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Oncology nursing

1. The nurse is administering medications on a medical unit. Which medication should the nurse administer first?

1) The investigational medication to a client who wants to go home now

2) The investigational medication to the client who has not signed a permit.

3) The investigational medication that must be administered at a specific time

4) The investigational medication that must infuse over 24 hours


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2. Multiple myeloma also known as:-

1) Kochlers disease

2) Kahler's disease

3) Malhar disease

4) Kehars disease


3. Precancerous condition is case of carcinoma of oral cavity is known as 1) Erythro Plaques

2) Hyperplasia

3) Leukoplakia

4) Hypertrophy


4. RAD stand for:-

1) Radiation according dose

2) Reaction according dose

3)Radiation absorbed dose

4)Reaction absorbed dose


5. Cancer of epithelial cells is known as:-

1) Sarcoma

2) Myeloma

3) Carcinoma

4) Leukaemia


6. Leuprorelin is a drug,used in following cancerous conditions except?

1) Prostate cancer

2) Leukopenia

3) Breast cancer

4) Endometriosis


7. Breast self examination should done:-

1) 7-8 days before menses

2) 7-8 days after menses

3) 3-6 days after menses

4) 3-6 days before menses


8. Which of the following areas is the most common site of cancer in children?

1) Lungs

2) Genitalia

3) GI tract

4) Bone marrow


9. The most common symptom of vulvar cancer:-

1) Leukopenia

2) Thrombocytopenia

3) Sore throat

4) Pruritus


10. The nutritional goal for an end-of-life patient is to:

1) promote quality of food over quantity of food.

2) eat as much as possible

3) gain 1 pound a week.

4) eat three well-balanced meals each day


11. Breast cancer common into womens of:-

1) Lactating, unmarried

2) Non lactating, unmarried

3) Non lactating, married

4) Lactating, married


13. Testicular examination should done:-

1) Before going to bed

2) Just Before shower

3) Just after shower

4) Early morning


14. Drug of choice in breast carcinoma

1) Methotrexate

2) Chlorambucil

3) Tamoxifen citrate

4) Co-trimoxazole


15. The nurse is preparing to administer medications on an oncology floor. Which medication should the nurse administer first?

1) An analgesic to a female client with a headache of 3 on the pain scale

2) An antiemetic to a female client who thinks she might become nauseated

3) A mucosal barrier agent to a male client diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease (PUD).

4) A biologic response modifier to male client with low red blood cell counts.


16. Which of the following diagnostic tests may be performed to determine if a client has gastric cancer?

1) Barium enema


3) Gastroscopy

4) Serum chemistry levels


17. Which client should the nurse question receiving erythropoietin?

1) The client was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease.

2) The client diagnosed with essential hypertension

3) The client diagnosed with lung cancer and metastasis

4) The client was diagnosed with anemia and leukopenia.


18. A facility that provide palliative and supportive care for terminally ill patient and their families

1) Hospice care

2) Hospitality care

3) Terminal care

4) Convalescent care


19. Most common vaginal carcinoma

1) Squamous cell Ca


3) Botryoid tumor

4) Columnar hyperplasia


20. The focus of a hospice program is:

1) returning the patient to his optimal health as soon as possible.

2) support and care for patients in the last phase of an incurable disease

3) long-term rehabilitation for patients

4) keeping patients in the hospital as long as needed


21. The severe weight loss accompanied by progessive weakness,loss of appetite and anemia that is usually associated with advanced cancer is called?

1) Carcinomatosis

2) Cachexia

3) Anaplasia

4) Dysplasia


22. A patient has platelet count 8000 and WBC count 8000, the nurse can expect to:

1) encourage fresh fruit and vegetables

2) remove flowers from the room

3) use a strict hand washing technique.

4) take the client’s temperature frequently.


23. Osteochondroma is related to:-

1) Muscle

2) Heart

3) Bones

4) Lungs


24. The nurse can expect a client with a platelet count of 8000 and a WBC count of 8000 to be placed:

1) In a private room

2) On protective isolation

3) On bleeding precautions

4) On neutropenic precautions


25. In cancer Somatic pain is related to:-

1) Nerve damage

2) Damage bone tissue

3) Soft tissue pain

4) Pain in the part of Body that has been removed.


26. In tumor lysis syndrome,there is :-

1) Hypokalemia



4) Hypophosphatemia


27. What is most accurate about inj. Reglan?

1) Reglan is a stool softener and will help with the constipation that the chemotherapy might cause

2) Reglan will help prevent alopecia.

3) Reglan will help prevent diarrhea

4) Reglan inj. help control nausea and vomiting.


