

B. Trust vs mistrust

Right Answered :A 

Q.47 Which diet is recommended in laboring patients?

A. IV therapy


C. Full diet

D. Liquid diet

Right Answered : D

Q.48 Which vaccine is contraindicated in pregnancy EXCEPT?

A. Rubella

B. Measles

C. Rotavirus

D. Diphtheria

Right Answered : D

Q.49 Time of closure of posterior fontanelle?

A. 8 weeks

B. 6 weeks

C. 24 weeks

D. 2 weeks

Right Answered :B

Q.50 A female patient arrived in hospital with abdominal pain after pelvic trauma, all vitals are
The normal and patient have had amenorrhea for the last two months. What is the next investigation?

A. Pelvic X Ray

B. Urine pregnancy test

C. CT Scan

D. Serum Amylase

Right Answered :B

Q.51 Best time for antiplatelets therapy after Stoke?

A. 12-24 hours

B. 6-8 hours

C. 12-36 hours

D. 2-4 hours

Right Answered : C ( With in 48h )

Q.52 Priority nursing action after ABG blood sample?

A. Direct pressure on puncture site

B. Sterile dressing

C. Freeze sample

D. Elevate Limb

Right Answered : A

Q.53 Which solution is used to prevent clotting in IV cannula before blood transfusion?



C. Normal saline

D. Dextrose 5%

Right Answered :C

Q.54 According to WHO, which is not included in the surgical safety checklist in OT?

A. Sign in

B. Sign out

C. Time in

D. Time out

Right Answered : C

Q.55 Which of the following program is related to immunization?

A. Balwadi

B. Inderdhanush

C. Mid day meal programme

D. All of the above

Right Answered : B

Q.56 Number of teeth in a 3-year-old child?

A. 20

B. 32

C. 16

D. 24

Right Answered : A

Q.57 Which of the following is early signs of increased ICP in a child?

A. Vomiting

B. Increased head size

C. Bulging fontanelle

D. Headache

Right Answered : D

Q.58 Which antipsychotic drug may cause amenorrhea?

A. Sodium valproate

B. Lithium.

C. Risperidone

D. Phenytoin.

Right Answered : C

Q.59 Which of the following is a long action muscle relaxant?

A. Pancuronium

B. Atracurium.

C. Succinylcholine.

D. Vecuronium.

Right Answered : A

Q.60 Which Statement is right about contraceptive pill Chhaya EXCEPT?

A. Non hormonal contraceptives.

B. Non steroids contraceptive.

C. Initially 2 tablets given weekly.

D. Not safe in breastfeeding mothers.

Right Answered :D

Q.61  All of the sign of preeclampsia EXCEPT-

A. Hypertension

B. Protein urea

C. Fever

D. Edema

Right Answered : C

Q.62  1 Chief Nursing officer is posted on how many beds-

A. 1:300

B. 1:400

C. 1:500

D. 1:600

Right Answered : C

Q.63 Bluish discoloration of the cervix in pregnancy is called as-

A. Goodell sign

B. Hagar sign

C. Chadwick sign

D. Braxton hick’s contraction

Right Answered : C

Q.64  A patient 3000ml I.V. fluid to be administer in 24 hours, if drop factor is 10 drop/min

identify the flow rate-

A. 18 Drops/min

B. 21 Drops/min

C. 25 Drops/min

D. 30 Drops/min

Right Answered : B

Q.65 Anganwadi worker supervised by-



C. Mukhyasevika


Right Answered : A

Q.66 A nurse is caring a colostomy the nurse understand that the colostomy stoma is larger-

A. 1/8

B. 2/8

C. 3/6

D. 3/8

Right Answered : A

Q.67 Incubation period of Taeniasis or tapeworm is-

A. 1 to 2 weeks

B. 5 to 7 weeks

C. 10 to 12 weeks

D. 15 to 20 weeks

Right Answered : C

Q.68 A patient is fall down in the floor, what should nurse check first-

A. Pulse

B. Blood pressure

C. Unresponsiveness

D. Respiration

Right Answered : C

Q.69 A Patient is on Acetaminophen therapy, which of the following should nurse observe in this patient-

A. Serum creatinine level

B. Serum transaminase

C. Blood pressure

D. Serum electrolyte

Right Answered : B

Q.70 A patient come in the emergency department with severe pelvic injuries, which of the

following is contraindicated in this patient-

A. Blood transfusion

B. Pelvic X-Ray

C. Urinary catheterization

D. All of the above

Right Answered : C

Q.71 Which of the following problem is associated with Parkinson patient-

A. Speech

B. Movement

C. Pain

D. All

Right Answered : B

Q.72  A Organ donation counselor can take consent from all EXCEPT-

A. Father

B. Mother

C. Friends

D. Brother and Sister

Right Answered : C

Q.73 A restless patient is restraining, a nurse is release restrains in every-

A. 1 hour

B. 2 hour

C. 3 hour

D. 4 hour

Right Answered : B

Q.74  In a 2 rescuer CPR the rescuer changed their position after-

A. 2 Cycle

B. 5 Cycle

C. 7 Cycle

D. 10 Cycle 

Right Answered :A

Q.75 Find out odd one in the following-

A. Chennai

B. Nagpur

C. Kolkata

D. Mumbai

Right Answered : B

Q.76   - In a 50 over cricket match the chasing team score 5 Run per over in the first 30 over required run rate is 10 Run per over which is the score of first team ?

A. 350

B. 349

C. 348

D. 351

Right Answered : B

Q.77  Most important element of country is-

A. People

B. Constitution

C. Area

D. Religion

Right Answered : A

Q.78 Most important element of Jungle is-

A. Birds

B. Animals

C. Tree

D. Rain

Right Answered : C

Q.79  1GB is equal to how many MB-

A. 1024 MB

B. 2024 MB

C. 212 MB

D. 500 MB

Right Answered :A

Q.80 Find out odd one in computer-



C. Printer

D. Window

Right Answered :C

Q.81 What is the correct ratio of bleaching powder and water is-

A. 1: 200

B. 2: 400

C. 3:400

D. 4:400

Right Answered : 

Nursing Officer

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