aiims nursing officer question paper with answer



Q.1. False sensory perception not associated with real external stimuli is called ?

a. Concrete thinking

b. Delusion

c. Illusion

d. Hallucination

Right Answered : D

Q. 2. During blood transfusion the most important nursing responsibility is -

a. Draw a sample from the patient before each unit is transfused

b. Warm the blood to body temperature to prevent chilling

c. Run the blood at a slower rate during the first few minutes of the transfusion

d. Maintain patency of the IV catheter with dextrose solution

Right Answered : C

Q. 3. Kit supplied at sub center is -

a. Kit E

b. Kit M

c. Kit K

d. Kit B

Right Answered : B

Q. 4. A patient in the emergency department has an endotracheal tube in place and is on the ventilator. His

a relative comes running to you telling you that the patient has pulled the tube out of his mouth. What would

be your next step?

a. Apply face mask with high flow oxygen

b. Sit the patient up and consider chest physiotherapy to get the secretions out

c. Reinsert the tube immediately under sedation

d. Pull the tube out completely, bag and mask the patient and assess spontaneous breathing efforts

Right Answered : D

Q. 5. A phenomenon during therapeutic nurse client relationship when the client unconsciously attributes

(or transfers) to the nurse feelings and behavioral predispositions formed towards a person from his or her

past is ?

a. Resistance

b. Boundary violation

c. Transference

d. Countertransference

Right Answered : C

Q. 6. A nurse in the labor room performing vaginal assessment on a pregnant client in labor and notes the

presence of the umbilical cord protruding from the uterus. What would be the initial nursING action-

a. Gently push the cord into the vagina

b. Place the client in Trendelenburg’s position

c. Perform vaginal exam to note the presentation

d. Notify the staff that the client will be transported immediately to delivery room

Right Answered : B

Q. 7. The term used to describe the discharges from the uterus during the puerperium and has an alkaline

reaction is ?

A. Vaginal discharge

B. Puerperal discharges

C. Amniotic secretions

D. Lochia

Right Answered- D

Q. 8. Look at the picture and identify

a. Laryngeal mask airway

b. Oxygen mask

c. Endotracheal tube

d. Single lumen airway

Right Answered - A

Q. 9. The normal rate of cervical dilation in the active phase of first stage of labor in a primigravida is -

A. 0.5 cm/hr

B. 2 cm/hr

C. 1 cm/hr

D 1.5 cm/hr

Right Answered - C

Q. 10. Which of the following is not a mood stabilizing agent ?

a. Fluoxetine

b. Lithium carbonate

c. Valproic acid

d. Clonazepam

Right Answered - A

Q. 11. A client with schizophrenia has been started on medication therapy with clozapine. The nurse

would assess the results of which laboratory study to monitor for adverse effect of this medication-

a. Liver function studies

b. Blood glucose level

c. White blood cell count

d. Platelet count

Right Answered - C

Q. 12. What should be added to normal saline which is connected to arterial line measuring invasive blood

pressure -

a. Potassium

b. Protamine

c. Heparin

d. Calcium

Right Answered - C

Q. 13. Each community development block should have

a. One community health center

b. Four community health center

c. Three community health center

d. Two community health center

Right Answered - A

Q. 14. During a dressing change, inspection of the wound reveals what appears to be reddish pink tissue in

the wound. The nurse interprets this as-

a. Exudate

b. Granulation tissue

c. Eschar

d. A sign of infection

Right Answered -B

Q. 15. The doctor has ordered 500 ml 5% dextrose to be administered for 5 hours. It should be

administered using a burette set. The nurse has to set the drops per minute to deliver the appropriate

amount. Calculate the flow rate-

a. 100 microdrops per minute

b. 80 microdrops per minute

c. 100 macro drops per minute

d. 80 macro drops per minute

Right Answered - A

Q. 16. All of the following, for women with breech presentation at term seeking vaginal breech delivery is


a. Diagnosing breech presentation for the first time in labour is a contraindication to vaginal

breech delivery

b. Continuous electronic fetal heart rate monitoring should be offered to women with breech

presentation in labour

c. Vaginal breech delivery should be conducted in presence of a person skilled in the conduct of

labour with breech presentation

d. Vaginal breech delivery should take place in a hospital with facilities for emergency caesarean section

