DSSSB Staff Nurse Paper / dsssb nursing officer question paper 2017

 DSSSB Staff Nurse Paper / dsssb nursing officer question paper 2017

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DSSSB Staff Nurse / Nursing officer Paper (13.08.2017)

Q. 1. IQ formula may be defined as:

(A) MA÷CA x 100

(B) CA÷MA x 100

(C) MA÷100 x CA

(D) MA x CA x 100

Answer- A

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Q. 2. communication a usable form is the stage of memory Transforming incoming information ?

(A) Retrieval

(B) Encoding

(C) Storage

(D) Organization

Answer- B

Q. 3. Maslow's hierarchy of needs, At the top

(A) Love and belonging

(B) Esteem and self esteem

(C) Self actualization

(D) Safety and security


Q4. A competitive diver approaches the end of the board with rapidly beating heart and a dry mouth, a result of increased:

(A) Adrenaline

(B) Amines

(C) Cortisone

(D) Endorphins


Q. 5. facial expression most universally recognized

(A) Pursed lips

(B) Smiling

(C) Sticking out your tongue

(D) Raising your eyebrows

Answer- B

Q. 6. body response reduction a drug which may accompany drug use is called

(A) Withdrawal

(B) Tolerance

(C) Dependence

(D) Addiction


Q. 7. Education is based on:

(A) Knowledge

(B) Determination

(C) Meditation

(D) Reading

Answer- A

Q. 8. POSDCORB stands for:

(A) Preparing, Organizational, Staffing, Directing, Co-operator, Record, Building (B) Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Co-ordinating, Reporting, Budgeting

(C) Companies Name

(D) None of the above


Q. 9. Career development programme consists of a set of personal responsibilities called:

(A) Course planning

(B) Career Planning

(C) Staff development

(D) Recruitment


Q. 10. It is a planned education experience provided in the job setting and to help the person to perform more effectively as a person and as a worker is called as: (A) Induction Training

(B) Orientation

(C) In service education

(D) Job orientation


Q. 11. A concise summary of study that communicates essential information about study is called as:

(A) Action research

(B) Abstract

(C) Audit Trail

(D) Assumption


Q. 12. The variable that is purposely manipulated or changed by the researcher is:

(A) Dependent variable

(B) Hypothesis

(C) Informed consent

(D) Independent variable


Q. 13. A parametric statistical measure to determine difference between the means of two groups symbolized by:

(A) t-test

(B) u-test

(C) d-test

(D) s-test

Answer- A

Q. 14. Research conducted to answer questions or to find solution to problems that fall within the specific domain of nursing is:

(A) Protocol

(B) Individual research

(C) Nursing research

(D) Questionnaire

Answer- C

Q. 15. A guide for deriving systematic information concerning the phenomena of interest to the researcher is:

(A) Research Process

(B) Nursing Process

(C) Research Design

(D) Research Proposals

Answer- A

Q. 16. in pregnancy Gestational age calculated by:

(A) 9 months + 7 days

(B) Nine lunar months

(C) 280 days

(D) All of the above

Answer- D

Q. 17. Which of the following diseases of rashes are seen All stages?

(A) Chickenpox

(B) Smallpox

(C) Measles

(D) Diphtheria

Answer- A

Q. 18. Oligospermia means:

(A) No semen

(B) No sperm in semen

(C) Dead sperm

(D) Sperm count of less than 20 million

Answer- D

Q. 19. average age for menopause is:

(A) 45 years

(B) 40 years

(C) 52 years

(D) 48 years

Answer- A

Q. 20. Most common congenital malformation in North India is:

(A) Neural tube defects

(B) Cleft palate

(C) Club foot

(D) Congenital heart disease

Answer- A

Q. 21. APGAR stands for:

(A) Activity, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance, Respiration

(B) Activity, Pallor, Grimace, Appearance, Rhythm

(C) Apathy, Pulse, Grunting, Appearance, Respiration

(D) Activity, Pallor, Gait, Appearance, Rate

Answer- A

Q. 22. The heart is enclosed in a protective membrane called as:

(A) Endocardium

(B) Mesocardium

(C) Pericardium

(D) Cardium


Q.23. Which is situated at the junction of the superior vena cava and the right atrium?

