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Q.1 celebrated World Food Day

(a) 4th July

(b) 16 October

(c) 12th August

(d) 18h May

Correct answer - B

Kerala psc junior public health nurse paper-

Q..2 Which is the following is aphasia in which the understanding is intact, but ability to speak

is it lost?

(a) Sensory aphasia

(b) Motor aphasia

(c) Global aphasia

(d) Partial aphasia

Correct answer - B

Q.3 Alteration in mood and affect consisting of sadness appropriate to a real loss is termed

as -

(a) Apathy

(b) Labile mood

(c) Grief

(d) Depression

Correct answer - C

Q.4 Formation of cavities filled with fluid inside the spinal cord is called -

(a) Meningocele

(b) Syringomyelia

(c) Meningomyelocele

(d) Myelocele

Correct answer - B

Q.5 Japanese Encephalitis vaccine is administered through -

(a) Intramuscular route

(b) Subcutaneous route

(c) Oral route

(d) Intradermal route

Correct answer - A

Q.6 The morbid fear of open places is called -

(a) Xenophobia

(b) Claustrophobia

(c) Agoraphobia

(d) Ailurophobia

Correct answer - C

Q.7 Acute or chronic condition of the skin characterised by recurrent appearance of weals causing irritation :

(a) Dermatitis

(b) Psoriasis

(c) Urticaria

(d) Eczema

Correct answer - C

Q.8 Extravasation of urine into the cellular tissue due to rupture of bladder, seen in pelvic

fracture -

(a) Urecchysis

(b) Cystocele

(c) Neurogenic Bladder

(d) Hydronephrosis

Correct answer - A

Q.9 Carpal spasm when the upper arm is compressed to cause ischemia to the nerves distally is -

(a) Homan's sign

(b) Trousseau's sign

(c) Chvostek's sign

(d) Kernig's sign

Correct answer - B

Q.10 A condition of pancreatic tumour causing excessive outpouring of gastric juice is -

(a) Dumping syndrome

(b) Islets tumour

(c) Zollinger Ellison's syndrome

(d) None of these

Correct answer - C

Q.11 Rapid speech in which the words are strung together without meaning -

(a) Word salad

(b) Flight of ideas

(c) Neologism

(d) Echolalia

Correct answer - A

Q.12 Club foot with inner edge only in contact with the ground and foot turned outwards -

(a) Genu Valgum

(b) Talipes Hallux

(c) Genu Varum

(d) Torticollis

Correct answer - B

Q.13 Abnormal painless vaginal bleeding is seen

(a) Ectopic pregnancy

(b) Pre-eclampsia

(c) Placenta previa

(d) Abortion

Correct answer - C

Q.14 Most common cause of pulmonary embolism is -

(a) Neoplasm

(b) DVT

(c) Pulmonary hypertension

(d) Embolic stroke

Correct answer - B

Q.15 Absence or defective development of jaw is called -

(a) Aglossia

(b) Agnosia

(c) Aglutition

(d) Agnathia

Correct answer - D

Q.16 The Extrinsic system of clotting mechanism is triggered by the release of -

(a) Tissue Thromboplastin

(b) Factor VII

(c) Factor XII

(d) Ca2+

Correct answer - A

Q.17 Which cell organism is first damaged in hypoxia?

(a) Nucleus

(b) Ribosome

(c) Mitochondria.

(d) Golgi body

Correct answer - C

Q.18 The most reliable indicator of neurological functions in a patient is -

(a) Level of Consciousness

(b) EEG

(c) Vital signs

(d) MRI

Correct answer - A

Q.19 The most common therapeutic intervention for management of toxic ingestion is -

(a) Ipecac

(b) Apomorphine

(c) Activated charcoal

(d) Normal saline

Correct answer - C

Q.20 Substitution of valine for glutamic acid in the beta chain of hemoglobin

(a) Hemolytic anaemia

(b) Aplastic anaemia

(c) Thalassemia

(d) Sickle cell anaemia

Correct answer - D

Q.21 Projectile vomiting which is non bilious is seen in -

(a) Hiatal hernia

(b) Pyloric stenosis

(c) Gastroenteritis

(d) Meningitis

Correct answer - B

Q.22 Chlorine demand of water is measured by -

(a) Colorimeter

(b) Double pot method

(c) Berkefeld filter

(d) Horrock's apparatus

Correct answer - D

Q.23 ………...are chemical substances produced in one part of the body that regulate the activities of certain organs or group of cells in other part of the body.