Right Answered - C

Q. 17. A nurse is monitoring the manometer for CVP value from a central line inserted via the brachial vein.

CVP line inserted in a patient in the ICU on a face mask with oxygen. For correct reading she should record the

value at -

a. She should disconnect the manometer just before reading

b. Either is correct

c. End expiration

d. End inspiration

Right Answered - C

Q. 18. While assessing a patient’s cranial nerves, the nurse asks the patient to raise the eyebrows, smile

and show the teeth to assess which cranial nerve -

a. Vagus

b. Olfactory

c. Facial

d. Optic

Right Answered - C

Q. 19. A women using diaphragm for contraception should be instructed to leave it in place for at least

how long after intercourse -

a. 6 hours

b. 12 hours

c. 1 hour

d. 28 hours

Right Answered - A

20. Look at the picture and identify the procedure usually done in a labour room ?

a. NST

b. Colour doppler

c. ECG

d. Amniocentesis

Right Answered - A

Q. 21. Order is 180mg of cefotaxime intravenously. Available form is 500mg/5ml. what is the amount of

medication to be administered using a 2ml syringe with 10 divisions per ml-

a. 8 divisions

b. 18 divisions

c. 12 divisions

d. 1.8 divisions

Right Answered - B

Q. 22. A 40-year-old unconscious patient is brought to the casualty following a road traffic crash. His blood

pressure was 80/60 mm of Hg. What will you do first-

a. Protect airway

b. Start vasopressors

c. CT scan Head

d. Infuse 2 litres of crystalloids

Right Answered - A

Q. 23. Which of the following is considered the fifth vital sign in emergency department -

a. Motor response

b. Response to pain

c. Verbal response

d. Papillary reaction to light

Right Answered - D

Q. 24. A resident has given a top of epidural infusion of 3 mg morphine with 10 ml of 0.1% ropivacaine

.Which of the following symptom requires immediate action-

a. Bladder bowel incontinence

b. Confusion


d. Fast pounding pulse Hallucinations

Right Answered -B

Q. 25. During ward rounds, you find that a 24 year old patient with mania is very abusive and aggressive;

there is imminent danger of his becoming physically assaultive. What do you should NOT do -

a. Avoid reassuring touching of the patient

b. Confront him

c. Keep a safe distance from him

d. Use of clear language

Right Answered - B

Q. 26. A patient with a diagnosis of urosepsis has been admitted to the ward. You have been asked to start

noradrenaline for hypotension. What is the normal route of administration-

a. Wide bore cannula in the posterior tibial vein

b. Peripheral cannula

c. Wide bore cannula placed in the brachial vein

d. Central venous line in the subclavian vein

Right Answered - B

Q. 27. The nurse is caring for a child with sickle cell anaemia. To prevent thrombus formation in

capillaries, as well as other problems from stasis and clotting of blood in the sickling process, the nurse

should -

a. Administer oxygen

b. Increase fluids by mouth and use a humidifier

c. Encourage the child to maintain bed rest

d. Administer prescribed anticoagulants

Right Answered -B

Q. 28. Neural tube defects can be prevented by -

a. Supplementation with hydantoin

b. Supplementation with vitamin B complex

c. Maternal folate supplementation

d. Prophylaxis with valproic acid

Right Answered - C

Q. 29. A hypothermic neonate is airlifted from snowing gulmarg and is admitted in NICU. The attending

nurse is asked to record the core temperature by the attending doctor while he is busy resuscitating another

