Mp CHO paper shift-1 2019 / quiz

 Mp CHO paper shift-1 2019 / quiz

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Bihar CHO question paper / QUIZ-

Q.1.Who is governor of Madhya Pradesh?

a. Anandiben patel

b. Kalraj mishra

c. Bhagat singh koshiyari

d. Lalji tandon

Correct answer - A

mp cho paper 2020 -

Q.2. Who is PV sindhu?

a. Cricket player

b. Badminton player

c. Hockey player

d.Shooting champion

Correct answer - B

Q.3.Who is the union health minister?

a. Tulsiram Silawat

b. Raj Nath Singh

c. JP Nadda

d. Harsh Vardhan

Correct answer - D

Q.4.When World health day is celebrated?

a. 5 June

b. 10 Feb

c. 7 April

d. 1 May

Correct answer - C

Q.5. What is not true?

a. Cricket is a not the national game of India

b. Saina nehwal is not the present world badminton champion

c. India never won a gold medal in Olympic hockey

d. PT Usha has won a gold medal in 100 meter race

Correct answer - C

Q.6. Which statement is true?

a. Dengue is mosquito born viral infection

b. Malaria is a non-infectious disease

c. HIN1 is not directly associated with swine flu

d. Typhoid does not spread through contaminated food and drinking water

Correct answer - A

Q.7. Which is the largest state in India?

a. Madhya pradesh

b. Rajasthan

c. Maharashtra

d. Uttar pradesh

Correct answer - B

Q.8.Which is the largest internal organ in the human body?

a. Brain

b. Heart

c. Kidney ha

d . Liver

Correct answer - D

Q.9. What is the rafale?

a. Fighter aircraft

b. Nuclear submarine

c. Assault rifle

d.Anti tank missile

Correct answer - A

Q.10. Where is Gurudwara darbar sahib kartarpur


a. Jammu-kashmir

b. Haryana

c. Himachal pradesh

d. Pakistan

Correct answer - D

Q.11.What is the normal temperature of body in °F?

a. 98.2°F


c. 99.2°F


Correct answer - B

Q.12. Which gland or organ doesn't work properly in type -1 diabetes? .

a. Pituitary gland

b. Pancreas

c. Adrenal gland

d. Kidneys

Correct answer - B

Q.13.Poor output of urine is known as?

a. Oliguria

b. Polyuria

c. Pyuria

d. Diuresis

Correct answer - A

Q.14. Which cell secrete antibody?

a. Monocyte

b. Lymphocyte

c. Neutrophils

d. Eosinophils

Correct answer - B

Q.15. Long standing high blood pressure may result in?

a. Cardiomegaly

b . Cardiac failure

c. Heart attack

d. All of these

Correct answer - C

Q.16.The respiratory system is made up of trachea, the lungs are the?

a. Diaphragm

b. Pancreas

c. Esophagus

d. Liver

Correct answer - A

Q.17.The opening of the right atrium into the right ventricle is guarded by?

a. Mitral valve

b. Tricuspid valve

c. Bicuspid valve

d. Aortic semilunar valve

Correct answer - B

Q.18.A band of tough, flexible connective tissue which connects two bones of cartilages or hold together a joint is called?

a. Joint

b. Cartilage

c. Tendon

d. Ligament

Correct answer - D

Q.19.What is true about the small intestine?

a. Duodenum is not part of the small intestinal

b. Digestion almost completed

c. Ileum is middle part of small intestine 20 0

d. All of these

Correct answer - B

Q.20. Moving arm towards the body midline?

a. Abduction

b. Flexion

c. Adduction

d. Extension

Correct answer - C

Q.21. Which of the following is used to take the cervical smear?

a. Colposcope

b. Vaginoscope

c. Ayre's spatula

d. Laparoscopy

Correct answer - C

Q.22. All are included in hypertension disorder of pregnancy except?

a. Pre eclampsia

b. Chronic hypertension with superimposed preeclampsia

c. Gestational HTN

d. None of these

Correct answer - D

Q.23. How many weeks does a typical pregnancy last?



c. 42

d. 44

Correct answer - A

Q.24. Worldwide most common problem during pregnancy is?

a. Diabetes

b. Preeclampsia

c. UTI

d. Iron deficiency anaemia

Correct answer - D

Q.25. Fetal tachycardia is defined as fetal heart rate greater than?

a. 120-140 b/m

b. 140-160 b/m c. 150-170 b/m

d. 160-180 b/m

Correct answer - D

Q. 26. The nurse is caring a client who had a spontaneous abortion, the nurse's priority should be assessing the client for?