(A) AV node

(B) SA node

(C) Bundle of His

(D) Purkinje fibres

Answer- B

Q. 24. CK-MB stands for:

(A) Creatine Kinase Mind and Brain

(B) Creatine Kinase Muscle and Brain

(C) Creatine Kinase Minute Blood

(D) Creatine Kinase Measuring Bond

Answer- B

Q. 25. An example for loop diuretics is:

(A) Furosemide

(B) Mannitol

(C) Spironolactone

(D) Nifedipine

Answer- A

Q. 26. Eat a large amount of food after that claint vomiting or taking laxatives to avoid gaining weight is called ?

(A) Behavioral dicting

(B) Fad dieting

(C) Purging

(D) Bulimia nervosa

Answer- D

Q. 27. Alzheimer's disease

(A) Functional psychosis

(B) Senile dementia

(C) General paresis

(D) Paranoia

Answer- B

Q. 28. A PET scanning most commonly use the injection of:

(A) Radioactive sugar

(B) Lodine

(C) Metal Particles

(D) Xenon gas

Answer- A

Q. 29. It has been discovered that are major antipsychotic drugs:

(A) Block the action of dopamine

(B) Facilitate the action of dopamine

(C) Increased level of dopamine

(D) Decreased level of dopamine

Answer- A

Q. 30. ovum Fertilization outside a woman body is called ?

(A) Artificial insemination

(B) In vitro fertilization

(C) Eugenics

(D) Genetic engineering


Q. 31. Code of ethics serve as a means of:

(A) Self-mobility

(B) Self-regulation

(C) Self-identity

(D) Self-understanding

Answer- B

Q. 32. a process directed toward the professional and personal growth of nurses and other personnel while they are employed by a health agency is called:

(A) Staff development

(B) Education development

(C) Self development

(D) Career development

Answer- B

Q. 33. The word administer is derived from:

(A) Greek word

(B) Indian word

(C) German word

(D) Latin word

Answer- D

Q. 34. It is a process of securing applicants to fill vacant positions:

(A) Recruitment

(B) Recreation

(C) Refilling

(D) Planning

Answer- A

Q. 35. The following is one of the characteristics of vedic education:

(A) Pabbajja ritual

(B) Materialism

(C) Relation between student and teacher

(D) Syllabus

Answer- C

Q. 36. The process of selecting a sample from the target population is termed as:

(A) Snowball sampling

(B) Sampling

(C) Sampling frame

(D) Sampling hypothesis

Answer- B

Q. 37. A baby born before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy is termed as:

(A) Term baby

(B) Post term baby

(C) Pre-term baby

(D) None of the above

Answer- C

Q. 38. A baby whose birth weight is 2500 gm or less is known as:

(A) Low birth weight baby

(B) Overweight baby

(C) Weight as expected

(D) All of the above

Answer- A

Q.39. The safest sleep position for most infants in order to prevent SIDS is:

(A) Face down

(B) REM rebound

(C) On their backs or sides

(D) None of these

Answer- c

Q. 40. two most basic states of sleep, suggests Research ?

(A) Alpha sleep and Beta sleep

(B) REM sleep and Paradoxical sleep

(C) REM sleep and Non REM sleep

(D) Light sleep and Deep sleep

Answer- C

Q. 41. Plastic syringes are sterilized by:

(A) Gamma rays

(B) Hot air oven

(C) Autoclave

(D) Washing in phenol

Answer- A

Q. 42. DOTS therapy is used in:

(A) Tuberculosis

(B) Lymphoma

(C) Spina bifida

(D) Ebstein's anomaly

Answer- A

Q. 43. Asbestos exposure causes:

(A) Mesothelioma

(B) Tetralogy of fallot

(C) Cerebral palsy

(D) Repeated abortions

Answer- A

Q. 44. also known umbilical cord

(A) Fetal sac

(B) Funis

(C) Amnion

(D) Embryo

Answer- B

Q.45. The normal length of the umbilical cord is:

(A) 20 cm

(B) 15 cm

(C) 70 cm

(D) 50 cm

Answer- D

Q. 46. An noninvasive test that determines the oxygen saturation of the patient's haemoglobin is:

(A) Allen test

(B) ABG analysis

(C) Hb test

(D) Pulse oximetry

Answer- D

Q. 47. When planning care for a 14 years old female who is pregnant, a nurse should recognize that the adolescent is at risk of:

(A) Glucose intolerance

(B) Fatal chromosomal abnormalities

(C) Incompetent cervix

(D) Iron deficiency anaemia

Answer- C

Q. 48. A patient with cholelithiasis and obstruction of the common bile duct would likely exhibit which of the following manifestations?