child. Which area would be most accurate of the core temperature -

a. Axillary

b. Forehead skin

c. Oral temperature

d. Tympanic membrane

Right Answered - D

Q. 30. A client is receiving IV fluids and develops tenderness, erythema and pain at the site. The nurse

suspects which of the following

a. Fluid overload

b. Sepsis

c. Phlebitis

d. Infiltration

Right Answered -C

Q. 31. A patient have Difficulty in smelling, nurse assess for which cranial nerve -

a. Cranial nerve I

b. Cranial nerve II

c. Cranial nerve III

d. Cranial nerve IV

Right Answered -A

Q. 32. All are types of haemolytic anemia EXCEPT -

a. Iron deficiency anemia

b. Thalassemia

c. Spirosis

d. G6PD deficiency

Right Answered -

Q. 33. Nursing care in a child extrophy of bladder is -

a. Dressing with normal saline

b. Dressing with petroleum jelly

c. cover with clean plastic wrap

d. Catheterize

Right Answered - c

Q. 34. In which stage there are formation of blisters

a. Stage I

b. Stage II

c. Stage III

d. Stage IV

Right Answered -B

Q. 35. Common position in a child with tetralogy of Fallot -

a. Squinting

b. Prone

c. Supine

d. Side lying

Right Answered - A

Q. 36. Perineal muscle at the root of vagina and perineum is -

a. Bulbospongiosus muscle




Right Answered -

Q. 37. Commonest site used for IM injection in infant is -

a. Vastus lateralis

b. Gluteal muscle

c. Deltoid

d. Biceps

Right Answered - A

Q. 38. Angle used for giving IM injection is -

a. 45 degree

b. 90 degree

c. 30 degree

d. 120 degree

Right Answered - B

Q. 39. Look at the picture and identify ?

a. Episiotomy scissor

b. Alies forceps

c. Bebcob

d. Tooth forceps

Right Answered -A

Q. 40. Doctor ordered 0.35 mg and the available drug is 0.25 mg per ml. what is the amount of drug should be

given -

a. 1.4 ml

b. 0.4 ml

c. 1.8 ml

d. 2.4 ml

Right Answered - A

Q. 41. Normal pH range is

a. 7.35-7.45

b. 7.25-7.35

c. 7.45-7.55

d. 7.15-7.25

Right Answered - A

Q. 42. A patient complaining nausea after having food. It is which type of data -

a. Subjective

b. Objective

c. Personal

d. None of them

Right Answered - A

Q. 43. A farmer came to the emergency room with BP 80/60 mm of Hg and history of vomiting. Symptoms

indicating -

a. Severe dehydration

b. Anaphylactic shock

c. Mild dehydration

d. Renal failure

Right Answered - A

Q. 44. First day of menstrual cycle is 14 august. The EDD according to negeles is -

a. 21 may

b. 14 june

c. 21 june

d. 14 may

Right Answered - A

Q. 45. A unconscious child came to you with dehydration, the nurse do first -

a. Start IV infusion of RL

b. Reassure the parents

c. Give ORS to the child

d. NS

Right Answered - A

Q. 46. 0.45% normal saline is the -

a. Hypotonic

b. Isotonic

c. Hypertonic

d. Colloid

Right Answered - A

Q. 47. You are giving dextrose 50% to a patient IV, all are complications EXCEPT -

a. Edema

b. Renal failure

c. Hyperglycemia

d. Thrombophlebitis

Right Answered - B

Q. 48. We will assess which lab value in renal failure patient-

a. Serum creatinine

b. Serum calcium

c. Serum magnesium

d. Serum chlorine

Right Answered - A

Q. 49. In the following is not a complication of giving potassium chloride Intravenous-

a. Phlebitis

b. Hyperkalemia

c. Numbness

d. Constipation

Right Answered - D

Q. 50. A patient receiving continuous salbutamol nebulization therapy. Nurse assess for-

a. S. calcium

b. S. potassium

c. S. magnesium

d. S. sodium

Right Answered - B

Q. 51. You will use which solution for spillage of blood on the floor -

a. Chloride mixed solution

b. Phenol mixed

c. Cidex

d. Formalin

Right Answered -A

Q. 52. Which is the Long acting insulin-

a. Glargine

b. NPH

c. Regular

d. Lispro

Right Answered - A

Q. 53. Cation present mostly in plasma is-

a. Sodium

b. Potassium

c. Calcium

d. Magnesium

Right Answered - A

54. The diameter (size) of shown picture is starts from ?

a. 5 mm

b. 4.7 mm

c. 4.3 mm

d. 5.3 mm

Right Answered - B

Q. 55. A 60 kg patient ordered IV Amikacin 25mg/kg body weight/per day. After dividing in two parts the

accurate single dose is -

a. 750 mg

b. 650 mg

c. 700 mg

d. 450 mg

Right Answered - A

Q. 56. In the Chest tube drainage system there are fluctuations in the water seal chamber with respiratory efforts.

Nurse assess for -

a. Kinking of chest tube

b. Normal process

c. Air leaking

d. None of them