(a) Enzymes

(b) Antibodies

(c) Estrogen

(d) Hormones

Correct answer - D

Q.24 The ability to detect changes in the environment is

(a) Movement

(b) Sensitivity

(c) Sensation

(d) Power

Correct answer - B

Q.25 Phototherapy reduces serum bilirubin through -

(a) Photo oxidation

(b) Photo isomerisation

(c) Photo conjugation

(d) Structural changes

Correct answer - B

Q.26 Health survey and development committee is by

(a) Mudhaliar

(b) Shrivastav

(c) Mukerji

(d) Bhore

Correct answer - D

Q.27 Which of the following is not a metaparadigm of Nursing -

(a) Person

(b) Environment

(c) Diagnosis

(d) Nursing

Correct answer - C

Q.28 The gradual decrease of the body temperature after death -

(a) Liver mortis

(b) Algor mortis

(c) Rigor mortis

(d) Hypothermia

Correct answer - B

Q.29 Bell's palsy affect the -

(a) 2nd cranial nerve

(b) 3rd cranial nerve

(c) 4th cranial nerve

(d) 7h cranial nerve

Correct answer - D

Q.30 The concentration of oxygen in expired air is

(a) 0%

(b) 21%

(c) 16%

(d) 4%

Correct answer - C

Q.31 Blood group was discovered by -

(a) Robert Koch

(b) Karl Land Steiner

(c) Paul Ehrich

(d) Anton Von

Correct answer - B

Q.32 Which of the following hormones is not secreted by posterior pituitary gland ?

(a) Vasopressin

(b) Oxytocin

(c) ADH

(d) Growth hormone

Correct answer - D

Q.33 Which of the following position has to be given to a child after the surgery for cleft


(a) Supine

(b) Prone

(c) Side lying

(d) Fowlers

Correct answer - B

Q.34 The best design to test association between risk factor and disease -

(a) Case control

(b) Ecological study

(c) Cohort

(d) Cross sectional

Correct answer - C

Q.35 The type of pulse seen in coarctation of aorta

(a) Strong pedal pulse

(b) Diminished carotid pulse

(c) Normal femoral pulse

(d) Bounding pulse in arm

Correct answer - D

Q.36 BCG is prepared in the form of -

(a) Killed vaccine

(b) Triple vaccine

(c) Live attenuated vaccine

(d) Combined vaccine

Correct answer - C

Q.37 Highest percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acid is present in -

(a) Groundnut

(b) Soyabean

(c) Margarine

(d) Palm oil

Correct answer - B

Q.38 Which of the following drugs is used commonly in Raynaud's phenomenon?

(a) Tacrolimus

(b) Atropine

(c) Beta blocker

(d) Calcium channel blocker

Correct answer - D

Q.39 Which is the antidote for streptokinase ?

(a) Protamine sulphate

(b) Amino caproic acid

(c) Naloxone

(d) Vitamin K

Correct answer - B

Q.40 It can be considered as PPH, if the postnatal mother's blood loss even after 24 hrs is :

(a) > 500 ml

(b) > 200 ml

(c) > 50 ml

(d) > 100 ml

Correct answer - A

Q.41 Bucks extension belongs to a method of

traction -

(a) Skeletal

(b) Skin

(c) Russel

(d) Skull traction

Correct answer - B

Q.42 Common carotid artery divides at the level of:

(a) Inferior border of thyroid cartilage

(b) Superior border of hyoid bone

(c) Superior border of thyroid cartilage

(d) Lateral border of cricoid cartilage

Correct answer - C

Q.43 The most common organism causing cellulitis is -

(a) E.Coli

(b) Pseudomonas

(c) Beta hemolytic streptococci

(d) Bacteroides

Correct answer - C

Q.44 Ossification in fetus start in -

(a) 3 weeks

(b) 5 weeks

(c) 6 weeks

(d) 8 weeks

Correct answer - B

Q.45 The immunoglobulin responsible for primary immunity

(a) IgM

(b) IgG

(c) IgA

(d) IgE

Correct answer - A

Q..46 Negri bodies found in hippocampus are diagnostic sign of -

(a) Rabies

(b) Measles

(c) Rubella

(d) Diphtheria

Correct answer - A

Q.47 Right sided hemiplegia and aphasia indicate the involvement of -

(a) LMCA

(b) Vertebral artery

(c) Brain stem

(d) RMCA

Correct answer - A

Q.48 Which type of the following organism cause malignant malaria?

(a) Plasmodium Vivax

(b) Plasmodium Falciparum

(c) Plasmodium Ovale

(d) None of the above

Correct answer - B

Q.49 Disposable endotracheal tube can be sterilized by using -

(a) Ethylene oxide

(b) Dry heat

(c) Formaldehyde

(d) Phenol

Correct answer - A

Q.50 “Takayasu” is a disorder of -

(a) Nerves

(b) Vein

(c) Artery

(d) Lymph node

Correct answer - C

Q.51 Which of the following malignancy spread

through CSF ?

