nursing officer quiz questions / staff nurse mcq questions / CHO question paper

 Nursing officer quiz questions / Staff nurse mcq questions / CHO question paper

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quiz about growth and development-2
Q.1.Depo-provera (DMPA) injection for contraception is used :-

  1. Every month
  2. Every two month
  3. Every 3 months
  4. Every 4 months

Q.2.Hypermetropia is corrected by :-

  1. Concave lens
  2. Convex lens
  3. Toric lens
  4. Bifocal eyeglasses

Q.3.How much blood store & filter in the liver ?

  1. 50-100 ml
  2. 100-200 ml
  3. 200-400 ml
  4. 400-600 ml
Correct answer-3 (200-400 ml)

Q.4.Which of the following is not responsible for early abortion?

  1. Cyanotic heart disease
  2. Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus
  3. Hemoglobinopathy
  4. Rh incompatibility
Answer- 4(In Rh incompatibility fetal death occur in later weeks)

Q.5.Anaphylactic reaction Occurs in.......... hypersensitivity reactions?
  1. Type-1
  2. Type-II
  3. Type-III
  4. Type-IV
Answer- 1

Q.6.Lack of vitamin B may result in ?
  1. Poor eyesight
  2. Dull skin
  3. Tooth decay
  4. Poor cellular respiration
Correct answer -4 (Poor cellular respiration)

Q.7.Burrow ink test identify ?
  1. Scabies
  2. Pemphigus vulgaris
  3. Dermatitis
  4. Psoriasis
Correct answer -1

Q.8.Storage time of RBC is:-
  1. 40-45 days
  2. 35-42 days
  3. 38-45 days
  4. 30-40 days
Correct answer-2 (35-42 days)

Q.9.Joint between the articular processes of two adjacent vertebrae ?
  1. Facet joint
  2. Syndesmosis joint
  3. Atlantoaxial joint
  4. Elbow joint
Correct answer- 1(Facet joint)

Q.10. The nurse is constructing a nursing care plan for a client postoperative open cholecystectomy. Which nursing diagnosis priority for this client?

  1. Risk for ineffective airway clearance
  2. Activity intolerance
  3. Risk for urinary retention
  4. Acute pain
Correct answer-1 (Risk for ineffective airway clearance)

Feedback-Airway clearance priority. After gallbladder surgery clients can have respiratory problems because the location of the incision is in the proximity of the diaphragm. Answers B, C, and D can also occur but are not the priority.

Q.11.Which of the following clinical manifestations is seen when uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints ,most commonly in the big toe ?
  1. Podagra
  2. Pemphigus
  3. Pannus
  4. Perfusion
Correct answer -1 (Podagra)

Q.12.Leprosy is also known as :-

  1. Crohn's disease
  2. Slim's disease
  3. Hansen's disease
  4. Grave's disease
Correct answer -3

Q.13.Which of the health committee is known as the integration of health services?
  1. Srivastav committee
  2. Chaddah committee
  3. Bhore committee
  4. Jungalwala committee
Correct answer-4 (Jungalwala committee)

Q.14.Serum fibrinogen sample should be sent in ?
  1. EDTA vial
  2. Plain vial/ Red top vial
  3. Citrate vial/ blue top vial
  4. Black vial
Correct answer-3 (Citrate vial / blue top vial)

Q15 Which neurotransmitter deficiency can Myasthenia Gravis ?

a) Dopamine

b) Acetylcholine

c) Serotonin



Q16 The lens of the eye is ?

a) Biconcava

b) Biconvex

c) Circular

d) Longitudinal


Q17 The flexion of the knee occurs when the neck is flexed passively is elicited in a patient, this sign is known as ?

a) Brudzinski's sign

b) Kernig's sign

c) Sunset sign

d) Babinski's sign


Q18 A patient is on digoxin therapy, what kind of food items a nurse will suggest to him ?

a) Foods rich in K

b) Food lower in K

c) Salt free diet

d) High caloric diet


Q19 Quarantine was originally introduced as a protection against ?

a) Plague

b) Tuberculosis


d) Malaria


20. most accurate test diagnose cancer of breast is
  1. MRI
  2. mammography e
  3. breast self examination
  4. Myelography

21. Which Infection or virus cross the placental barrier
  1. Rubola (measles) 
  2. Rubella (German measles) 
  3.  Both A & B 
  4.  HIV Virus

Q22 "Guthrie Test" is done in neonates for mass screening of ?

a) Neonatal hypothyroidism

b) Phenylketonuria

c) Hemoglobinopathies

d) Congenital Dislocation ofHip


Q23 Most cost effective family planning method is ?

a)Copper T


c)Tubectomy Copper T

d) Oral pills


Q24 Minimum level of iodine in iodized salt reaching the consumer level according to iodine programmers ?

a) 15 ppm

b) 30ppm

c) 5 ppm

d) 20 ppm


Q25 Mini Pills contains ?

a) Only progesterone in small quantity

b) Progesterone and estrogen

c) Estrogen in small quantity and progesterone in large quantity

d) Only estrogen


26. Which is not a stage of grief?

  1. Denial 
  2.  Bargaining 
  3.  Acceptance 
  4.  Fear

27. Endometrium of uterus of pregnant woman is

a) Trophoblast 
b) Endothelium 
c) Decidua
d) All of above


28. Umbilical cord contains

a) 2 umbilical arteries & 1 umbilical vein 
b) 1 umbilical arteries & 2 umbilical vein 
c) umbilical arteries & I umbilical vein
d) Only 2 umbilical arteries


29. Umbilical arteries carry the which blood

a) Deoxygenated blood 
b) Oxygenated blood 
c) Both A & B
d) None

30. During Intrauterine life foramen ovale found b/w the

a) Lt & Rt atria 
b) Rt & Li ventricles 
c) Rt atrium & Rt ventricle 
d) Lt atrium & Lt ventricle



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