Right Answered - B

Q. 57. There is no oscillation seen in the drainage system. The nurse understands that -

a. Tube is blocked

B. IT is normal

C.air leaking

d. none

Right Answered - A

Q. 58. A patient receive highest oxygen by-

a. Mask with reservoir bag

b. Venturi mask

c. Nasal cannula

d. Simple mask

Right Answered - a

Q. 59. Pepsinogen secreted by -

a. Chief cells

b. Mast cells

c. Beta cells

d. Parietal cells

Right Answered - a

Q. 60. Normal Bone cell is known as-

a. Osteocyte

b. Osteoblast

c. Osteoclast

d. Monocyte

Right Answered - a

Q. 61. A patient admitted in ward with prior MI attack. He complains for chest pain, first action of nurse is-

a. Provide nitroglycerin S/L

b.Get an ECG done

c.Order trop t

d.Order an echo

Right Answered - A

62. A patient shifted in the operation theatre. Anesthetist instruct to place ECG monitoring and a 3 lead ECG

available. What will you do-

a. Observe with II lead

b. Cancel the operation

c. Look for a 12 lead ECG

d. Shift patient to ward

Right Answered -A

Q. 63. A nurse will keep in isolation of a patient with bacterial meningitis for -

a. 24 hr

b. 12 hr

c. Till culture negative

d. After 12 hour of antibiotic given

Right Answered -A

Q. 64. A patient complaining visual disturbance, nurse knows it is the side effect of which drug-

a. Etambutol

b. Pyrazinamide

c. rifampicin

d. Lithium

Right Answered -A

Q. 65. Precautions used when caring of a rubella patient-

a. Droplet

b. Contact

c. Universal

d. Hand washing

Right Answered -A

Q. 66. A women came with complaining of recurrent uterine bleeding, nurse action involves -

a. Cryotherapy

b. Prepare for Pap smear Antihemorrhagic drug

C. Anti-hemorrhagic

d. Reassurance

Right Answered -B

Q. 67. Effect of vasodilator includes-

a. Hypotension

b. Hypertension

c. Diuresis

d. Sweating

Right Answered -A

Q. 68. Osmolarity of sodium normal saline is-

a. 134 mEq/L

b. 144 mEq/L

c. 154 mEq/L

d. 164 mEq/L

Right Answered -C

Q. 69. A unconscious patient brought by their relatives, your priority should be -

a. Remove secretions and Clean airway

b. Provide oxygen

c. Give adrenaline

d. Call the physician

Right Answered -A

Q. 70. The drug used to prevent aspiration and decrease the secretions is -

a. Atropine

b. Adrenaline

c. Noradrenaline

d. Dopamine

Right Answered -A

Q. 71. A patient had sudden reaction minute after a drug given is type of -

a. Anaphylactic

b. Septic

c. Side effect

d. None

Right Answered -A

Q. 72. Adrenaline used for dental anesthesia is -

a. 1:100000

b. 1:10000

c. 1:200000

d. 1:100

Right Answered -C

Q. 73. To increase the effect of local anesthesia use of -

a. Epinephrine

b. Norepinephrine

c. Atropine

d. Dobutamine

Right Answered -A

Q. 74. How a nurse assess the proper functioning of laryngeal nerve after thyroidectomy -

a. Tell to speak words

b. Throat swab for gag reflex

c. Provide oral fluids

d. Check motor response

Right Answered -A

Q. 75. Look at the picture and identify the grip ?

a. Fundal grip

b. Lateral grip

c. Abdominal grip

d. Umbilical grip

Right Answered - A

Q. 76. A client came into OPD and the doctor needed for an assessment of Arterial blood gas analysis. Which

artery should use -

a. Radial

b. Brachial

c. Femoral

d. Carotid

Right Answered -A

Q. 77. Station is related to -

a. Ischial spine

b. Iliac spine


d. Cervix

Right Answered -A

Q. 78. Normal color of amniotic fluid is -

a. Clear

b. Dark brown

c. Greenish

d. Reddish

Right Answered -A

Q. 79. Most reliable sign to assess fetal condition is -

a. Decreased movement of fetus

b. FHR below 100/min

c. FHR above 160/min

d. Amount of amniotic fluid

Right Answered -A

Q. 80. pH of vagina become acidic due to-

a. Bartholin gland

b. Sebaceous gland

c. Doderlin bacillus

d. E.coli

Right Answered -C

Q. 81. Maximum dose of atropine can be given is -

a. 1 mg

b. 3 mg

c. 5 mg

d. 10 mg

Right Answered -B

Q. 82. Patient had a reaction after blood transfusion. The first action of nurse is-

a. Stop the transfusion immediately

b. Call to the doctor

c. Monitor vital signs

d. Slow the rate of transfusion

Right Answered -A

Q. 83. A nurse caring patient which receiving TPN in ICU, Nurses action should be -

a. Discard the TPN bag after 24 hours even some fluids in the bag

b. Continue start TPN

c. Stop the TPN for some time