(a) Meningioma

(b) Astrocytoma

(c) Craniopharyngloma

(d) Medulloblastoma

Correct answer - D

Q.52 Name the media which provide interactive health care utilizing modern technology in

hospitals is

(a) TV

(b) Intercom

(c) Telemedicine

(d) AIR

Correct answer - C

Q.53 Write the meaning of “Costo" -

(a) Colon

(b) Rib

(c) Cartilage

(d) Common bile duct

Correct answer - B

Q.54 Which of the following does not cross blood brain barrier

(a) Water

(b) CO2

(c) Na

(d) O2

Correct answer - C

Q.55 Which of the following tends to decrease with increase in age?

(a) Pulse pressure

(b) Systolic blood pressure

(c) Diastolic pressure

(d) Respiratory volume

Correct answer - A

Q.56 The first urge to void will be felt when the bladder is filled with :

(a) 75 ml of urine

(b) 25 ml of urine

(c) 500 ml of urine

(d) 150 ml of urine

Correct answer - D

Q.57 Which of the following microorganisms grow in a very wide range of temperatures ?

(a) Pseudomonas

(b) Gonococcus

(c) Spirochaetes

(d) Pneumococcus

Correct answer - A

Q.58 Which of the following drugs is cardiotoxic ?

(a) Bleomycin

(b) Mithramycin

(c) Adriamycin

(d) Mitomycin

Correct answer - C

Q.59 Copper-T is ideally recommended in -

(a) Women with at least one child

(b) Newly married couple

(c) Infection of genital tract

(d) Unmotivated women

Correct answer - A

Q.60 Physiological splitting of second heart sound

can be exaggerated by -

(a) Valsalva maneuver

(b) Breath holding

(c) Deep inspiration

(d) Forced expiration

Correct answer - C

Q.61 Which of the following is an injectable progestin?

(a) Isoxsuprine

(b) NET-EN

(c) Implanon

(d) Norgestrel

Correct answer - B

Q.62 Which method used to sterilize surgical dressings?

(a) Dry heat Sterilization

(b) Pasteurisation

(c) Tyndallization

(d) Autoclaving

Correct answer - D

Q.63 Mean head to body delivery time in normal birth is

(a) 50 Seconds

(b) 79 Seconds

(c) 24 Seconds

(d) 42 Seconds

Correct answer - C

Q.64 Which of the following is a type of non probability sampling?

(a) Stratified random sampling

(b) Simple random sampling

(c) Purposive sampling

(d) Systematic sampling

Correct answer - C

Q.65 Which of the following indicates the flatness or peakedness of a frequency distribution?

(a) Mean

(b) Kurtosis

(c) Mode

(d) Skewness

Correct answer - B

Q.66 The flowing standard deviation divided by the square root of the sample size is -

(a) Sampling error

(b) Mean

(c) Type I error

(d) Standard error

Correct answer - D

Q.67 Desired quantity, quality or level of performance that established a criteria to measure the performance called termed as -

(a) Audit

(b) Standard

(c) Evaluation

(d) Quality assurance

Correct answer - B

Q.68 Which among the following is not a

management principle of Henri Fayol ?

(a) Unity of command

(b) Stability

(c) Specialisation

(d) Division of work

Correct answer - C

Q.69 Which among the following is the systematic arrangement of the sum total of selected experiences planned by the school or college to achieve the objectives?

(a) Syllabus

(b) Course plan

(c) Lesson plan

(d) Curriculum

Correct answer - D

Q.70 Organised clinical instruction in the presence of the patient is termed as -

(a) Nursing care plan

(b) Bedside clinic

(c) Nursing care conference

(d) Individual conference

Correct answer - B

Q.71 The patient has a right to get __ of medical records.

(a) Copy

(b) Original

(c) E-mail

(d) Scanning

Correct answer - A

Q.72 Which among these is known as bad cholesterol?