(A) Straw colored urine

(B) Yellow sclera

(C) Dark brown stools

(D) Bright red tongue

Answer- B

Q. 49. Which is the diagnostic procedure for a six month old infant with suspected intussusception ?

(A) Colonoscopy

(B) Rectal biopsy

(C) Barium enema

(D) Cholangiography

Answer- A

Q. 50. Which of the food should not be given to the patient with hepatic encephalopathy?

(A) Pasta

(B) Spinach

(C) Fresh fruit

(D) Eggs

Answer- D

Q. 51.anterior chamber of the eye Presence of blood is called:

(A) Contusion (B) Concussion (C) Black eye (D) Hyphema

Answer- D

Q. 52. Which of the following is considered as a risk factor for the development of cataract?

(A) Diabetes Mellitus

(B) Cardiovascular diseases

(C) Hypertension

(D) Hyperthyroidism

Answer- A

Q. 53. Bleeding from the nose is termed as:

(A) Haematemesis

(B) Epistaxis

(C) Haematuria

(D) Haemoptysis

Answer- B

Q. 54. Cisplatin is a:

(A) Antineoplastics

(B) Corticosteroids

(C) Anticonvulsants

D) Bronchodilator

Answer- A

Q. 55. Normal calcium level in an adult ranges from:

(A) 8.6-10 mg/dl

(B) 10-13 mg/dl

(C) 13-15 mg/dl

(D) 15-19 mg/dl

Answer- A

Q. 56. Vitamin E prevents:

(A) Formation of Vitamin D in skin

(B) Absorption of harmful enzymes

(C) Keratinisation of epidermal cells

(D) Secretion of superfluous enzymes

Answer- C

Q. 57. In patient and their families are educated about the appropriate behavioral techniques that may used to promote:

(A) Adaptive behavioral pattern

(B) Cognitive behavioral pattern

(C) Psychological behavioral pattern

(D) Interpersonal behavioral pattern

Answer- A

Q. 58. Writing about my "proudest moments” is an exercise to promote:

(A) Parties

(B) Self-esteem

(C) Art and Craft

(D) Exercise

Answer- B

Q. 59. It is a method by which the human being is attend to the harmony of the universe:

(A) Music therapy

(B) Physical therapy

(C) Recreational therapy

(D) Play therapy

Answer- B

Q.60. I dislike being called by names is an example of:

(A) Assertive behavior

(B) Self mutilation

(C) Escalation

(D) Post-explosion

Answer- A

Q. 61. after birth woman first milk produced in the first few days is called:

(A) Formula

(B) Amniocentesis

(C) Colostrum

(D) Enrichment

Answer- C

Q.62. Which reflex probably helps prevent falling?

(A) Moro reflex

(B) Grasping reflex

(C) Rooting reflex

(D) Sucking reflex

Answer- A

Q. 63. Which of the following Substances capable to causing birth defects are called as:

(A) Carcinogens

(B) Teratogens

(C) Antigens

(D) Chorionic villi

Answer- B

Q. 64. Cephalocaudal means:

(A) From centre of the body to the extremities

(B) From the past to the future

(C) From head to the toes

(D) From birth to death

Answer- C

Q. 65. Chief characteristics of hypnosis is:

(A) Height of arousal

(B) Increased suggestibility

(C) Enhanced creativity

(D) Increased clairvoyance

Answer- B

Q. 66. Treatment for alcoholism generally begins with:

(A) Vitamin therapy

(B) Tranquilizer

(C) Psychotherapy

(D) Detoxification

Answer- C

Q. 67. a burning cigarette are released Many of the chemicals

(A) Harmless

(B) Carcinogens

(C) Unknown

(D) Extra Rydrines

Answer- B

Q. 68. At what gestation does the switch from fetal to adult haemoglobin synthesis begins

(A) 30 weeks

(B) 36 weeks

(C) 7 days postnatal

(D) 3 weeks postnatal

Answer- B

Q. 69. Abortion is defined as expulsion of fetus:

(A) Before viability

(B) Before 28 weeks of gestation of IT A

(C) After 28 weeks of gestation

(D) None of the above

Answer- A

Q. 70. Pap smear can identify a cervix in how many percent of cases?

(A) 50%

(B) 98%

(C) 2%

(D) 20%

Answer- A

Q. 71. a teacher to teach a lesson prepared A plan in an organized manner is known as:

(A) Lesson plan

(B) Course plan

(C) Unit plan

(D) Standard plan

Answer- A

Q. 72. It is a single sheet of paper folded to make a full page of printed matter on single side is known as:

(A) Booklet

(B) Flash Cards

(C) Leaflet

(D) Pamphlet

Answer- D

Q. 73. This is the simple device placed either indoor or outdoor kept in an suitable place is

(A) Chalk board

(B) Bulletin board

(C) Flannel graph

(D) Model

Answer- D

Q. 74. A group of individuals who work together towards the solution of problems in a given subject matter field during a specific period of time is known as:

(A) Symposium

(B) Discussion method

(C) Laboratory method

(D) Workshop .