d. All of the above

Right Answered -A

Q. 84. Edema is due to EXCEPT -

a. Increased hydrostatic pressure

b. Decrease hydrostatic pressure

c. Reduced oncotic pressure within blood vessels

d. Increased blood vessel wall permeability

Right Answered -B

Q. 85. Universal recipient for blood is -

a. O +ve

b. O –ve

c. AB +ve

d. AB –ve

Right Answered -C

Q. 86. Antidote of MgSO4 is -

a. Calcium gluconate

b. Potassium chloride

c. Protamine sulphate

d. Naloxone

Right Answered -A

Q. 87. Which plane divides the body in anterior and posterior-

a. Frontal

b. Sagittal

c. Parasagittal

d. Transverse

Right Answered -A

Q. 88. Which is true with Kangaroo mother care -

a. Skin to skin contact, breast feeding, prevention from infection

b. Skin to skin contact, breast feeding, early discharge

c. Skin to skin contact, early discharge, prevention from infection

d. Early discharge, breast feeding, prevention from infection

Right Answered - A

Q. 89. Inferiority v/s Guilt shown in the age of -

a. 0-1 year

b. 1-3 year

c. 3-6 year

d. 6-12 year

Right Answered -C

Q. 90. According to Erickson stages of development 4 year old child comes under -

a. Preschooler

b. Schooler

c. Toddler

d. Infant

Right Answered -A

Q. 91. Worker in ICDS programme is -

a. Aanganwari

b. Village health guide

c. Health supervisor

d. MPW

Right Answered -A

Q. 92. A nurse keep in mind while giving heparin injection to a patient -

a. Don’t aspirate & don’t massage

b. Do aspirate & don’t massage

c. Don’t aspirate & do massage

d. Do aspirate & do massage

Right Answered -A

Q. 93. Method used to give Haloperidol injection-

a. Z track

b. M track

c. N track

d. W track

Right Answered - A

Q. 94. A child suspected to have pinworm, to confirm the nurse should tell the mother to -

a. Bring 3 stool sample and observe with eyes

b. Bring 3 stool sample and send for culture

c.Inspection of perineal area

d. Assess the hygienic status of child

Right Answered -B

Q. 95. A nurse teaches the client to collect urine specimen for bacterial infection includes -

a. Collect midstream of early void

b. Collect specimen at any time

c. Collect specimen after first void

d. 24 hour urine collection

Right Answered -A

Q. 96. A child is not giving his toys to another. This type of play is -

a. Parallel play

b. Group play

c. Social play

d. All of the above

Right Answered -A

Q. 97. The recorded BP would be ?

a. Higher diastolic but lower systolic BP

b. Higher than actual BP

c. Same as actual BP

d. Lower than actual BP

Right Answered - C

Q. 98.While administer ear drop in infant,the nurse should pull the pinna of the ear

a. Downward & backward

b. Downward & upward

c. Upward & backward

d. Backward & upward

Right Answered -A

Q. 99. Heart sounds are produced by -

a. Closure of heart valves

b. Contraction of atrium

c. Contraction of ventricles

d. SA node

Right Answered -A

Q. 100. Common cause of heart valve stenosis in India is -

a. Rheumatic fever

b. Cardiomegaly

c. CAD

d. Atherosclerosis

Right Answered -A

Q. 101. Polycythemia in children shows the symptom of-

a. Cardiomegaly

b. Polyuria

c. Edema

d. Flushed face

Right Answered -D

Q. 102. A dull sound heard during chest percussion, it is due to the presence of-

a. Mass

b. Fluid

c. Bone

d. Air

Right Answered -A

Q. 103. Which blood vessel carry blood from lungs to heart -

a. Pulmonary vein

b. Pulmonary artery

c. Superior vena cava

d. Aorta

Right Answered -A

Q. 104. While recording oxygen with pulse oximetry of a newly married patient, the nurse should do -

a. Remove nailpolish

b.Remove bangles

c.Used to finger

d.None of above

Right Answered -A

Q. 105. Best intervention in hemorrhagic shock is to provide total fluid?

a. 1-2 litre fluid

b. 2-3 litre fluid

c. 3-4 litre fluid

d. 4-5 litre fluid

Right Answered -C

Q.106. Best method to check fluid replacement in adult is-

a. Urine output

b. Blood pressure

c. Respiration

d. Pulse pressure

Right Answered -A

Q. 107. To check the skin turgor nurse should do-

a. Pinch the skin gently and observe

b.Measure the skin fold thickness

c.Ask the client to take 2-3L of fluid

d. Ask the client to lay down in prone position

Right Answered - A

Q. 108. A neonate doesn’t pass meconium after 24 hours of delivery and neonate suspected for hirschsprung's disease. The next action should be -

