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1. The most correct statement about growth & development is

a) Both are interchangeable terms
b) Growth is social maturation while development is emotional maturation 
c) Growth is physical maturation while development is functional maturation 
d) Growth is body enlargement while development is mind enlargement

2. Who was the founder of psychosocial theory

a) S. freud

b) E. Erikson

c) Jean piaget

d) Kohlberg


3. A nurse caring for a newborn, what she should not do regarding caring of baby

a) Suction the nares first than mouth with bulb syringe

b) Stimulate crying by rubbing the newborn

c) Position in side by rolling blanket

d) Take footprint of newborn


4. The APGAR score should be taken

a) 1 minute after birth

b) 1 min & 5 min after birth

c) Half an hour after birth

d) 1 hour after birth


5. Cognitive development theory was given by

a) S. Freud

b) E. Erikson

c) Jean piaget

d) Kohlberg


6. APGAR score ranges between

a) 1-10

b) 1-15

c) 0-10

d) 3-15

Answer- C

7. Growth of human body can't be measured in

a) Centimeter

b) Kilograms

c) IQ

d) Pounds


8 A nurse should assess pulse rate of a newborn at which site

a) Apical

b) Radial

c) Brachial

d) Femoral


9. In which state of mind a person remains reality oriented

a) Id

b) Ego

c) Superego

d) All of these


10. At birth the head circumference of child is

a) 30 cm

b) 31 cm

c) 32 cm

d) 33 cm

answer- D

(11) At rest the heart rate of a newborn should be

a) 72-100 beat/min

b) 100-160 b/m

c) 140-160 b/m

d) 160-180 b/m


12. The factor affect growth & development is

a) Genetic factor

b) Maternal nutrition

c) Environmental factor

d) All of above


13. The statement not true about the body measurement of a newborn is

a) At birth length is 50 cm

b) Weight is 2.5 kg

c) H.C. is 3 cm lesser than chest circumference

d) Anterior fontanelle is larger than posterior fontanelle


14. The phase most appropriate for toilet training is

a) Oral

b) Anal

c) Phallic

d) latency


15. the closure of posterior fontanelle occurs at the age of

a) 2nd month

b) 9th month

c) 18" month

d) 2 year


16. A nurse says no intervention is needed for a newborn after taking APGAR score, a student standing nearby the nurse understood that newborn APGAR score is

a) Less than 3

b) 4-7

c) More than 8

d) 0


17. Separation anxiety related to parents is more common in age group

a) Toddler

b) Preschool

c) School going

d) Adolescent


18. The diamond shaped fontanel closes up to

a) 2 month of age

b) 8 month

c) 12 month

d) 18 month


19. The state of mind in which a person develops morality

a) Id

b) Ego

c) Superego

d) None of above


20. Drooling appears in which month of growth

a) At birth

b) 4th month

c) 6 month

d) 1 year


21. During examination of head of a newborn , a nurse feel swelling at head which does not crosses over the suture lines, she should tell the mother

a) This is abnormal & need minor surgical procedurę to remove it

b) Massage daily at swallowed area

c) Don't worry it will be absorbed within months

d) Doctor will give some medication for swelling


22. The month in which deciduous tooth begin to appear is

a) 4 month

b) 6 month

c) 8 month

d) 12 month


23. During physical examination of a newborn a student nurse find low set ears & ask her tutor about significant problem associated with low set ear, the tutor replied that low set ear is most commonly associated with the

a) Congenital heart problems

b) Down syndrome

c) Turner syndrome

d) Renal agenesis


24. The milky secretion from breast of a newborn is known as

a) Foremilk b) Hindmilk c) Witchs milk

d) Milia


25. The age at which head circumference equalize to chest circumference is

a) 6 month

b) 1 year

c) 18 month

d) 3 year


(26) The total stages of growth & development explained by Erikson is

a) 3

b) 5

c) 7

d) 8


27. Play is essential for the growth & development of a child because through play a child develops

a) Physically

b) Mentally

c) Socially

d) All of these

Answer- D

28. A 14 year old female child is admitted in hospital, the

main source of separation anxiety is

a) Father

b) Mother

c) Friend

d) Teacher


29. Cheesy, white substance around the skin of newborn is known as

a) Lanugo

b) Vernix caseosa

c) Milia

d) Whartson's jelly

Answer- B

30. Which sign indicate the shunting of blood in a newborn

a) Acrocyanosis

B) Harlequin sign

c) Hegar sign

d) Crack pot sign


31. The age at which a child becomes monosyllable

a) 3 month

b) 6 month

c) 9 month

d) 12 month

Answer- B

32. Who is at more risk to develop foreign body aspiration

a) Infant

b) Toddler

c) Preschooler

d) School going children


33. The self evaluating ability of an individual is known as

a) Internalization

b) Assimilation

c) Conscience

d) None of these


34. A 2 year old child is admitted in a hospital, the first reaction of child after hospitalization is

a) Protest

b) Despair

c) Detachment

d) All of above


35. An umbilical cord of a normal healthy newborn contain


a) 2 vessels

b) 3 vessels

c) 4 vessels

d) 5 vessels


36. The statement which is true about the weight of a child within one week after birth

a) Weight increases 10-20 gm/day

b) Weight increases 30 gm/day

c) Weight decreases about 10% of birth weight

d) Weight remains stable without any change


37. When the body weight of a child becomes double as compared to his birth weight

a) 6 month

b) 1 year

c) 15 month

d) 18 month


38. A newborn jaundice is called as pathological jaundice if it appears within

a) 1 day

b) 1 week

c) 1 month

d) 1 year


39. The statement not true about the growth is

a) Growth is increase size & shape of body

b) Growth can be measured in gms & cm

c) Growth is acquiring fine motor skills

d) Growth is increasing total cellular mass


40. At the age of one year the height of a child is

a) 60 cm

b) 75 cm

c) 90 cm

d) 100 cm


(41) The stage of development in which a child is more concern for self gratification is

a) Oral

b) Anal

c) Phallic

d) latency


42. To prevent the hemorrhagic disorders in newborn, a doctor should recommend

a) Inj. Ca-gluconate

b) Inj. Vit-K

c) Syp. Vit-k

d) Tab. Calcarea


43. The immunity transferred from mother to fetus through placenta by

a) Ig G

b) Ig M

c) IgE

d) Ig Ä


44) The detachment phase of separation anxiety is characterized by

a) Crying & hitting

b) Lack of interest in surroundings

c) Interested in surroundings

d) Fear & anxiety


(45) A person mapping of thoughts is known as

a) Assimilation

b) Accommodation

c) Thinking

d) Schema


46. At zero month the posture of a child is

a) Extension

b) Flexion

c) Abduction

d) Adduction


(47) The stomach capacity of a newborn is

a) 10 ml

b) 100 ml

c) 1000 ml

d) 1500 ml


48. At the age of one year the body weight of a child becomes

a) Double of birth weight

b) Triple of birth weight

c) 4 times greater than birth

d) 75 % more of birth weight


49. After feeding to an infant the most appropriate positioning provided to baby is

a) Supine

b) Prone

c) Left lateral

d) Right lateral


50. After birth a newborn is exposed to cold environment & goes in to cold stress, what would be the further consequence of cold stress

a) Metabolic acidosis

b) Metabolic alkalosis c) Phenylketonuria

d) Respiratory acidosis



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