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mp cho paper 2020-
Q.1. Birth Registration in India should be done within how many days?

a. 14 days

b. 18 days

c. 21 days

d. 24 days

Correct answer - C
UP CHO Paper 2018-

Q.2. Longest muscles in the Human body?

a. Gluteus maximus

b. gluteus minimus

c. Sartorius muscles

d. Deltoid muscles

Correct answer - C

Gluteus Maximus - largest and heaviest muscle 
Gluteus minimus -  smallest muscle of the glute
Stapedius muscle - smallest skeletal muscle human body

Q.3. In tubectomy which body part is removed?

a. Uterus

b. Fallopian tube

c. Ovary

d. Urinary bladder

Correct answer - B

Q.4. World heart day celebrate on which day?

a. 29 march

b. 29 October

c. 29 September

d. 29 December

Correct answer - C

Q.5. When was The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan launched?

a. 2 SEPT 2014

b.2 OCT 2014

c. 2 NOV 2014

d. 10 OCT 2014

Correct answer - B

Q.6. Will an atherosclerosis artery be?

a. Thick

b. Elastico

c. Fragile

d. Hard

Correct answer - D

Q.7. What is the Respiration rate during pregnancy?

a. 20 Rsp/mint.

b.30 Rsp/mint

c. 14 Rsp/mint

d. 10 Rsp/mint

Correct answer - A

Q.8.What is growth?

a. Psychological skill developed

b. Physical growth

c. Progressive growth in size or shape in body parts te

d. Both b & c

Correct answer - D

Q.9. In adult age what is the first priority?

a. Mental health

b. Career counselling

c. Physical health

d. Iron folic acid supplement

Correct answer - A

Q.10. Best way to collect blood samples in neonates?

a. Hands

b. Heel

c. Back

d. Neck

Correct answer - B

Q.11. When we can hear the baby FHS by the Stethoscope?

a. 24 Weeks

b. 28 Weeks

c. 20 Weeks

d. 14 Week

Correct answer - C

Q.12. Below the skin which injection is injected?

a. Intradermal

b. Subcutaneous

c. Intravenous

d. Intramuscular

Correct answer - B

Q.13. Cholera is caused by?

a. Salmonella typhi

b . Vibrio cholerae (viral)

c. Vibrio cholerae (bacterial)

d. Streptococcal

Correct answer - C

Q. 14. If menstrual cycle length is 28 days that means

ovulation occurred on which days?

a. 16 days

b. 14 days

c. 20 days

d. 18 days

Correct answer - B

Q.15. Over Development of Breast in males?

a. Gynecomastia

b. Mastitis

c. Klifenter

d. Tenderness

Correct answer - A

Q.16.Which type of pelvis more suitable for baby birth?

a. Android pelvis

b. Gynecoid pelvis

c. Platiploid pelvis

d. Anthropoid pelvis

Correct answer - B

Q.17. Which species of plasmodium is not found in India?

a. Plas. falciparum

b. Plas. ovale

c. Plas.vivex

d. Plas.malariae

Correct answer - B

Q.18. Polio is which type of disease?

a. Viral

b. Bacterial

c. Protozoa

d. Fungal

Correct answer - A

Q.19. Depth of chest in adult & child during CPR?

a. 2 to 2.5inch

b. 1.5 to 2.inch

c. 1 se 1.5 inch

d. 3 inch

Correct answer - B

Q.20 Baby can sit without support in which month?

a 10 month

b. 12 month

c. 8 month

d. 6 month

Correct answer - C
  • 6 months  begins to sit with  little help

Q.21. Colostrum is high?

a. Expensive

b. Non valuable

c. Infectious

d. Nutritive

Correct answer - D

colostrum - high in nutrients or antibodies

Q.22.First stool of baby is called?

a Mallonium

b. Millennium

c. Meconium

d. None of these

Correct answer - C

Q.23. Antibiotic act against?

a. Infection

b. Inflammation

c. Pain

d. Swelling

Correct answer - A

Q.24 Best medicine to treat SWINE FLU?

a Zidovudine

b. Nevirapine

c. Oseltamivir

d. Artesunate

Correct answer - C

Q.25. International yoga day is celebrated ?

a 21 July

b.21 may

c. 21 Aug

d. 21 June

Correct answer - D

Q.26. IN ovulation which hormone is responsible?


b. LH


d. Both A&C

Correct answer - B

Q.27. Largest muscles of the human body?

a. Sartorius muscles

b. Deltoid muscles

c. Gluteus maximus

d. Dorsal gluteal

Correct answer - C

Q.28. World population day is celebrated?

a. 11 June

b. 11 July

c. 11 Aug

d. 01 July

Correct answer - B

Q.29. Farmers lungs disease caused by?

a. Vegetables

b. Grains

c. Prinkles

d. Coal

Correct answer - B

Q.30. PPIUD? 

a. Purified protein of Intrauterine device

b. Pre partum intra uterine device

c. Post partum intra uterine device

d. Partum post intrauterine device

Correct answer - C

Q.31.Which disease occurs by long term exposure to coal dust?