a. Prepare for surgery

b. Insert feeding tube

c. Insert rectal tube and give enema of normal saline

d. Provide ryle’s tube feeding

Right Answered -A

Q. 109. A patient doesn’t pass urine and his kidney works normal. The term used to describe this

condition is -

a. Retention

b. Renal failure

c. Oliguria

d. Anuria

Right Answered -A

Q. 110. Least effective therapy in OCD is-

a. Exposure

b. Cognitive therapy

c. Medication

d. Physical exercise

Right Answered -D

Q. 111. A client sleep between conversion, describe as-

a. Sleep apnea

b. Narcolepsy

c. Somnambulism

d. Insomnia

Right Answered -B

Q. 112. A patient shows which of the following symptom of overdose of lithium-

a. Polyuria and drinking water

b. Weight loss

c. Leukocytopenia

d. Hyporeflexia

Right Answered -A

Q. 113. “Scheduled activity” therapy used for the patient with-

a. Negative symptoms of schizophrenia

b. Depression

c. Mania

d. OCD

Right Answered -B

Q. 114. Body part goes midline to away is termed as-

a. Abduction

b. Adduction

c. Supination

d. Flexion

Right Answered -A

Q. 115. All are the risk factors of cardiac disease EXCEPT-

a. Office job

b. Age above 70 years

c. Increased HDL level

d. Increased LDL level

Right Answered -C

Q. 116. Person’s lab value shows cholesterol level 300mg. the nurse advised to the person-

a. To check lipid profile

b.Modify the dietary pattern

c.collect history regarding ADL

d. Reduce the weight

Right Answered -A

Q. 117. Hormone responsible for milk ejection is-

a. Oxytocin

b. Prolactin

c. ADH

d. Insulin

Right Answered -A

Q. 118. Which position shown in picture /

a. LOP

b. LOA

c. ROP

d. ROA

Right Answered -D

Q. 119. An OCD patient becomes good and the family stops the treatment before 3 months. Nurse

teach the family about the drug is-

a. Treatment for long time

b. No dependence occur with the treatment

c. After total cure doctor stop the treatment

d. No more treatment is needed for the client

Right Answered -A

Q. 120. A person thinks that somebody follows him because he had secret paper in his briefcase. It is -

A. Delusion of persecution

B. Idea of reference

C. Idea of suspect

D. Delusion of grandeur

Right Answered -A

Q. 121. This is not the effect of cold therapy-

a. Vasodilation

b. Vasoconstriction

c. Reduce pain

d. Stop bleeding

Right Answered -A

Q. 122. Pain scale used for the assessment of pain in postoperative patients is-

a. VAS

b. VAP

c. AVP

d. VSP

Right Answered -A

Q. 123. Shakir tape is used to measure-

a. Mid Arm circumference

b. Head circumference

c. Chest circumference

d. Total length

Right Answered -A

Q. 124. While suctioning of the patient placed ET tube in the mouth, suction catheter should insert-

a. Insert till obstruct the catheter in trachea

b. Total length of catheter

c. Tip of the nose to ear and ear to chest

d. Insert the catheter beyond carina

Right Answered -A

Q. 125. Normal anion gap is-

a. 1-4 mEq/L

b. 4-8 mEq/L

c. 18-24 mEq/L

d. 8-16 mEq/L

Right Answered -D

Q. 126. After inspection which technique should be used for proper abdominal assessment-

a. Auscultation

b. Palpation

c. Observation

d. Percussion

Right Answered -A

Q. 127. In the third stage of labour uterus becomes hard. The immediate action of nurse is-

a. Uterine massage

b. Increase oral fluids

c. Record temperature

d. Shift to ward