a. Haemorrhage

b. Dehydration

c. Hypertension

d. Subinvolution

Correct answer - A

Q.27. Women who have a haemoglobin level below how much g/dl at any time during the pregnancy are considered to be suffering from severe anaemia?

a. 9-11 gm/d1

b. 7-9 gm/d1

c. Less than 7 gm/dl

d. 12-14 gm/dl

Correct answer - C

Q. 28. The Nurse should be tested at every ANC visit? (Raj. CHO-2020)

a. Hb, urine sugar and HCG

b. Hb, urine and blood sugar

c. Hb, urine, sugar and protein

d. Hb, urine sugar and HPL

Correct answer - C

Q.29. Eclampsia is?

a. Pre-eclampsia + convulsion (HTN + proteinuria and convulsion)

b. HTN+ convulsion

c. HTN + proteinuria

d. Pre-eclampsia +HTN .

Correct answer - A

Q. 30. Most common frequent cause of maternal death during birth is?

a. Sepsisimbods

b. Toxaemia

c. Asphyxia

d. Haemorrhage

Correct answer - D

Q.31. PPIUCD stands for? (UP CHO-2018)

a. Postpartum intrauterine contraceptive device

b. Post Puerperium intrauterine contraceptive device

c. Post pregnancy intrauterine contraceptive device

d. Post parturition intrauterine contraceptive device

Correct answer - A

Q.32. Which of the following is not an example of a barrier


a. Condom

b. Diaphragm

c. Oral contraceptive pills

d. Cervical cap

Correct answer - C

Q.33. Oral contraceptive pills can have?

a. Oestrogen and Progesterone

b. Progestin only

c. Both of these

d. None of these

Correct answer - C

Q. 34. Additional benefit of male condom with conception


a Least chance of failure

b. Best protection against STDs

c. Required a trained staff

d. All Above

Correct answer - B

Q. 35. World population day celebrated on?


b. 11-May

c. 11-Aug.


Correct answer - A

Q.36. Full form of SAM is? (MP CHO-2019)

a. Serious anaemic malnutrition

b. Severely anaemic malnutrition

c. Severe acute malaria

d. Severe acute malnutrition

Correct answer - D

Q.37. Baby is called an infant up to what age?

a. 28 days

b. Month

c. 1 Year

d. 6 month

Correct answer - C

38. Rickets are caused by deficiency?

a. Vitamin-D

b. Vitamin A

c. Vitamin- B

d . Vitamin-C

Correct answer - A

Q.39. What is the cause of severe pneumonia?

a. Restlessness

b . Not taking feeds

c. Indrawing of chest wall

d. All of these

Correct answer - D

Q. 40. Which disease is not transmitted mainly by feco-oral


a. Measles

b. Cholera

c. Hepatitis

d. Enteric fever

Correct answer - A

Q. 41. Vitamin A solution protect children against?

a. Myopia

b. Hypermetropia

c. Xerophthalmia

d . Cretinism

Correct answer - C

Q.42.The most common cause of death due to Diarrhoea is?

a. Vomiting

b. Abdominal pain

c. Lethargy

d. Dehydration

Correct answer - D

Q.43.Koplicks spots are seen in which disease?

a. Measles

b. Mumps

c. Rubella

d. Polio

Correct answer - A

Q.44. What is LBW?

a. Birth weight<2.5 kg

b. Birth weight <3 kg

c. Birth weight<1.5 kg

d. Birth weight <1 kg

Correct answer - A

Q. 45. Which is not the viral infection?

a. Hepatitis B

b. Measles

c. Hib disease

d. Chicken pox

Correct answer - C

Q. 46. In cold chain vaccines are stored at what temp. in


a. 0°-4°C


c. 20-8°C

d. 0°-8°C

Correct answer - C

Q.47.All are minor reactions of DPT vaccine except?

a. Mild fever

b. Pain at the injection site

c. Rashes

d. Excessive crying

Correct answer - C

Q.48.Route of administration and dose of BCG vaccine for a 3 month old baby?

a. Intradermal 0.1 ml

b. Subcutaneous 0.1 ml

c. Intramuscular 0.1 ml

d . Subcutaneous cutaneous0.5 ml

Correct answer - A

Q.49. Dose and route of administration of rotavirus vaccine is?

a. 2 drop per oral

b. 5 drop per oral

c. 10 drop per oral

d. 2 ml/IM

Correct answer - B

Q. 50. After which age BCG vaccine should not be given?

a. 6 month

b. 1 Year

c. 2 year

d. 5 year

Correct answer - A

Q.51. When was the National Health Mission launched? (MP CHO-2018)

a. 2013


c. 2009

d. 2012

Correct answer - A

Q.52. Pulse polio immunization covers?