a Siderosis

b. Anthracosis

c. Pneumoconiosis

d. Both b & c

Correct answer - D

asymptomatic - milder type of pneumoconiosis 
  •   accumulation carbon in lungs due to repeated exposure inhalation smoke  and air pollution or coal dust particles

Q.32.Which of the following methods is used in visual examination?

a. Inspection

b. Palpation

c. Auscultation

d. Percusion

Correct answer - A

Q.33.Which site is used for BCG vaccination?

a. Left lower arm

b. Right lower arm

c. Right upper arm

d. Left upper arm

Correct answer - D

Q.34.Human organ is discarded in which bag according To BMW?

a. White

b. Black

c. Yellow

d. Red

Correct answer - C

Q.35. Minimum ANC Visit according to WHO?

a. S visit

b. 4 visit

c. 3 visit

d. 2 at least

Correct answer - B

Q.36.Full form of VVM?

a. Vail vaccine monitor

b. Viral vaccine monitor

c. Vaccine vial monitor

d. Virtual vial monitor

Correct answer - C

Q. 37. Age of menarche in females?

a. 15 year

b. 10 year

c. 16 year

d. 13 year

Correct answer - D

Q.38. Pentavalent vaccines consist, Except?

a. Hib vaccine

b. Pneumococcal vaccine

c. Mumps

d. Whooping cough

Correct answer - B

Q.39. Snowstorm pattern show in X-rays which disease

Called ?

a. Hydatidiform mole

b . Pneumonia


d. Silicosis

Correct answer - A

Q. 40. Breastfeeding week organised on? (MP CHO-2020)

a. 7 days Sept

b. 1-7 days Aug

c. 1-10 days Sept

d. 1-10 days Aug

Correct answer - B

Q.41.Full form of IDD?

a. Indian demand draft

b. Iodine deficiency disorder

c. Iodine disorder deficiency

d. Indian draft of demand

Correct answer - B

Q.42. Remaining dose of Measles vaccine should be

discarded within?

a. 6 hr

b. 4 hr

c. 8 hr

d. 10 hr

Correct answer - B

Q,43.Dose of Vit-A solution after 9 months?

a. 1 ml

b. 3 ml

c. Both A&B

d. 2 ml

Correct answer - D

Q. 44. MMR vaccine contains?

a. Measles mumps rubella

b. Rubeola, mumps rubella

c. Measles ,peritonitis,rubella

d. All of these

Correct answer - A

Q.45.Which layer is present in the uterus?

a. Endocardium


c. Endometrium

d. Pericardium

Correct answer - C

Q.46. Smallest bone in the human body?

a. Incus

b. Mallius

c. Scapula

d. Staples

Correct answer - D

Q.47. Vit B-9 deficiency which anemia occurs ?

a. Folic acid deficiency anemia

b. Megaloblastic anemia

c. Pernicious anemia

d. Both a & b

Correct answer - D

Q.48. The last case of Smallpox was reported in the world


a. 1977

b. 1978

c. 1979

d. 1982

Correct answer - A

Q. 49. OPV was added to the immunization schedule in the year?

a. 1979

b. 1976

c. 1995

d. 1984

Correct answer - A

Q.50.Chronic renal failure cause all of except?

a. Hypertension

b. Hyperkalaemia

c. Hypocalcaemia

d. Hypercalcaemia

Correct answer - D

Q.51. The test that is most specific for myocardial damage?

a. CK MB

b. Myoglobin

c. Troponin I

d. Ck

Correct answer - C

Q.52. Warm, dry, pink skin is seen in?

a. Neurogenic shock

b. Cardiogenic shock

c. Hypovolemic shock

d. Anaphylactic shock

Correct answer - A

Q.53. Antidote of Iron?

a. Naloxone

b. Deferoxamine

c. Physostigmine

d. None of these

Correct answer - B

Q.54. In Placenta Previa characteristics of bleeding?

a. Pain less vagina bleeding

b. Pain full vaginal bleeding

c. No bleeding

d. None of these

Correct answer - A

Q.55. When was NRHM launched in India?

a. 12 April 2008

b. 12 April 2005

c. 8 April 2005

d. 8 April 2008

Correct answer - B

Q.56. DOTS is a?

a. Observation direct short course

b. Short course of tuberculosis

c. Treatment of direct course of TB

d. Direct observation treatment short course

Correct answer - D

Q.57.Visual acuity checked by which chart?

a. Ishihara chart

b. Snellen chart

c. both a & b

d. None

Correct answer - B

Q.58. Absence of sperm in seman?

a. Asthenozoospermia

b. Aspermia

c. Azoospermia

d. Polyspermia

Correct answer - C

Q.59.Acid rain due to?

a. SO2+NO

b. SO2+N2O

c. SO2+H2O

d. SO2+N2

Correct answer - A

Q.60.Which enzyme act as a catalyst during penetration of ovum by sperm?

a. Hyaluronidase

b . Renin

c. DTH

d. Testosterone

Correct answer - A


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