Right Answered -A

Q. 128. Which is used first to treat hypovolemic shock-

a. Plasm

b. Fresh blood

c. Whole blood

d. Packed cells

Right Answered - C

Q. 129. A 38 year old lady wants to use a spacing method. She is smoking one packet of

cigarettes daily. Which method is Contraindication -

a. Oral contraceptive pills

b. Diaphragm

c.Copper T

d. Female condom

Right Answered -A

Q. 130. A female used diaphragm, after sex how much time she should kept diaphragm in the uterus-

a. 6 hours

b. 1 hour

c. 24 hour

d. 12 hour

Right Answered -A

Q. 131. Look at the picture and identify ?

a. Phototherapy

b. Radiant warmer

c. Heater

d. X-ray

Right Answered -A

Q. 132. In the following, which is not a sign of depression-

a. Anhedonia

b. Irritability

c. Restless

d. Hopeful

Right Answered -D

Q. 133. First case found is known as-

a. Index case

b. Primary case

c. Secondary case

d. Tertiary case

Right Answered -A

Q. 134. Agent, host, environment are-

a. Risk factors

b. Infection

c. Components of model

d. Clinical signs

Right Answered -C

Q. 135. The cause of gastric cancer is-

a. H. pylori

b. Acidic nature

c. Less peristalsis

d. Activity daily living

Right Answered -A

Q. 136. Method used for temperature management in radiant warmer is-

a. Control mode

b. Manual mode

c. Servo mode

d. None of them

Right Answered -C

Q. 137. Insulin secreted by-

a. B-cells of pancreas

b. Αlpha-cells of pancreas

c. Liver

d. Gallbladder

Right Answered -A

Q. 138. Increase in number of cells are called-

a. Hyperplasia

b. Hypoplasia

c. Metaplasia

d. Dysplasia

Right Answered -A

Q. 139. After birth the heart rate of neonate is 100/minute. The immediate next action of nurse is-

a. Rub the back of neonate & tap stimulation at the soul

b. Provide oxygenation

c. Start cardiopulmonary resuscitation

d. Handover the baby to mother

Right Answered -A

Q. 140. Nursing action to reduce physiological jaundice in a neonate is-

a. Give IV fluids

b.Start single surface phototherapy

C.Start double surface phototherapy

d. Place the child in billi-blanket

Right Answered -A

Q. 141. Haemothorex occurs in-

a. Pleural space

b. Thoracic cavity

c. Peritoneal space

d. Periosteum

Right Answered -A

Q. 142. Method used to transport the vaccine from one place to another is-

a. Cold chain

b. Vaccine carrier

c. Deep fridge

d. Ice lined refrigerator

Right Answered -A

Q. 143. Which symptom is not shown in the patient with anxiety

a. Hallucination

b. Nervous behavior

c. Worry

d. Restlessness

Right Answered -A

Q. 144. Intractable pain is-

a. Intermittent pain

b. Intermediate pain

c. Constant pain

d. Wide spreading pain

Right Answered -C

Q. 145. See the picture and record PR interval-

a. 0.16

b. 0.20

c. 0.24

d. 0.8

Right Answered -

Q. 146. An alcoholic patient stops alcohol consumption before 24 hours. He faced

tremors, agitation and confusion. What is the diagnosis-

a. Alcohol dependence syndrome with alcohol withdrawal

b.Normal finding in alcohol consuming persons

c.Wernicke's encephalopathy

d. psychosis

Right Answered -A

Q. 147. Which is not finding in dengue patient-

a. Haemodilution

b. Thrombocytopenia

c. Increased capillary permeability

d. Hypertension

Right Answered -D

Q. 148. A patient gets an infection from an indwelling catheter. It is an example of-

a. Iatrogenic infection

