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mental health quiz question and answer

1. The normal range of mood is known as

a) Dysphoria

b) Euphoria

c) Anhedonia

d) Euthymic


2. Which is not a state of mood.

a) Euthymic

b) Euphoria

c) Alexithymia

d) Dysphoric


3. The term anhedonia is used for

a) Loss of interest

b) Sadness appropriate to real loss

c) Difficulty in expressing ideas

d) Feeling of sadness


4. The term used for sadness appropriate to real loss is

a) Anxiety

b) Apathy

c) Grief

d) Guilt


5. Conation is the one of the domain, that represents the

a) Intellectuality

b) Affect .

c) Memory

d) Motor behavior


6. A person is imitating the movement of another person, what term a nurse will use for such behavior

a) Echolalia

b) Catatonia

c) Echopraxia

d) Mannerism


7. In psychiatric ward a person is constantly maintaining immobile position for a long time, the appropriate term used by the nurse is

a) Cataplexy

b) Catalepsy

c) Catatonic

d) Mutism


8. Cataplexy is the term used for

a) Maintaining immobile position

b) Temporary loss of muscle tone

c) Repetitive fixed pattern of physical activity

d) Habitual involuntary movement


9. Which is not a conation disorder

a) Waxy flexibility

b) Catatonic stupor

c) Anhedonia

d) Mannerism


10. A person is repeating a fixed pattern of speech in a ward, what a term used by nurse is appropriate for this

a) Mannerism

b) Verbigeration

c) Mutism

d) Stereotype


11. Involuntary spasmodic motor movement is known as

a) Tremors

b) Tics

c) Seizures

d) Fits


12. The term used for sleepwalking is

a) Nightbulism

b) Dream walking

c) Somnambulism

d) Dipsomania


13. A person has uncontrollable impulses to drink alcohol, the appropriate term used for his behavior is

a) Trichotillomania

b) Kleptomania

c) Nymphomania

d) Compulsion


14. Kleptomania is a compulsive disorder that means uncontrollable impulses towards

a) Drink alcohol

b) Pull out one's hair

c) Stealing

d) Coitus in a man


15. The term abulia is used for

a) Reduced impulses to act

b) Decreased appetite

c) Loss of interest In surroundings

d) None of above


16. Inability to distinguish reality from fantasy is known as

a) Psychosis

b) Neurosis

c) Organic disorder

d) Sleeping disorder


17. After a long story a person reaches to its goal, which kind of thought disorder is present

a) Tangentiality

b) Perseveration

c) Verbigeration

d) Circumstantiality


18. In response to a variety of question a person is answering the same response as given in first question is termed as

a) Perseveration

b) Negativity

c) Verbigeration

d) Derailment


19. A nurse ask to a patient what is your name, patient ask the nurse same question, it happens many time regarding another questions also, the problem that patient has

a) Echopraxia

b) Flight of ideas

c) Echolalia

d) Glossolalia


20. A patient verbalizes with constant shifting of one idea to another idea is

a) Loosening of association

b) Flight of ideas

c) Blocking of ideas

d) All of above


21. Delusion is a

a) Perception disorder

b) Motor disorder

c) Memory disorder

d) Thought disorder


22. False belief that can't be corrected by reasoning

a) Illusion

b) Hallucination

c) Delusion

d) None of these


23. False belief about one's importance, power , & property is known as (PATNA, AIIMS, 2015)

a) Delusion of poverty

b) Delusion of grandiosity

c) Paranoid delusion

d) Delusion of persecution


24. A person feels he is being talked about by others every time may have delusion of

a) Grandiosity

b) Persecution

c) Reference

d) Poverty


25. A woman think that her husband is not faithful to her without any reality, she may had the delusion of

a) Self accusation

b) Control

c) Reference

d) Infidelity


26. Which is not a mood disorder

a) Erotomania

b) Ecstasy

c) Expensive

d) Elevated


27. A college girl think that someone is deeply in love with her, it's a false belief that is termed as

a) Delusion of jealousy

b) Delusion of reference

c) Erotomania

d) Fantasy

Answer- C

28 Illogical thoughts that can't be eliminated from consciousness by the logical reasoning is known as

a) Compulsion

b) Rumination

c) Coprolalia

d) Phobia


29. A person has irrational exaggerated pathological dread

of high places is

a) Acrophobia

b) Agoraphobia

c) Algophobia

d) Ailurophobia


30. Phobia of everything is known as

a) Pancytopenia

b) Pantophobia

c) Panphobia

d) Only phobia


31. An adult person is under MRI scan & cry bitterly when inside, may have which kind of phobia

a) Xenophobia

b) Claustrophobia

c) Zoophobia

d) Erythrophobia


32. Logorrhea is a

a) Menstrual disorder

b) Salivation disorder

c) Organic disorder

d) Speech disorder


33. Aphasia is a term used for

a) Difficulty in speaking

b) Inability to speak

c) Inability to swallow

d) Difficulty in swallowing


34. False perception without the presence of any real stimuli is known as (PATNA, AIIMS, 2015)

a) Illusion

b) Delusion

c) Perception

d) Hallucination


35. A person having hallucination while awakening from sleep is termed as

a) Hypnopompic

b) Hypnagogic

c) Somnagogic

d) Somnapompic


36. A person ask to a nurse that many times he feels different kind of taste, nurse knows it's a false perception & what she document it