(a) HDL

(b) LDL

(c) IDL

(d) VLDL

Correct answer - B

Q.73 An antimetabolite anti cancer drug -

(a) Paclitaxel

(b) Cyclophosphamide

(c) Busulfan

(d) Methotrexate

Correct answer - D

Q.74 Common bone getting fractured in elderly people following a fall -

(a) Skull

(b) Spine

(c) Lower end of Radius

(d) Neck of Femur

Correct answer - D

Q.75 Coomb's reagent is -

(a) Anti human globulin

(b) Anti H Serum

(c) Anti A Serum

(d) Anti B Serum

Correct answer - A

Q.76 Bullet shaped virus is -

(a) Rabies

(b) Pox

(c) HIV

(d) Polio

Correct answer - A

Q.77 According to WHO, A mother should give breastfeeding, normal delivery

(a) Within 30 min after

(b) Within 4 hours after

(c) Within a day after

(d) After infants condition stabilizes

Correct answer - A

Q.78 property of Medical records

(a) Hospital

(b) Patient

(c) Relative

(d) Physicians

Correct answer - A

Q..79 The factor whose deficiency is not known to cause bleeding is -

(a) Factor 3

(b) Factor 10

(c) Factor 12

(d) Factor 13

Correct answer - C

Q.80 The Past Glucose content in blood can be estimated by measuring -

(a) Methylated haemoglobin

(b) Carboxylated Haemoglobin

(c) Glycosylated Haemoglobin

(d) None of these

Correct answer - C

Q.81 The Oxygen binding capacity of one gram of Haemoglobin is -

(a) 2.28 ml

(b) 1.34 ml

(c) 0.82 ml

(d) 1.00 ml

Correct answer - B

Q.82 A mother has sickle cell disease or Father is normal how much Chances of children having sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait respectively are -

(a) 0 and 100%

(b) 25 and 25%

(c) 50 and 50%

(d) 10 and 50%

Correct answer - A

Q.83 The drug with antiplatelet activity is -

(a) Reviparin

(b) Clopidogrel

(c) Streptokinase

(d) Warfarin

Correct answer - B

Q.84 Enlargement of Salivary gland is termed as -

(a) Sialadenitis

(b) Sialadenoma

(c) Sialadenopathy

(d) Sialaden

Correct answer - C

Q.85 According to the National Malaria Control Strategy, The epidemiological types of malaria


(a) Tribal malaria

(b) Rural malaria

(c) Urban malaria

(d) Seasonal malaria

Correct answer - D

Q.86 What is ALARA Stands for --

(a) Radioactivity

(b) Radiation protection & Measurement

(c) Radiation Hazard

(d) Radio Waves

Correct answer - B

Q.87 Maturation defect in RBC is seen in:

(a) Folic acid and B, deficiency

(b) Vit-C deficiency

(c) Vit.-D deficiency

(d) Essential FA deficiency

Correct answer - A

Q.88 Who is the consumer of a hospital ?

(a) Patients

(b) Pubic

(c) Sibling

(d) Children

Correct answer - A

Q.89 Bacteria having chinese letter pattern arrangement

(a) Clostridium

(b) Spirochaete

(c) Actinomycete

(d) Corynebacterium

Correct answer - D

Q.90 Larynx is part of the System.

(a) Digestive

(b) Respiratory

(c) Circulatory

(d) Urinary

Correct answer - B

Q.91 Normal pH of urine is

(a) 4.6-8

(b) 3-5.5

(c) 6.5-9

(d) 4.6 - 6

Correct answer - A

Q.92 The dose of iron and folic acid tablets distributed to pregnant women under MCH

programme is -

(a) 60 mg iron + 500 mcg folic acid

(b) 60 mg iron + 100 mcg folic acid

(c) 100 mg iron + 500 mcg folic acid

(d) 100 mg iron+ 100 mcg folic acid

Correct answer - C

Q.93 All are macronutrients, EXCEPT

(a) Protein

(b) Fat

(c) Carbohydrate

(d) Vitamin

Correct answer - D

Q.94 Cryoprecipitate is infused to patient's having

(a) Anaemia

(b) Leukemia

(c) Sickle cell anaemia

(d) Haemophilia

Correct answer - D

Q.95 The following diseases are screened before blood transfusion, EXCEPT.

(a) Syphilis

(b) Malaria

(c) HIV

(d) Hepatitis A

Correct answer - D

Q.96 Principles of health education include all, EXCEPT -

(a) Participation

(b) Punishment

(c) Motivation

(d) Reinforcement

Correct answer - B

Q.97 The percentage of formaldehyde in concentrated formalin is -

(a) 40%

(b) 60%

(c) 33%

(d) 80%

Correct answer - A

Q.98 Organ system imaged in enteroclysis is -

(a) Small intestine

(b) Stomach

(c) Colon

(d) Biliary system

Correct answer - A

Q.99 “Dx” means -

(a) Date of diagnosis

(b) Diagnosis

(c) Diagram

(d) Death

Correct answer - B

Q.100 Possible blood group of offspring having A Group father and A-Group mother

(a) A, B

(b) A, O

(c) Only A

(d) Only O

Correct answer - B


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