28. Which tumour marker level increases into ovarian cancer?

1) CA-125

2) PSA

3) AFP

4) All of above


29. What is the main difference between the teletherapy and brachytherapy radiation

1) Location of radioactive source

2) Does of radiation

3) Type of rays used

4) None of above


30. What is Phantom pain:-

1) Pain Caused by Necrosis, Distension, inflammation of tissue

2) Pain in nerve damage

3) Pain in part of Body that has been removed

4) Pain in bone tissue damage


31. Kangri cancer is the cancer of:-

1) Epithelial cells

2) Squamous cells

3) Blood

4) Bone


32. The commonest cause of death in women with cancer cervix is

1) Septicemia

2) Renal failure

3) Haemorrhage

4) Hypertrophy


33. Among these, which drug is cell cycle specific antineoplastic medication?

1) Cisplatin

2) Methotrexate


4) Chlorambucil


34. New growth in bone marrow is known as:-

1) Odontoma

2) Osteoma

3) Myeloma

4) Myoma


35. Which change isn’t normally related to aging?

1) Difficulty regulating body temperature

2) Blurred vision caused by corneal flattening and loss of corneal luster

3) Enlargement of the heart

4) Decreased pulmonary function


36. Most common cancer in women worldwide & india is :-

1) Melanoma

2) Carcinoma of breast

3)Carcinoma of thyroid

4) Carcinoma of lungs


37. A cancer patient receiving TPN.Which laboratory data should the monitor daily?

1) BUN and creatinine

2) Na+,K+,and glucose

3) Urine and serum osmolality

4) CEA and CA 125


38. The most likely side effect of external radiation to neck for cancer of larynx is

1) Constipation

2) Dyspnoea

3) Sore throat

4) Diarrhoea


39. CA PSA is a tumour marker for:-

1) Breast cancer

2) GIT cancer

3) Ovarian cancer

4) Prostate cancer


40. In a cancer patient, is the best indication of nutritional status adequate?

1) Calorie intake

2) Stable weight

3) Amount of nausea and vomiting

4) Serum protein level


41. Increase in number of cells in a tissue is called:-

1) Hypertrophy

2) Hyperplasia

3) Aplasia

4) Hypoplasia


42. Earliest symptom of carcinoma cervix:

1) Post coital bleed

2) Foul smelling discharge

3) Pain

4) Irregular vaginal bleed


43. Which test will confirm the diagnosis of malignancy?

1) Sonography

2) CT scan

3) Biopsy of tumor

4) MRI


44. The benign tumour of blood vessel is called:-

1) Hemangioma

2) Myoma

3) Lipoma

4) Adenoma


45. Reed-Sternberg cells are associated with:

1) Prostate cancer

2) Malignant melanoma

3) Hodgkin's disease

4) Multiple myeloma


46. Management of tumor lysis syndrome?

1) Erythropoietin

2) Radiation therapy

3) Hydration therapy

4) Strict isolation


47. Whipple surgery also known as:-

1) Pancreatojejunectomy

2) Pancreatoduodenectomy

3) Pancreatectomy

4) Jejunojejunostomy


48. Ondansetron, 8 mg IV given before chemotherapy is to prevent:

1) Alopecia

2) Fatigue

3) Vomiting

4) Pain


49. How often should a woman have a mammogram?

1) Once every 3 years starting at age 21

2) Once a year starting at age 35 Every 5 years starting at age 30

4) Once a year starting at age 40


50. Which one of the following cancer is associated with high fat diet

1) Ovary cancer

2) Lungs cancer Colon cancer

4) Liver cancer


51. Most common type of lung and cervical cancer is

1) squamous cell carcinoma

2) Connective

3) Columnar

3) cuboidal


52. laryngeal cancer early symptoms

1)hoarseness voice and change in quality of voice


3) hemoptysis

4) Dyspnea


53. Most common Type of colon cancer is

1) Squamous cell


3) Botryoid tumor

4)Columnar hyperplasia

Answer -2

54. First and common symptoms of Cancer bladder

1) painless hematuria

2) oligo urea

3) back pain

4) pen with hematuria


55. most common site for breast cancer metastatic

1) brain

2) liver

3) bone

4) kidney


56. most specific indicator for Diagnostic prostate cancer

1) prostate specific antigen

2)digital rectal examination

3) CT

4)X Ray


57. Earliest sign in testicular cancer Cancer

1) Dysuria



4) painless mass and heaviness sensation over the scotle sec


58. Most common radioisotope used in brachytherapy is



3) 3H

4) 34p


59. Most common invitation of hodgkin's lymphoma occur from

1) axillary

2) abdomen

3) mediastinum

4) neck

Answer- 4

60. Which is not cancer

1) glaucoma

2) leukaemia

3) carcinoma

4) sarcoma

Answer- 1

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