a) Person having delusion of taste

b) Person having gustatory hallucination

c) Person having formication

d) Person having tactile hallucination


37. Formication is a term used for

a) A kind of sterilization

b) Crawling sensation

c) Phantom limb pain

d) Scarring of tissues


38. The another term used for Lilliputian hallucination is

a) Micropsia

b) Macropsia

c) Synesthesia

d) Trailing phenomena


39. Misinterpretation of real external sensory stimuli is

a) Delusion

b) Hallucination

c) Illusion

d) Agnosia


40. Inability to recognize the sensory impulses is kņown as

a) Agnosia

b) Apraxia

c) Aphasia

d) Hallucination


41. A person is derealized , a psychiatric nurse explain to a nursing student that the person is unfamiliar to

a) Oneself

b) Others

c) Health professionals

d) Environment


42. Dissociative identity disorder is known as

a) Twin personality

b) Triplet personality

c) Multiple personality

d) Autistic personality


43. Amnesia is a memory disorder of inability to recall that is

a) Partial

b) Total

c) Before the event

d) Partial or total


44. A person unconsciously fills the memory gap with untrue

experiences is termed as

a) Amnesia

b) Paramnesia

c) Confabulation

d) James vu


45. A person shows familiarity to unfamiliar things is termed as

a) Déjà vu

b) James vu

c) Paraaronesia

d) None of above


46. Temporary inability to recall a name is termed as

a) Paramnesia

b) Déjà vu

c) Confusion

d) Lethologica


47. A person goes into sudden rage when he is assigned to an activity which is beyond his intellectual capacity is

a) Catastrophic reaction

b) Catatonic reaction

c) Atrophic reaction

d) None of these


48). Which is not an organic disorder

a) Delirium

b) Dementia


d) MDP


49. As per ICD 10 Mental Retardation is categorized as

a) F10-F19

b) F40-F48

c) F60-F69

d) F70-F79


50. As per ICD 10 the psychiatric disorders coded as F99 IS

a) Organic brain disorder

b) Behavioural syndrome

c) Developmental disorders

d) Unspecified mental disorders


51. The increased level of Dopamine can cause

a) Anxiety disorders

b) Parkinsonism

c) Manic disorders

d) Schizophrenia


52. A patient comes to psychiatric OPD, the doctor during evaluation should consider first about

a) Organic brain disorder


c) Psychosis

d) Neurosis


53. The commonest organic brain disorder is

a) Delirium

b) Dementia

c) Organic amnestic syndrome

d) Drug induced syndrome


54. Which nutrient deficiency can cause Wernick - korsakoff syndrome

a) Niacin

b) Riboflavin

c) Cyanocobalamin

d) Thiamin


55. The peculiar feature of Alzheimer's disease is

a) Orientation loss

b) Consciousness loss

c) Memory loss

d) Depersonalization


56. The changes of neurotransmitter in Alzheimer's

disease is

a) Decreased acetylcholine

b) Increase acetylcholine

c) Decreased GABA

d) Increased GABA


57. The disease caused by toxicity of Cu ion is

a) Alzhemier's disease

b) Wilson's disease

c) Rheumatic disease

d) Narcolepsy


58. The use of drug substance have more higher priority than the other behavior is a condition of

a) Acute intoxication

b) Drug withdrawal

c) Drug dependence

d) Drug harm


59. CAGE is a detection tool used to detect the

a) Cocaine abuse

b) Alcoholism

c) Mood

d) Thought


60. A nurse should ask the total number of questions to determine the severity of alcoholics in a person

a) 3

b) 4

c) 5

d) 5


61. A person is declared dead after consumption of full night alcohol, what a nurse should assume that the blood alcohol level of dead person is

a) 100 mg%

b) 200 mg%

c) 300 mg%

d) 400 mg%


62. Which is the withdrawal feature of alcoholics

a) Delirium tremens

b) Eye opener drinking

c) Epilepsy

d) Korsakoff's psychoses


63. The grand-mal seizures in alcoholic withdrawal cases are also known as

a) Wine seizure

b) Whisky fits

c) Vodka fits

d) Rum fits


64. Which vitamin may be deficit in person of chronic Alcoholic

a) B1

b) B2

c) B9

d) B12


65. Alcoholic Anonymous is a therapy to treat alcoholic cases, what a nurse should explain to relatives of alcohol abuser about anonymous

a) It's subthreshold electrical shock

b) Administrating deterrent agent

c) It's a group therapy

d) It's a kind of asylum


66. The concept behind Aversion therapy is

a) Divert the patient through recreational activity

b) Engaging patient in ward activity

c) Add the unacceptable act with bitter experience

d) Beat the patient after unacceptable act




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