a. 0-5 years children

b. 0-5 months children

c. 1-5 years children

d. 0-2 years children

Correct answer - A

Q.53.The process, which destroys all microbial life including spores is known as?

a. Disinfection d e

b. Antisepsis

c. Deodorization

d. Sterilization

Correct answer - D

Q,54.Full form of JSY?

a. Janani Suraksha Yogana

b. Jeevan Suraksha Yojana

c. Jeevan Shakthi Yojana

d. Jan Sureksha Yojana

Correct answer - A

Q.55. Goitre is caused by deficiency of which hormone?

a. Insulin

b. Estrogen

c. Serotonin

d. Thyroid

Correct answer - D

Q.56. What is the sex ratio?

a. Number of male and female in 1000population

b. Number of female per 1000 male

c. Number of male per 1000female

d. Number of female birth per 1000male birth

Correct answer - B

Q.57.IMR is?

a. The infant deaths per thousand live births

b. The infant death per thousand delivery

c. The infant death per 1 lakh birth

d. Number of infant death in 1000 population every year

Correct answer - A

Q.58. What is the % fully immunised children for Madhya Pradesh as per NFHS-4?

a. 47.5

b. 53.6

c. 61.5

d. 64.2

Correct answer - B

Q.59.PMJAY is an acronym for?

a. Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana

b. Pradhan Mantri Janani Arogya Yojana

c. Pradhan Mantri Jan Swasthya Arogya Yojana

d. None of these

Correct answer - A

Q.60.Sudden increase in occurrences of a disease in a particular time and place is known as?
 a. Outbreak

b. Inbreak

c. Disease crisis

d. All of these

Correct answer - A

UP CHO Paper 2018 -

Q.61. All are levels of prevention except?

a. Health promotion

b. Early diagnosis

c. Rehabilitation

d. None of these

Correct answer - D

Q.62.What is the population of MPas per census 2011?

a. 7.2 Cr

b.7.5 Cr

c. 8.2 Cr

d. 8.6 Cr

Correct answer - A

Q.63.What is the insurance cover under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme?

a. 4 lakh

b. 5 lakh

c. 10 lakh

d. 3 lakh

Correct answer - B

Q.64. Number the children who would be born per women if she passes though the child a year bearing children according to a current schedule of age specific fertility rate is known as?

a. Age specific fertility

b. Crude birth rate

c. Total fertility rate

d. Total birth rate

Correct answer - C

Q.65 As per SRS 2015-17, MMR of MP is?

a. 229

b. 165



Correct answer - C

Q.66. Under the Ayushman Bharat govt. Has announced two major initiatives namely a national health protection scheme and ?

a. Health centre

b. Health and yoga centre

c. Health and wellness centre

d. Wellness centre

Correct answer - C

Q. 67. Mission Indhradhnush is related to?

a. Children safety

b. Ecommerce

c. Child vaccination

d. None of these

Correct answer - C

Q.68.The National AIDS Control Programme was launched in?

a. 1990

b. 1989

c. 1979

d. 1992

Correct answer - D

Q.69.True about Mission Parivar Vikas is?

a. Launched on world population day

b. A few family planning initiative

c. Focus on 146 high fertility districts in 7 state with high TFR

d. All of these

Correct answer - D

Q.70. ASHA stands for?

a. Accredited social health activist

b. Additional social help available

c. Active social help agent

d. All of these

Correct answer - A

Q.71.RNTCP stands for?

a. Review of national tuberculosis control programme

b. Renewed national tuberculosis control programme

c. Revised national tuberculosis control programme

d. None of these

Correct answer - C

Q.72.The National Leprosy Control Programme was launched by the govt. of India in?

a. 1955

b. 1965

c. 1975

d. 1985

Correct answer - A

Q.73.Which programme was launched in 1976?

a. National Tuberculosis control programme
b. National malaria control programme

c. National programme for control of blindness

d. None of these

Correct answer - C

Q.74. National vector borne disease control programmes was launched to?

a. To control typhoid

b. To control cholera

c. To control malaria

d. All of these

Correct answer - C

Q.75. WHO define 'adolescence' as individuals in the age

group of?

a. Less than 10 year

b. 11-15 year

c. 14-19 year

d. 20-29 year

Correct answer - C

Q.76.Which among the following is the top cause of mortality among adolescence in the world? a. Suicide

b. Communicable disease

c. Road traffic accident

d. Iron deficiency anemia

Correct answer - C

Q.77.RKSK stands for?

a. Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram

b. Rjasthan kishor swasthya karyakram

c. Rural kalian swasthya karyakram

d. Railway kalian swasthya karyakram

Correct answer - A

Q.78. What is the dose of weekly iron and folic acid

supplement scheme {WIFS)

a. 100 mg elemental iron and 500mcq folic acid

b. 50 mg elemental iron and 100mcq folic acid

c. 150 mg elemental iron and 50 mcq folic acid

d. 100mg elemental of iron and 150 mcg folic acid

Correct answer - A

Q.79. The focus of adolescent health according to RMNCH +A is all except?

a. Strengthen ARSH clinic

b. Address teenage pregnancy

c. Menstrual hygiene

d. Cancer counselling

Correct answer - D

Q.80. Which of the following is a communicable disease

a. Diabetes

b. Pertussis

c. Hypertension

d. Kwashiorkor

Correct answer - B

Q.81.Diagnosis of obesity can be done by calculating BML which stands for?

a. Body mind index

b. Body metabolic index

c. Basal metabolic index

d. Body mass index

Correct answer - D

Q.82.The common signs of breast cancer are?

a. Lump or thickening in the breast

b. A change in size of breast

c. Discharge from nipple

d. All of these

Correct answer - D

Q.83.Osteomalacia in adults and rickets in children is caused by deficiency?

a. Vitamin-C

b. Vitamin-d

c. Vitamin-a

d. Vitamin-e

Correct answer - B

Q.84.All are risk factors for hypertension except?

a. Obesity

b. Family history

c. Contaminated water

d. Smoking

Correct answer - C

Q.85. What is not true about hypertension?

a. Occurs in urban population

b. Normally affected people above 30 yrs of age

c. Can't be cured permanently by antihypertensive drugs

d. 90-150 is not the correct range for systolic BP

Correct answer - A

Q.86.CBAC stands for?

a. Communication based assessment checklist

b. Community based assessment checklist

c. Compliance based assessment checklist

d. Calculation based assessment checklist

Correct answer - B

Q.87.Symptoms of stroke are?

a. Confusion and difficulty in speech

b. Severe headache and dizziness

c. Difficulty in swallowing and face drop

d. All of these

Correct answer - D

Q.88. Complication of diabetes are all except?

a. Diabetic ketoacidosis

b. Arthritis

c. Neuropathy

d. Retinopathy

Correct answer - B

Q.89. Koplik spots can be seen in?

a. Measles

b. Chicken pox

c. Typhoid

d. Mumps

Correct answer - A

Q.90.What is not true about diabetes?

a. Develops only after the age of 30 yr

b. Polyuria, Polydipsia and Polyphagia are common symptom

c. Normal fasting blood sugar level should be less than 120

d. All of these

Correct answer - A

Q.91.VIA is used to?

a. Diagnosis oral cancer

b. Treat lung cancer

c. Radiation therapy

d Screening for cervical cancer

Correct answer - D

Q.92.The following disease spread through the respiratory route, except?

a. Influenza

b. Mumps

c. Measles

d. Typhoid:

Correct answer - D

Q.93. Which of the following pair of diseases is caused by a virus?

a. Rabies, mumps

b.AIDS, syphilis

c. Typhoid, tetanus

d. Cholera, tuberculosis

Correct answer - A

Q.94.Typhoid fever caused by?

a. Salmonella typhi

b.Human papilloma virus

c. Fungi

d. Plasmodium vivax

Correct answer - A

Q.95. Symptoms of dengue include all except?

a. High fever

b. Low grade fever

c. Eye pain

d. Joint pain

Correct answer - B

Q.96.Painful and profoundly swollen limb limbs are a long term physical consequence of?

a. Lymphatic filariasis

b. Yellow fever

c. Malaria

d. Dengue

Correct answer - A

Q.97. Which among the following is a sign of Dehydration?

a. Decrease thirst

b. Dry mucus membrane

c. Increase urine output

d. Fever

Correct answer - B

Q.98. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

a. TB is caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis

b. People who are exposed to TB may or many not develop the disease

c. Persons with latent TB infection are not infectious and cannot spread infection to other

d. Every individual who is exposed to TB develop the disease

Correct answer - D

Q.99. The object / articles contaminated by HIV can be decontaminated using?

a. Formaldehyde

b. Methanol

c. Glutaraldehyde

d. Sodium hypochlorite

Correct answer - D

Q.100. Which of the following is a non-communicable disease?

a. Diabetes

b. Pertussis

c. Measles

d . Diphtheria

Correct answer - A


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