b. Nosocomial infection

c. Droplet infection

d. Contamination

Right Answered -A

Q. 149. A diabetic patient was put on NBM for CT scan. What the nurse do-

a. Postponed the insulin dose

b.Administer the hypoglycemic agents as usual

c.Tell the patient it is not possible to be on NPO status

d. Give IVF

Right Answered -A

Q. 150. Before give the RT feeding to a child nurse check the placement of tube for-

a. Every time before feed

b. One time in a day

c. After feed

d. 3 times in a day

Right Answered -A

Q. 151. Position given to mother for caesarian section-

a. Supine position with pillow under hip

b. Semi fowler position

c. Prone position

d. Lateral position

Right Answered -A

Q. 152. Impairment in consciousness and cognition for short time is the-

a. Delirium

b. Dementia

c. LOC

d. Parkinson

Right Answered -A

Q. 153. Which cell acts as a phagocytic-

a. Monocyte

b. Thrombocyte

c. Macrophage

d. RBC

Right Answered -C

Q. 154. After given epidural block in pregnant mother, nurse should check for-

a. Hypotension

b. Confusion

c. Urine output

d. Tachypnea

Right Answered -C

Q. 155. Process of suction of the baby-

a. First mouth than nose

b. Nose than mouth

c. Only nose

d. Only mouth

Right Answered -A

Q. 156. A farmer spraying the liquid, suddenly he falls down and is brought by his relatives to the emergency room with low BP, constricted pupil and unconscious state. You will know that these are the

symptom of which type of poisoning -

a. Lead poisoning

b. Arsenic poisoning

c. Phenol poisoning

d. Latex poisoning

Right Answered -B

Q. 157. A nurse gave an injection of ondansetron to a patient. After 10 minute, finger of patient becoming blue in color, this is because of -

a.Intra arterial injection



d.Thrombus formation

Right Answered -A

Q. 158 In This Question, a statement of Assertion (A) is Followed by a statement of Reason (R) –

(A) Commotion of O2 to O2 Require silent electric discharge.

(R) As at 29% for the reaction is Negative


(A) Both Assertion (A) & Reason (R) are true and the Reason (R) is the correct Explanation of the

Assertion (A)

(B) Assertion (A) is true but Reason (R) is false



Right Answered -

Q. 159 The Figure shows different human tissue labeled (A) to (D) Which answer gives correct identification of the label, its location and one feature ?

A. Unicellular glandular, epithelium, Goblet cells, secrete saliva




Right Answered -

Q. 160 Surgery of pyloric stenosis


b. Nissen fundoplication

c. Sweanson procedure

d. Duhamel procedure

Right Answered -A

Q. 161 Disulfiram acts as

a. Antabuse

b. Antidote



Right Answered -A

Q. 162 Extra pyramidal symptom Pheochromocytoma

a. Dystonia


c. Parkinsonism

d.All the above

Right Answered -D

Q163 Pheochromocytoma is ………..

a. Tumour originating in chromaffin cell

b.Tumour of kidney

c.Tumour of pancreas

d.Tumour of osteocyte

Right Answered -A

Q.164 A child came with referral diaphragmatic hernia Alpha fetoprotein and HCG level





Right Answered -

Q.165 Coomb’s test is………..

a.Direct Coomb’s test used to test for autoimmune hemolytic anemia

b.Indirect Coomb’s test detects antibodies against RBCs that are present unbound in the patient’s serum

c.Coombs tests are performed using RBCs or serum

d.All the above

Right Answered -D

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