Answer- D

Q.75. It is the method of recording and providing meaningful, significant and com

ing and providing meaningful, significant and comprehensive information about the individual over the year is known as:

(A) Cumulative record

(B) Observation

(C) Interview

(D) Sociometry

Answer- A

Q. 76. the fetal head change shape during its passage through the birth canal,called the term

(A) Moulding

(B) Ossification

(C) Deciduous

(D) Restitution

Answer- A

Q. 77. This is an incision through the perineal tissues which is designed to enlarge the vulval outlet during delivery:

(A) Perineal repair

(B) Posterior perineal trauma

(C) Episiotomy

(D) Anterior labial tear

Answer- C

Q. 78. The term used to describe the discharge from the uterus during the puerperium is:

(A) Red lochia

(B) Serous lochia

(C) White lochia

(D) Lochia

Answer- D

Q. 79. The last case of smallpox was reported in the world in the year:

(A) 1978

(B) 1977

(C) 1979

(D) 1983

Answer- b

Q. 80. Koplik's spots are seen in:

(A) Rubeola

(B) Mumps

(C) Typhoid

(D) Diphtheria

Answer- A

Q. 81. Which is the most appropriate nursing measure in the care of patients with acute epistaxis?

(A) Tilt patient's head back

(B) Place patient's head between his legs

(C) Pinch nose and have patient lean forward

(D) Place warm compresses on patient's nasal bridge

Answer- C

Q.82. Which of the following is an indicative of septic shock in a patient?

(A) Bradycardia

(B) Flushed-appearance

(C) Cool or clammy skin

(D) S3 gallop

Answer- B

Q. 83. Nursing care for a patient polycythaemia vera would focus for preventing:

(A) Dysrhythmia

(B) Hypotension

(C) Thrombosis

(D) Decubitus ulcer

Answer- C

Q. 84. Which of the following actions should be taken first when the patient is experiencing a cardiac arrest?

(A) Initiate cardiac monitoring

(B) Provide IV line

(C) Establish an open airway

(D) Obtain a pulse oximetry reading

Answer- C

Q. 85. The drug which is used for the emergency treatment of glaucoma is:

(A) Pilocarpine

(B) Scopolamine

(C) Mannitol Dose

(D) Atropine

Answer- A

Q. 86. spine Lateral curvature called ?

(A) Scoliosis

(B) Kyphosis

(C) Lordosis

(D) None of the above

Answer- A

Q. 87. Normal GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) in adult is:

(A) 50 ml/minute

(B) 100 ml/minute

(C) 125 ml/minute

(D) 150 ml/minute

Answer- C

virus in an infected person?

Q. 88.CSF Normal volume in adults ?

(A) 50-100 ml

(C) 50-175 ml

(B) 100-125 ml

(D) 125-150 ml

Answer- B

Q. 89. ELISA kits are used for detection ?

(A) Rotavirus

(B) Hepatitis B Surface antigen

(C) Anti HIV antibodies

(D) All of the above

Answer- D

Q.90. Which of the following specimens contain Hepatitis B virus in an inter

(A) Blood

(B) Semen

(C) Saliva

(D) All of these

Answer- D

Q.91. The normal voltage used during ECT is:

(A) 50-60 volts

(B) 60-80 volts

(C) 10-20 volts

(D) 70-120 volts

Answer- D

Q.92. When we show interest in what the patient is saying, we are:

(A) Dancing

(B) Listening

(C) Acting

(D) Neglecting


Q. 93. Which is the condition most closely related to poverty?

(A) Metabolic disorders

(B) Familial retardation

(C) Birth injuries

(D) Fetal damage

Answer- B

Q. 94. Having 47 chromosomes in each cell instead of 46 is a characteristics

(A) Down Syndrome (B) Cretinism (C) Hydrocephalus (D) Microcephaly

Answer- A

Q. 95. Mental retardation cause by fetal damage or birth injuries is called:

(A) Organic retardation

(B) Familial retardation

(C) Incidental retardation

(D) Medical retardation

Answer- C

Q. 96. Passive immunization

(A) Tuberculosis

(B) Diphtheria

(C) Enteric Fever

(D) All of these

Answer- B

Q. 97. Which of the following CD3 Surface Antigen expresses?

(A) Granulocytes

(B) T-cells

(C) Monocytes

(D) B-cells

Answer- B

Q. 98. Natural lipids are soluble in:

(A) Oil

(B) Mercury

(C) Water

(D) None of the above

Answer- D

Q. 99. synthesis glucose from fat is called ?

(A) Saponification

(B) Krebs cycle

(C) Glycolysis

(D) Gluconeogenesis

Answer- D

Q..100. Osteomalacia in adults is caused due to the deficiency of:

(A) Vitamin A 
(B) Vitamin E 
(C) Vitamin D 
(D) Vitamin C

Answer- C


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